Basement Window Security!

Highly Effective Basement Window Security Measures!

This web page discusses why basement windows are frequently targeted by certain intruders who break-in to people’s homes. It outlines the type of vulnerabilities these windows have & how criminals exploit these security weaknesses.

There are also three different security measures below to choose from for securing basement windows.

If you want to better secure basement windows in your own home, you will find each one of these measures can be highly effective in securing them.

Good basement window security is essential, as they have a higher level of vulnerability that allows many intruders to breach a home’s perimeter without being seen or heard.

Windows that have the highest potential of being targeted by criminals, are those that cannot be seen from a neighbor’s home or a public area.

You will find it is basement windows that make up the large majority of hidden windows that people have in their homes.

With most of these windows being smaller in size & with them generally located close to the ground, they are easily & oftentimes obscured from view.

It is the specific object or thing that prevents a window from being seen, that determines the type of security steps one needs to take.

For example, if an intruder can conceal their presence while breaking in, due to trees, bushes and/or shrubbery in front of a window, this overgrown foliage needs to be trimmed down. This is especially important if such hidden areas can be seen by pedestrians or slow moving traffic passing-by.

Seeing a way to break-in to a home without being seen will certainly capture an intruder’s attention. Out of all the homes on your street, the last thing you would ever want is to have an intruder single out your specific residence as a place of interest.

The basement window security measures below provide a high level of physical and/or electronic security.

These measures can effectively secure windows that are hidden by more permanent objects like privacy fences, patios, garden/tool sheds & various other things that would not be practical to remove.

Why Acoustical Glass Break Sensors May Not Provide The Basement Window Security You Need!

Intruders who burglarize unoccupied homes use stealth when breaking in, as they know they risk being arrested if they are seen or heard.

It is due to this fact that the majority of intruders will not break a medium or large size window in a home, as they know the level of noise it would create will likely reveal their presence to the homes neighbors.

This is another reason why basement window security is so important, as these smaller windows are a more vulnerable target.

Many criminals have been breaking the glass in these windows for years & then reaching in to unlock them without revealing their presence to the occupants inside neighboring homes.

Over the years many people have protected their homes against this security threat by installing an acoustical glass break sensor(s) in their basements.

With a growing number of individuals & families having alarm systems installed in their homes in recent years, glass break detectors have also become more widely used in securing basement windows.

With the increase in the number of homes using these sensors, it seems to have prompted certain criminals to look for ways to defeat them.

To understand what basement window security measures will best address your security needs, it is important for you to know one of the ways some criminals are defeating these acoustical sensors.

Understanding various methods criminals use to break-in to people’s homes is important. This information helps us to make informed decisions about securing our homes & prevents us from being blindsided by the different methods & tactics intruders use to break-in.

With many basement windows hidden from view, some intruders will quickly apply wide strips of duct-tape across the glass prior to breaking it.

This not only prevents a glass break sensor from detecting the acoustical sound of breaking glass, it also significantly reduces the amount of noise being made. Once the glass is broken an intruder will easily remove the shards of glass as they pull away the duct-tape that is holding them in place.

The above information explains how glass break sensors may not provide the level of protection that is needed for hidden windows. Although this should not deter you from using them, especially for securing windows that does not obscure an intruder’s presence when breaking in.

Three Highly Effective Basement Window Security Measures!

Non-fixed windows open & close & they are generally the only type of windows in a home that are secured with physical & electronic security measures. Although if you have any small fixed (do not open) basement windows that are hidden from view, it is important to secure the glass in these windows as well.

Either one of the three basement window security measures that are outlined below can effectively secure any hidden windows you may have.

Glass Break Shock Sensors:

If you are not familiar with glass break shock sensors, they are totally different than glass break detectors that are activated by detecting the sound of breaking glass.

Shock sensors are triggered by vibration & they normally have several settings that will allow you to adjust how sensitive you need the sensor to be.

While a glass break detector is installed on a ceiling or wall & can secure multiple windows within the sensors range, a shock sensor is applied directly to the glass it is protecting by a special type tape or a small suction device.

Most criminals know they will easily trigger a shock sensor if they tamper with the window it’s securing in anyway. The sensor will deter them from breaking in, as they will easily see it attached to the glass as they approach the window.

It should also cause them to quickly move on in search for an easier residence to target, as seeing the shock sensor also informs them the home is being electronically secured with an alarm system.

This electronic security measure is worthy of your consideration, as it can be very effective for securing any hidden window(s) you may have.

Window Security Bars:

Good basement window security can certainly be obtained by installing window security bars. Long before any homes were being electronically secured with alarm systems, people have been securing their basement windows with security bars & metal screens.

Window security bars can be custom or non-custom made & they can be permanently fixed in place or non-fixed bars that are removable or hinged on one side to swing wide open.

Non-fixed bars are generally required for windows that may need to be used to exit a home in an emergency situation. In the event of an emergency people need to be able to exit their homes quickly & easily.

It is very important to be able to remove window bars or have them swing wide open without requiring keys, specific tools or any type of special knowledge.

It is more expensive to have basement window security bars custom made. These security bars are made to the exact measurements of the windows they are securing.

They can also be designed to blend in with your home & windows for a more appealing look.

Non-custom made window bars are much more affordably priced & they are adjustable in size.

These type of window bars would not likely enhance the look of your home. Although they do tend to look better if they can be adjusted close to the exact measurements you need & painted the same color as the windows frame.

This may also not be as much of a concern for you if they are only being installed on windows that are hidden from view.

These security bars are also readily available, as they can be purchased at most home improvement & building supply stores.

The larger retailers of this type in your area should have the biggest selection of window bars to choose from.

If you are an internet shopper or you are unable to find what you are looking for from a retailer in your area, there are also many different types & styles of window security bars available online.

Window Security Film:

This basement window security measure can also be very effective, as it protects the glass in hidden windows with a security film laminate.

Window security film provides an invisible barrier to criminals, as it is a clear high impact resistant laminate that bonds extremely well with window glass.

This clear protective film holds the windows glass firmly together inside its frame, even after the glass has been cracked or shattered from multiply strikes being leveled against it.

While this protective film can provide the basement window security you need, it is also a lot less expensive than securing your windows with security bars or glass break shock sensors.

Many people also reduce the cost of this security measure much further, as they purchase & install their own window security film. Installing a piece of security laminate on a windows glass is a much easier task than many people may think.

It is similar is some ways to putting up wallpaper & if this is something you had done before, you will find installing security film to be a much easier project.

For a more complete understanding of this protective laminate & the types of film used to secure window glass, please visit my window security film web page.

To fully understand the process of installing your own security film, you will find step by step easy to follow instructions on my installing window film web page.

I sincerely hope the above information on basement window security was in some way helpful & beneficial for you. You may want to consider bookmarking this site as new & updated content is uploaded weakly.

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