Security Lawn Signs & Alarm Stickers!

Security lawn signs & window & door alarm stickers inform would-be intruders that a home is being electronically secured with an alarm system. Since many criminals will avoid homes with an alarm system, informing them that your have one is a very practical & inexpensive deterrence measure to implement.

Individuals & families who cannot afford to obtain an alarm system can benefit from this security measure. Although for a reasonably effective level of security that can keep your home & family safe & secure, it is important to physically & electronically secure each accessible entry point (window & door) in your home.

Alarm companies generally include a security lawn sign & several alarm stickers with the alarm system packages & monitoring services that they offer.

If you are just having an alarm company monitor a system you already have setup in your home, they should provide you with a lawn sign & alarm decals free of charge.

After all the information displayed on these signs & alarm decals also advertises the monitoring company who provides them.

There are also generic brands of lawn signs & alarm decals that do not inform intruders who is monitoring your system & these can be acquired from various online & offline retailers.

Why Generic Security Signs & Alarm Stickers Should Be Considered!

Informing an intruder(s) approaching or observing your residence that it is being electronically secured can reduce the probability of your home being burglarized. Although allowing more seasoned criminals to know who is monitoring your home alarm could possibly work against you.

This information may inform intruders of the type & brand of alarm system that is being used.

Knowing the make & model of an alarm system can provide many criminals with all the information they need to develop a strategy to disable the system.

With the name of one of the larger national alarm companies displayed on lawn signs or alarm stickers, there are many criminals will automatically know what type of security systems they are installing in their customer’s homes.

If they are not familiar with the types of alarm systems a company uses, they will acquire all the information they need by visiting their website.

This also includes what type of communication method they commonly or solely use like a phone line, broadband (internet) or a cellular service to communicate with the alarm systems they monitor.  

You may want to consider using a generic lawn sign & alarm decals, as providing intruders with such information can go a long way in helping them defeat the alarm coverage you have setup in your home.

There are alarm companies that do not carry or install alarm systems, as they only provide a monitoring service for security systems people already have setup inside their homes.

Using lawn signs & alarm stickers that displays the name of one of these monitoring companies will prevent criminals from identifying what type of security system you have setup in your home.

Although an intruder can still visit their website to find out what signal transmission method they use to communicate with their customers alarm systems.

Each of the three commonly used alarm signal transmission methods (phone line, broadband (internet) or GSM cellular service) can be effective, but they can also be easily compromised.

Phone lines & TV cables running into most homes can easily be cut. A worthwhile & inexpensive project would be to have them run thru a metal conduit outside your home.

There are many monitoring companies that only use a GSM cellular service to communicate with their customers alarm systems. If a more seasoned intruder sees the name of one of these companies displayed on a lawn sign and/or alarm stickers, they will know they can prevent the alarm signal from being transmitted to the monitoring station with a cellular jamming device.

A GSM cellular service can be a very reliable method for having your alarm system monitored, but it can also be easily compromised if certain criminals are able to identify it is being used.

In recent years criminals are easily defeating a popular type of alarm system with what is referred to as a crash & smash attack.

This is a widespread security problem, as the names of the monitoring companies who install these systems are displayed on people’s lawn signs & alarm stickers.

To obtain information on the specific alarm systems that are being targeted & how they are widely & easily defeated, please visit my crash & smash attack web page.

This page also discusses a relatively new technology called crash & smash protection that many monitoring companies are now using as part of their monitoring service.

Since this technology only works with a GSM cellular service, you will also find information on the jamming devices that can effectively prevent a cellular alarm signal from being transmitted to a monitoring station.

I sincerely hope the information outlined on this web page was in some way helpful & beneficial for you. You may want to consider bookmarking this site as new & updated content is uploaded weakly.

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