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Welcome to Top Home Security Info.com. If you’re looking to increase the overall safety & security of your home & family, you should find much benefit in the practical & important information this site provides.

In today’s society we all should be looking for ways to keep our families safe and protect our homes as well as its contents. The more we can do to safeguard & secure our homes & families, the lower the probability that we will ever be victimized by a criminal(s) breaching the perimeter of our homes.

This site outlines many physical & electronic home security measures that you can choose from to effectively address your security needs. It also discusses the potential security threats we face along with the specific methods & tactics criminals use to enter people’s homes.

This information is incredibly important, as we cannot make an informed decision on the type & level of security we need to implement, without first understanding exactly what it is we are securing our homes & families against.

We have a much higher probability of becoming a victim of a home burglary, than we do being targeted by home invasion criminals, sexual predators or other deranged individuals that violently attack people in their homes.

Although with the odds of a specific home being singled out & targeted by such violent criminals being much lower, many people fail to recognize the importance of securing their homes & families against these security threats.

Due to the serious nature & consequences of these heinous crimes, I strongly believe it would be irresponsible not to do what is reasonably possible in further minimizing the risk of it ever happening to our own homes & families.

This site outlines the various tactics, ploys & methods these violent criminals use to force their way inside people’s homes. It also provides additional home security measures you should consider taking, along with a few important security protocols that all household members need to follow.

In reviewing the information on how these heinous crimes are carried out, you will clearly see how these security protocols can go a long way in preventing these criminals from entering your home.

You should also find much benefit in the various measures this site provides for deterring criminals from targeting your residence. This is a very important part of significantly reducing the odds of your home being burglarized.

Nothing lowers the probability of an intruder breaking in more than discouraging them from ever targeting your home in the first place.

To ensure this home security objective is as effective as it can be, you will also find important content about the type of things that can capture an intruder’s interest.

This information also discusses some security steps that may be required, as well as certain actions & activities that should be avoided.

Anything about your home that may capture an intruder’s attention should always be dealt with sooner rather than later. Out of all of the homes on your street, the last thing that you would ever want is for a criminal to single out your specific residence as a place of interest.

The physical security of our home’s perimeter & the different measures we take to deter criminals from targeting our homes, is what provides us with our first & most important line of defense against criminals breaking in.

Although with technical advancements & more affordable prices over the past ten plus years, many people have been expanding their first line of defense by installing home security cameras & exterior motion sensors outside their homes.

If you choose to install video surveillance cameras and/or an exterior motion sensor system, you will find helpful & beneficial information on this site that thoroughly covers both of these security measures.

Home Security Systems!

Having a reliable & effective alarm system securing the perimeter of our homes is very important. The electronic security coverage of having each accessible entry point (window & door) secured with their own perimeter detection sensor, is what provides us with a second line of defense against unlawful intrusions.

There are several web pages on this site that can provide you with a clear & complete understanding of today’s home security systems. This information is mainly focused on assisting those who have limited knowledge & experience with home security alarms.

Much of this content discusses the pros & cons of the various alarm systems that are available in today’s market, as well as what security protocols need to be followed in setting up an alarm system.

If you need to acquire a security alarm for your own home, this information should enable you to make an informed decision in choosing a reliable system that can effectively secure your homes perimeter.

Home Video Surveillance Systems!

There are also several pages on this site that covers all aspects of home video surveillance & the cameras & security (DVRs) digital video recorders that make up these systems.

Everyday many individuals increase the level of security for their homes & families by installing a video surveillance system. There are also many people who receive additional peace of mind by viewing the live video being captured by their security cameras from a remote location.

With most home security camera kits/systems you can choose a specific camera(s) you want to receive a motion alert from. Many people will choose an interior camera(s) & have their system send a text message or email to their smartphones if something moves within the cameras (FOV) field of view.

It is easy to see how lower prices & beneficial technical advancements have made video surveillance systems very popular with residential consumers.

Although acquiring such a system for your own home should only be considered after security measures of a much higher importance have first being implemented.

While a video surveillance kit/system can help increase the overall security for your home & family, it should never be used as a substitute for the physical or electronic security measures needed to secure the perimeter of your home.

Physical Home Security Measures!

There are many pages on this site related to window & door security. You will find beneficial content that outlines the security weak-points that exists with most residential exterior doors, as well as the most practical measures you can take to significantly reduce or eliminate such weaknesses.

With the different design & configuration of basement, sliding, single/double hung, casement & awning windows, they each have their own unique security issues that need to be addressed.

This site provides specific measures that can help increase the physical security for each of these different style windows. It also outlines three highly effective security measures you can choose from to secure any windows that would be a prime target for criminals breaking in.

The windows in a home that have a much higher potential of being targeted, are those that cannot be seen from a neighbor’s home or a public area.

When it comes to home security, most people fail to recognize how incredibly important it is to increase the physical security of each accessible window & door in their home.

Criminals find it extremely easy to enter an exterior door in most homes, as they can generally have them swing wide open with a good firm kick or by simply impacting their body weight against them.

This lack of physical security for most entrance doors is why FBI statistics continually show that in the large majority of residential break-ins, the intruder gains entry thru one of the home’s exterior doors.

It is truly unfortunate how so many people invest a large sum of money acquiring a home security alarm & then totally neglect or overlook even the most basic physical security measures.

The most crucial part of acquiring a solid first line of defense against criminals breaking in, is increasing the physical security of your home’s perimeter.

The large majority of criminals will not risk the time ­needed to break-in to a secure home, especially with so many other residences in the same area they can enter using little or no effort.

Home Security Information You Need!

The following information points out many areas where this site can be instrumental in helping you make your home & family safer & more secure:

  • Provides the quality & helpful content you may need on all areas of home security. This information can help enable you to make the informed decisions required to safeguard & protect your home & family.

  • Developing a well-structured security plan that can help you establish what security measures you require & to organize implementing them in an order of importance. An important part of any security plan, is to outline a practical method for maintaining the level of security you put in place each & every day.

    There are many things one person can do to increase the security of their home. However it will take a collective effort from all household members to ensure all physical & electronic security measures are always engaged & providing the level of protection that is needed.

    Even the strongest door locks money can buy & the most technically advanced alarm systems being sold today, would be absolutely useless if they are not being used.

  • Important & beneficial information thru out this site can help you identify any security weak spots you may have & provide various measures you can choose from to considerably reduce or eliminate such weaknesses.

  • Listing the pros & cons of home security & video surveillance systems, as well as many other security devices companies have on offer.

  • Clarifying puzzling technical terms used in describing these systems & devices.

  • A burglars profile, there preferred methods of entry, the weak points they look out for, many of the tricks they use & what can be done to stop them.

  • Information on low costing home security measures & high quality security products that are affordably priced. This is especially important for many people today who only have a limit budget to work with & are trying to stretch those limited funds to better secure their homes & families.

  • The pros & cons of self-monitoring versus obtaining the services of an alarm monitoring company.

  • Important information on what to look for in an alarm company you may be considering for your monitoring needs.

  • The pros & cons of acquiring a home alarm from a monitoring company versus purchasing a system from a security alarm retailer.

Do it Yourself Home Security!

If you have basic (DIY) do it yourself skills, you will find detailed information on many security projects on this site. From setting up your own home security or video surveillance system to installing window security film or a more secure lock, you will find complete step by step instructions on these & other DIY projects.

Performing your own security tasks that are needed to secure your home & family can be a gratifying experience. Although you are sure to obtain significant savings carrying out your own security measures, versus having to hire someone to implement them for you.

Not Comfortable With Your DIY Skills!

If you lack the DIY skills to perform what security measures are needed to secure your home & family, you can still acquire much benefit from the DIY security information this site provides.

It can help you better understand what is required in getting a first rate installation from an installer for a home security or a video surveillance system.

In knowing precisely what you will require, can help ensure your installer doesn’t short change you by providing you with less than what is needed.

Understanding what physical security measures are needed to effectively secure the perimeter of your specific home is also very important.  

This information can help you to communicate clearly with anyone you may hire to carry out the exact security measures you require & to ensure you have obtained the increase level of physical security that you & your family need.

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