Best Home Security System!

Finding the best home security system for one’s home has proven to be a difficult challenge for many people these day’s especially for those who have a limited understanding & experience with alarm systems.

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Some individuals with a lack of knowledge & understanding of alarm systems appear to be a little frustrated with the process of finding the right security system. From various emails I have received some also seem to be overwhelmed with the large number of alarm systems available to choose from.

The objective of this webpage is to assist those who have little to no knowledge of home alarms find the best & most suitable system for their security needs.

Obtaining the best home security system you can for your home is very important. The electronic security coverage of your homes perimeter plays an integral & vital role in the overall security protection that is required to safeguard your home & family.

What is the best home security system is a popular online question many people appear to be asking these days.

Over the past year I have even received several emails from site visitors asking me what the best alarm system is. The question actually gets repeatedly asked in various forms & blogs on home security.

The problem with this question is people are asking it without providing information about their home, the number of security zones the system needs to support or the type & level of electronic security they need.

Without any of this information the best answers they will receive are names of alarm systems people are using now or ones that worked well for them in the past.

The problem is the best home security system for one person’s home will not necessarily be what is best for yours or someone else's home & family.

A security assessment really needs to be done in order to find exactly what components & detection devices are required to adequately secure your home.

Once you have established what the precise security requirements for your home & family should be, it is only a matter of finding the best home security system that can effectively address all your security needs.

If you have no previous experience with alarm systems you really need to invest an hour or so of your time at most to gain a basic knowledge & understanding of security systems.

Not fully understanding what the differences are between the various security systems will obviously prevent anyone from been able to make an informed decision in choosing the most appropriate & suitable alarm system.

If you are like most people these days your time is probably completely taken up by your work, family & social commitments & finding the time to learn about something new maybe difficult for you at the best of times.

To help limit the amount of time required for gaining a basic knowledge & understanding of alarm systems, you will find all the information you need compiled & outlined for you on my home security components web page.

Best Home Security System

Without A Security Objective You Cannot Determine What The Electronic Security Coverage Of Your Home Should Be!

If you choose to do a security assessment of your home you need to have some type of objective of what it is you want to protect prior to beginning your evaluation. A security assessment simply evaluates what components & detection devices are required to adequately address any security objective(s) you may have.

A little more than a decade ago the large majority of people who were securing their homes all basically did so with the same home security objective in mind. The main security objective was to prevent their homes from been burglarized whenever they had to leave them unoccupied.

Although many people still use this security objective it is nowhere near as popular as it once was.

Over the past decade & still to this day there are people everywhere who have increased their level of security substantially due to completely changing the main security objective they once had for securing their homes.

The main security objective many people have today is to ensure the safety, security & wellbeing of all family members.

This widely used security objective is due to the unprecedented number of individuals & families alike who have been violently victimized, raped & even murdered in their homes over the past decade or so.

I would think most people realize that the odds are in their favor that their homes will not be singled out by a sexual predator or by the violent criminals that carry out home invasions.

Unfortunately they also know that they have no guarantee that their Homes & families will not become targeted by these violent & dangerous criminals.

It is due to this reality that I believe most people have probably felt it would be irresponsible to ignore the possibility that their families could become victims of a brutal & heinous crime.

For little more than a decade now there has been much news in the media about sexual predators entering homes attacking women of all ages along with numerous reports of home invasions happening everywhere.

About 15 years ago the general public didn’t even know what a home invasion was as the occurrence rate at that time for this criminal act was almost nonexistent or extremely low.

I think it would be safe to say that the large majority of people in today’s society are fully aware of what a home invasion is due to so much media coverage it has gotten over the past decade.

For anyone who is not sure what the difference is between a home invasion & a home burglary they just need to look at the different types of crimes the criminals that carry them out are usually charged with.

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When a burglar is arrested the authorities will usually charge them with break & enter & burglary, while home invasion criminals get charged with robbery, aggravated assault, kidnapping, rape & homicide.

With increasing the overall security of one’s home to prevent violent & dangerous criminals from gaining entry, it will automatically make the homes contents a great deal more secure.

The best home security system for your home will certainly depend on the level of electronic security you need to implement & what is required will undoubtedly be contingent on what your main security objective will be.

If you are not sure what will be an adequate level of security for your home & family you may want to choose the security objective that helps keep all family members safe & secure.

I will show you below the type of alarm coverage that will help keep violent & dangerous criminals from gaining entry inside your home. This may help you decide if this is the right alarm coverage for your home & family.

In the meantime there is important information below that will show you how to gain some valuable insight into the type of security problems that currently exist in your specific area.

Best Home Security System

Understanding The Security Issues That Currently Exist In Your Own Community Is Extremely Important!

If you are not sure what level of electronic security you want or need for your home, the following content shows you how to access important information that should enable you to make informed decisions.

Gaining clear & accurate insight into the precise security threat that you & your neighbor’s need to protect your homes & families against can help you define what electronic security you need for an adequate level of protection.

Just about all local & community police agencies in the United States & Canada put together a monthly burglary report for the geographical areas they serve & protect.

These reports are chalked full of information that will provide you with valuable insight into the type of security problems that currently exist in your specific area.

You should be able to obtain the monthly reports from your Local Law-Enforcement Agency or from the Neighborhood Watch Group in your community.

The Neighborhood Watch Group in my area has been posting these monthly burglary reports on their website for the past decade.

The Neighborhood Watch Group in my area is actually updating the monthly burglary report daily. Each time I visit their web site I receive a full account of what burglaries occurred in the past 30 days, starting with the crimes that had taken place the previous day.

If the monthly burglary reports for your area does not contain anything on home invasions you likely can obtain this information separately also from the local police agency or the neighborhood watch group for your area.

Although many people may see the chances of their specific home been chosen for a home invasion as quite low there are certain things that will increase a home’s chances of been targeted.

According to an FBI Law-Enforcement Bulletin no one is exempt from having these violent criminals target them for a home invasion but the odds are much higher for homes where there are just females & elderly people inside.

This is not just homes where females & elderly people live alone but also where it is routine for them been alone in the home for long periods during the day.

If you have females or elderly people in your home by themselves for long periods of the day & home invasions have been happening in your area, this could certainly increase the chances of your home been targeted.

Best Home Security System

Are The Type Of Criminals That Are Burglarizing Homes In Your Community Violent Or Nonviolent?

If there is a high volume of homes been burglarized in your community you may want to inquire about the type of criminals that make up the daily burglary rate in your area.

Many criminals that burglarized people’s homes are males in their late teens to early 20s & they are considered nonviolent & if discovered they are known to bolt from the home as quickly as possible.

Male Criminal Wearing Ski-Mask Holding Butcher Knife & Gritting His Teeth

Although they may resort to violence if they are cornered or if the homes occupant that discovered the intruder tries to prevent their escape.

If there is a high volume of unlawful intrusions happening in your area you will want to know if it is due to any recent spikes or sudden increases in the daily burglary rate. For many years police agencies everywhere have always linked or blamed sudden spikes or escalations in the daily burglary rate in their areas with increases in local drug trafficking.

Escalations in local drug trafficking unfortunately increases the number of drug addicts who will continuously break into people’s homes stealing anything of value so they can feed a very expensive daily drug habit.

Unfortunately drug addicts unlike your normal array of male burglars in their late teens & early 20s are known to be very unpredictable & can become extremely violent.

While under the influence of certain drugs or having withdrawal symptoms a drug addict’s judgment can be completely compromised. If discovered in the home by a family member they may bolt from the home or could just as easy become paranoid & perceive the family member as a threat & react violently towards them.

Having some insight into the type of criminals that make up the daily burglary rate in your area is very important. You cannot make informed decisions about the level of security that is required to adequately safeguard your home & family if you are in the dark about what you are protecting them against.

Best Home Security Systems Part 2 of 2 Continued

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