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Prior to finding some of the best home security systems available for you to choose from I feel it is important to take a moment to ensure you fully understand what is required to adequately & effectively secure your home.

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It is truly unfortunate that there are so many families living with a false sense of security due to so many people simply not realizing what is required to protect and safeguard their homes and families.

There is a very basic, but extremely important security protocol that is absolutely essential for providing an effective level of security protection for one’s home & family. This security protocol involves the implementation of two secure but completely separate lines of defense.

The basic principle of implementing an additional line of security is too hopefully prevent an intruder from proceeding any further if he/she is able to penetrate the first line of defense that is put in place.

The electronic security coverage you receive from your home alarm system is to provide you, your home & your family with a second line of defense.

I feel it is very important that you fully understand this because there are many people that do not seem to realize what the true function is for home alarm systems & they end up relying way to heavily & solely upon them.

It is really unbelievable how so many people have spent large sums of money obtaining the best home security systems they could for their homes & families & have totally ignored the most basic physical security measures.

The physical security of your homes perimeter is your first & most important line of defense.

Finding what the best home security system is for your home & family is certainly important, but ensuring the physical security of your homes perimeter really should be your first priority.

Criminals will simply not risk time & effort that is required to break-in to a secure home when there are so many unsecured homes that can be entered so quickly & easily.

Installing the best home security system you can in your home without the implementation of physical security measures will in all likelihood provide you & your family with a false sense of security.

As important as physical security measures are the best security you can have for your home & family is when you have physical & electronic security measures working together.

Best Home Security Systems

The Electronic Security Coverage You Will Need To Keep Violent & Dangerous Criminals From Entering Your Home!

The type of alarm coverage that is commonly used for securing the contents inside of one’s home is to install alarm sensors on all exterior doors & any windows that would be highly targeted by intruders.

Decorative Iron Gate Window Bar

The windows in your home that criminals will mainly target are the ones that cannot be seen from a neighbor’s home or from a public area.

This would be considered the minimum level of alarm coverage for protecting the contents inside of an unoccupied home.

With a security objective to protect all family members you will need to implement physical & electronic security measures that greatly reduces a criminals chances of been able to gain entry inside your home.

To help ensure violent & dangerous criminals are unable to penetrate the perimeter of your home you will need to expand the electronic security coverage beyond what is commonly used to for securing the homes contents.

In addition to detection devices on all exterior doors you will require perimeter detection sensors to cover all ground level windows & any windows on a higher level that can be easily reached.

In addition to the intrusion detection sensors securing your homes perimeter it is extremely important that you install two loud & strident sounding devices for the interior & exterior of your home.

A good rating for your interior sounding device is 120db. If this is not possible it is very important for you to ensure the alarm/siren for the interior of your home does not have a lower sound rating than 105db.

For your exterior sounding device the louder the better but unfortunately just about all communities have a bylaw in place that stipulates how loud an exterior alarm/siren can be rated for.

These bylaws also have a time limit on how long your exterior sounding device can be activated before your system will have to reset. You will want to obtain the loudest exterior alarm/siren possible that does not violate the local bylaw for your area.

You cannot possibly prevent violent & dangerous criminals from entering your home without all family members working together.

It is absolutely essential for all family members to work together to ensure all physical & electronic security measures are always engaged & providing the level of security that is needed.

It is also important for the homes occupants to never open an entrance door to your home for anyone they do not know or trust & to be vigilant of their surroundings when arriving home each day.

There have been many successful home invasions due to an intruder pushing an occupant in to the home just as they have unlocked the door when arriving home.

If criminals are able to set their watches by a family member arriving home each day at the exact same time they really should consider changing their daily routine as a security precaution.

This is especially important if home invasions have been happening in your area & the family member arriving home at precisely the same time each day is a female or an elderly individual.

All alarm sensors need to be setup so an intruder’s presence is detected when he/she is still on the outside of your home.

With two loud & strident alarms sounding inside & outside your home this should cause even the most determined intruder(s) to quickly & immediately move on.

Best Home Security Systems

Motion Sensors Are Interior Backup Sensors Only & Should Never Be Used As A Perimeter Detection Device!

Under no circumstances should you use motion sensors to directly protect any part of your homes perimeter. Many of the monitoring alarm companies have been using (PIR) Passive Infrared Motion Sensors for years & still to this day to protect the windows in their customer’s homes.

PIR (Passive Infrared) motion senso

It is away for them to keep the price of their alarm kits down as well as the cost of installing them.

It is less expensive to use a couple of motion sensors than it would for them to supply & install a dozen or more window & door sensors.

Motion sensors are an interior backup sensor only & should never be used as perimeter detection device. Using motion sensors as perimeter detection devices will cause two serious security problems.

The first problem is an intruder would actually have to get inside the home before he/she is able to trigger the motion sensor.

The second security problem is when the home is occupied; the level of electronic security for the home will go from inadequate to almost nonexistent. The motion sensors that are protecting the homes perimeter will have to be shut down so no family activity inside the home triggers any false alarms.

Interior backup sensors are also viewed as your final line of defense. These types of detection sensors are used to backup perimeter detection devices in the event an intruder is somehow able to defeat a window or door sensor & gain entry inside the home.

The only way an intruder would be able to trigger a motion sensor is from inside the home & this is why it is viewed as the final or last line of defense.

Best Home Security Systems

Small Basement Windows Obscure From View Are A Prime Target For Many Intruders!

Small basement windows are a popular entry point for some intruders as they will chance breaking the glass so they can reach inside to unlock the window.

Breaking the glass in a small basement window creates a lot less noise then what you would get from breaking one of the larger windows in the home.

Basement Window

Since breaking the glass is really the only way for an intruder to gain entry through these small windows a common practice to secure them is to use one or two acoustical glass break detectors.

Many intruders are fully aware that glass break detectors are commonly used to secure small basement windows in people’s homes.

It is due to this popular method for securing these windows that some intruders have surmised a way to defeat these acoustical detection devices if they can work on the small window for a few minutes without been seen.

They will quickly place wide strips of duct tape across the window prior to breaking it & then remove the shards of broken glass as they peel off the duct tape that is holding them in place.

This not only helps them to defeat the acoustical detector but it reduces the sound of the glass been broken even further making it a much lower risk of been over heard by a close neighbor.

If you have small basement windows in your home that cannot be seen from a neighbor’s home or by anyone in a public area you may want to consider protecting these specific windows with glass break shock sensors.

A glass break shock sensor gets applied directly to the glass it is protecting by a special type tape or a small suction device & is immediately triggered by the slightest vibration that would come from the window been tampered with.

The nicest thing about this detection device is an intruder would clearly see it attached to the window from outside the home. Once an intruder spots the sensor he/she will know the home has an alarm system in place & this should be all that is needed to have them move on, likely in search for a less secure home.

Best Home Security Systems

In choosing the best home security system you will need to ensure it supports an adequate number of security zones!

Each individual component & detection device you will need for the electronic security throughout your home cannot be installed without a security zone to place them in.

If you want the best home security system for your home to be a hardwired alarm system you will be able to locate several components & or detection sensors in the one security zone.

With a hardwired system it is common practice to have all the window & door sensors in the one room or area of the home located in a single security zone.

If you feel the best home security system for you & your family is a wireless system you will need to have a separate security zone for each component & detection device you will need to install.

If you have several intrusion detection sensors in the one room or area of the home you will require the exact number of security zones to be able to install them.

The very first thing people who are knowledgeable of alarm systems look for in determining what the best home security systems are for their needs is if the systems control panel supports the number of security zones they require.

It doesn’t matter how effective an alarm system appears with the various features & functions it provides, because if it is unable to support the number of zones needed it is simply not capable of providing the alarm coverage required.

When it comes to obtaining one of the best home security systems it is really about getting the right control panel for your needs.

The control panel is the brains of the entire security system & it fundamentally functions as a central computer.

Through its electronic & computerized alarm circuitry it provides what features & functions the system has & the panel is what determines the systems capabilities by the number of security zones its capable of supporting.

The content outlined above should provide you with all the information you need to perform a security assessment on your own home. Once you have determined what components & detection sensors you will need to adequately & effectively address your security objective, you will be in the position to figure out the number of security zones you will require.

You will want add together what alarm components & detection devices you will require for the electronic security coverage of your home. This combined total will be the minimum number of security zones a wireless control panel will have to support.

If a hardwired alarm system will be the best home security system for you & your family you will be able to reduce the number of security zones a wireless system would need.

As mentioned above in a hardwired system it is a common practice to place all the detection sensors in the one room or area of your home in a single security zone. For non-intrusion detection devices like smoke detectors you will want to locate them together also in a single zone.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

If you choose to install any carbon monoxide detectors you can locate them together in a single security zone or you can place each detection sensor in a separate zone.

If the carbon monoxide sensors are located in separate zones your alarm system will be able to quickly inform you which detector triggered the alert.

Although whoever you call to checkout & fix a carbon monoxide leak in your home will likely use a gas sensor probe to check out leaks in all areas of your home & not just one specific area.

The exterior door in your home that will require an entry & exit delay time for coming & going will also need to have its own zone.

Once you have established what security zones you will need using a wireless or hardwired alarm system you will want to add several or more additional zones to your final count for any security upgrades that may be needed in the future.

The large majority of alarm systems available in today’s market should last the end user for the next 15 to 20 years. There are many reasons why security upgrades may be required especially with a system that has the potential of lasting for the next two decades.

Once a system has utilized all of the security zones it is capable of supporting, additional upgrades will no longer be possible as the alarm system will already be operating at its maximum potential.

Best Home Security System

Locating Several Or More Of The Best Home Security Systems!

Once you know the number of security zones the best home security system for your home & family will have to support you will want to locate several or more of these systems that meet your security needs.

You will want to assess what different features & functions the various systems offer & choose what you feel will be the best home security system.

Keypad for Home Alarm System

In seeking out what will be the best home security systems for you to choose from you will actually need to discover which alarm kits contain a control panel that supports the minimum number of security zones you will need.

You will find a large number of hardwired, hybrid & wireless alarm system kits been retailed in today’s market.

You will also discover the alarm components & detection devices included with the different kits varies greatly.

Since the only component that is consistently found in all alarm kits is the control panel it is not possible to do a straight up price comparison when evaluating the various kits you may choose to compare.

If there is a big price difference between some of these alarm kits that meet your security needs, you may need to compare prices on what certain components & detection devices included with a kit are been retailed for separately.

Unfortunately there are certain home alarms that would not be the best home security systems for anyone’s home & family. These are the wireless systems that have a keypad & sounding device housed in the same unit as the systems control panel.

To obtain a comprehensive understanding on why these three in one units should never be used to protect anyone’s home & family please visit my wireless security system web page.

I sincerely hope this best home security systems webpage has provided you with the assistance you required for obtaining an appropriate & effective alarm system for your home & family.

If you have any questions concerning the above content or any other information throughout this site please send me an email through this sites contact us web page. You may also want to consider bookmarking this website as updated content & new web pages are uploaded weekly.

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