Over 200 Reviews On How The Barking Dog Alarm Really Works!

This barking dog alarm web page has been recently updated, as a few things have completely changed since this page was first posted in January 2009. The objective of this updated page is to answer three popular questions that many people seem to have about these electronic detection units.

  1. How does a barking dog alarm actually work?

  2. How effective are these electronic devices & do dog alarms really sound like the real thing (real dog barking).

  3. Out of the different barking dog alarms that are been advertised, which model works the best?

When this page was first posted I was unable to obtain any information that I felt was unbiased about how these dog alarms actually worked.

With a large number of these devices being sold over the past few years, I am now able to obtain many unbiased reviews written by people who have purchased a dog alarm & experienced firsthand how they perform.

These reviews will provide the best information for answering the second & third questions above.

When this web page was first posted I unfortunately could not provide anything that was positive about these security devises.

The only thing worth noting at that time is they were being sold by some very reputable companies who offered a full money back guarantee.

How Does A Barking Dog Alarm Actually Work?

Barking dog alarms work by detecting motion outside your home. This is accomplished by using microwave & radar technologies that send out radio waves through walls, windows & doors & it detects any type of movement within the sensors range.

Although this dual technology is used in many industries & is known to be extremely reliable, it does have limitations as the radio waves cannot penetrate any type of metallic surfaces like metal doors. The sensitivity of the motion detector on most models is adjustable & they all have an audio control that allows you to adjust the volume.

There are a few additional features that each model provides which are mostly different type sounds that can be played when the unit is triggered by motion. You also have some models that can run on batteries if the power fails & a couple of different models also come with a remote control.

Do Barking Dog Alarms Really Work & Do They Sound Like The Real Thing?

I feel the best way to explain how these barking dog alarms actually work is to summarize the three top complaints that I have discovered in reading more than 100 reviews. I should also note these complaints are basically the same in various dog alarm units.

1. One of the most repeated complaints that was made in many reviews was the barking dog alarm unit is overly sensitive as it would also detect movement inside the home.

The built in motion sensor would detect movement from both sides & from the back of the unit as well.

To combat this problem some people shielded the sides & the back of the unit with small pieces of steel sheeting. There were a few other reviews where they spoke about using tinfoil.

I don’t know how the foil was used, as they may have wrapped it around the unit or shielded it by using cardboard lined with tinfoil.

2. The second repeated complaint that many people also had was if someone was listening to the dog barking for more than a minute or two they would know it was not real. What people appear to be finding is after one or two minutes listening to the bark it becomes unnaturally repetitive.

Those making this complaint also seem to feel a burglar would not stick around long enough to know the difference. I can tell you with almost 100% certainty that an intruder would move away from the home immediately after hearing the barking.

There are two things that every burglar tries & needs to accomplish & that is to ensure they are not seen or heard.

Once a dog alarm is triggered an intruder would fear the barking would draw attention to their presence.

They will immediately & quickly move away from the home as they also know it is natural for most people to look outside to see what has caused the dog to suddenly react.

Even if a home was set apart from other homes, they will still scurry away, because at this point they still don’t know if anyone is inside the home or not.

A barking dog has basically the same effect on an intruder as motion lights do. Once an intruder triggers a motion light they feel fully exposed & they will move away from the home as quickly as possible.

An intruder would feel a light suddenly coming on or a barking dog may reveal their presence to someone in the home or a close neighbor.

3. The third complaint was not nearly as frequent as the ones above but several people seemed to have problems setting their barking dog alarm up to work properly for them.

A couple of people could not get the unit to detect motion through what they called a wooden wall & a couple of others complained it would not go through brick while others had no problem with this.

I know many older homes have plastered walls & not drywall or gypsum board & plaster is applied to a steel mesh which could cause some problems with the radio waves moving through it.

Some people may have simply obtained bad dog alarms that just were not working properly.

Many people also spoke about having to adjust the sensitivity of the unit & move it around a little to get the unit to work just right for their specific needs. Once this was accomplished most seemed pleased how the unit was working for them.

Out Of The Different Barking Dog Alarms Been Advertised Which Of These Models Work The Best?

The largest amount of reviews I have found by far for the barking dog alarm was on Amazon.com. They have over 200 reviews posted while other sites selling dog alarms have 3 or 4 reviews at most & many have received no feedback at all.

Barking Dog - German Sheppard on Leash

Below you will find a profile on three of the most popular sold dog alarms on Amazon.com along with a link to the various reviews each one received.

You can read many of the reviews first hand if you like as I already noted the complaints I summarized above came from these reviews.

Those who write a review on Amazon.com will also rate the product they purchased by giving it one thru five stars.

Rating a product with just a single star is the lowest grade a product can receive, while rating it with five stars is the highest grade.

If you choose to buy a barking dog alarm from Amazon.com, I would appreciate if you would consider doing so through one of their ads below.

Any purchases made for dog alarms through one of these ads will help support the continuous growth of this website as we earn a small commission on any purchases that are made.

STI ED-50 Rex Plus Barking Dog Alarm

Judging by the large number of reviews the Rex Plus alarm has received compared to other barking dog alarms it would seem to be Amazon’s most popular seller by far.

The last time this page was updated the Rex Plus dog alarm received a total of 248 customer reviews with an overall average rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars.

Rex comes with four sound settings: Angry Guard Dog, Continual Tranquil Sounds of the Rainforest, Soothing Sounds of the rainforest, & Angry Guard Dog with a Warning Siren.

You will find Rex is like most other dog alarms being sold today; his barking will increase with intensity the closer an intruder gets to the home.

Unfortunately Rex does not provide the option for battery backup if the power fails; it is only designed to plug into a standard 110-VAC electrical outlet.

Electronic Secure Dog Barking Dog Alarm

According to the number of reviews received for “Secure Dog” it appears to be the second best barking dog alarm that Amazon sells.

The last time this page was updated the Secure Dog alarm has received a total of 62 customer reviews with an overall average rating of 3.2 out of 5 stars.

“Secure Dog” basically has the same four sound settings as “Rex”: Angry Guard Dog, Tranquil Sounds of the Rainforest, Soothing Rainforest Sounds, & Angry Guard Dog / Warning Siren.

Secure Dog’s barking also increases with intensity the closer an intruder gets to the home.

In addition to plugging this barking dog alarm into a standard 110-VAC electrical outlet it can also run on batteries which seems like a nice feature if the power fails.

Home Safe EWD Barking Dog Alarm

With this “Home Safe” alarm receiving the third highest number of reviews it does not appear to be as popular of a seller as the two barking dog alarms above. The last time this page was updated the “Home Safe” alarm had only received 24 customer reviews with an overall average rating of 3.3 out of 5 stars.

The “Home Safe” dog alarm is designed with three sound settings: an Angry Guard Dog, a Chime to announce visitors & a Siren.

In reading the five reviews & the product description for this dog alarm I am not sure if the barking intensifies the closer someone gets to the home. It does take batteries in addition to plugging it into a standard 110-VAC electrical outlet.

A really nice feature with this “Home Safe” dog alarm is it comes with a remote control to let you activate & deactivate the unit when needed. The remote also has a panic button that will sound a siren. If the siren on this unit is rated at 105db or higher this could be a very worthy feature.

Which Dog Alarm Work’s Best?

I would say the barking dog alarm named “Rex” is probably the better product. With 248 reviews with an average score of 3.8 out of 5 stars is certainly the best track record. I wish there were a more comparable number of reviews written about the other two units above especially the “Safe Home dog alarm with only 24 reviews.

A closer number of reviews for each one would leave little doubt of which is the best unit. When Secure Dog receives a total of 248 reviews from the 62 it has now, they will need to become much better than what they are currently receiving, if not they will never come close to an average score or 3.8 out of 5.

To read the reviews that were written for the barking dog alarms above please click on one of the following links:

Rex Plus Product Reviews

Secure Dog Product Reviews

Home Safe Product Reviews

I sincerely hope this barking dog alarm web page has been helpful & beneficial for you. You may want to consider bookmarking this site as new & updated pages are uploaded weekly.

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