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In the past 25 plus years I have accumulated much knowledge & experience in securing residential & commercial properties. A part of my work experience in the home security industry, included the installation of many wired & wireless alarm systems as well as video surveillance systems in people’s homes.

One thing that always unsettled me over the years, was how numerous individuals & families were simply not obtaining the security information & advice they needed to effectively secure their homes.

It also concerned me that much of the security information that many people were receiving was biased & subjective at best, as most alarm retailers & monitoring companies tend to favor the products & services that they offer.

In 2008 I started this web site (top-home-security-info.com) so I could provide people with the independent security information they needed. Today this site provides helpful & beneficial information on all areas of home security & continues to add new & updated content weekly.

For anyone wanting to secure a specific area of their residence, or they are looking to make their home & family as safe & secure as reasonably possible, they should find information on this site that can help them achieve their security objective.

This sites home security blog page is used to inform site visitors if there were any new pages added or existing ones updated since their last visit.

If you have any questions on home security, or have any concerns, comments or questions about any of the content throughout this site, please feel free to email me directly thru this sites contact us web page.

I sincerely hope the information on this web site is able to assist you in making your home a safer & more secure place for you & your family.

All the best,



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