Ensuring Casement & Awning Windows Are Adequately Secured!

Security issues that are inherent to both casement & awning windows are outlined below. If you have either of these types of windows in your home, this information should help you ensure they are adequately secured against unlawful intrusions.

Awing & casement windows are basically the same; the only real difference is in the way they are suspended inside their frames & this of course makes them different in the way they open.

The casement window is hung vertically; the window is hinged on one side & when opened it swings straight out.

Awning windows are basically a casement that is hung horizontally; it is hinged on top & it swings outward & upward just like an awning.

The casement & awning window uses the same or similar types of sash winders to open & close the windows & the same or a similar style of lock also secures both of them.

There is a wide range of auxiliary locks available that are specifically designed to increase the security of casement & awning windows.

You may want to install an auxiliary window lock on any windows that require a higher level of security, due to their specific location.

There is a much higher potential for intruders to target windows in your home that are hidden from view.

A higher level of window security should be implemented for any windows that cannot be seen from a neighbor’s home or a public area.

Auxiliary window locks are really not needed for any windows that do not require a higher level of physical security.

If these windows are sitting flush within their frames when they are closed, the standard locks that are built into them should provide an adequate level of physical security.

Not only does the hook shaped arm on these standard window locks work well in securing them, it is also embedded with the windows frame which prevents intruders from being able to manipulate the lock into the opened position.

I am not aware of any auxiliary window locks that can provide the same level of physical security as these standard locks do. So if one of the standard locks in your casement or awning window does not function properly, you really should have it fixed or replaced.

You can also increase the physical security for any windows that are hidden from view with window security bars or a security film laminate. Electronic security measures can also provide a higher level of security for these hidden windows.

Instead of using magnetic switch sensors which are commonly used to electronically secure non-fixed windows, you can increase the security of any hidden window you may have with glass break shock sensors.

Glass break shock sensors are totally different than glass break detectors that are triggered by hearing the acoustical sound of braking glass.

A shock sensor is triggered by vibration & they normally are equipped with a dial that can regulate how sensitive you need the sensor to be.

Also unlike glass break detectors that are used as a backup sensor to secure multiply windows within the detectors range, a shock sensor is attached to the glass it is protecting by a special type of tape or a suction device.

Not only will the shock sensor trigger an alarm if the window it is tampered with in any way, but an intruder will clearly see it as he/she approaches the window.

This will quickly inform any would be intruders that your home is being secured with an alarm system & this in itself would likely be enough for them to seek out an easier home to target.

Important Note: You cannot effectively secure any type of entry point in your home without ensuring they are both physically & electronically secured. It is also incredibly important not to implement both the physical & electronic security measure below.

You will compromise the safety of you & your family by using keyed window locks to physically secure any windows that may need to be used as emergency exits. You will also end up with an extremely poor level of window security by electronically securing your homes windows with motion sensors.

For a more comprehensive understanding of why these two security measures should never be used, please visit my window security web page.

It Is Extremely Important That All Casement & Awning Windows Close Properly!

It is very important for your awning & casement windows to close properly. With it closed & locked you should check the exterior side of the window & make sure it is seated flush with the windows frame.

Having the window not seated properly will encourage an intruder to use a crowbar (pry bar) to try to force it open.

There could be a build-up of paint on the frame or around the sash itself that maybe preventing a corner of the window from being seated completely flush.

Over time casement & awning windows may swell due to wet weather & high humidity. This mainly happens when these types of windows are left open for long periods of time when it is raining.

When a window swells up due to precipitation & high humidity it normally does not close properly. This could also cause the window not to sit flush in the frame or if it has swollen too much, I have seen it where it could not even close on its own.

If this does happen you may be able to fix it by pushing the window closed from outside & then lock it for several days to give it a chance to dry out to its original dimensions.

When it is drying out make sure it doesn’t warp any by checking to see the window remains flush with the frame each day. If it doesn’t remain flush you may have to screw it flush from the outside until it completely dries out.

It is better for the window to shrink back to its original size & shape if possible without using any screws to hold it in place & this is why you will want to check it each day to ensure it remains flush with the window's frame.

It is better for the window to shrink back to its original size & shape if possible without using any screws to hold it in place & this is why you will want to check it each day to ensure it remains flush with the window's frame.

Although if it does not appear to be drying flush within its frame, you will certainly want to use one or more screws to help it do so.

The crowbar (pry bar) appears to be the most popular prying tool for intruders & the damage they cause on windows is usually considerable.

Criminals are always looking for the easiest & quickest way to enter a home, so whatever style of non-fixed windows you have it is important to ensure they are structurally sound & seated properly in their frames.

You also want to make certain that none of your exterior window trim is missing, split or damaged in any way.

I sincerely hope the above information was in some way helpful & beneficial for you. You may want to consider bookmarking this site as new & updated content is uploaded weekly.

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