Computer DVR!

If you are considering purchasing a stand alone or computer DVR system, there is certainly no shortage of them available for you to choose from. In just the last few years alone, it appears there has been many new makes & models of these security DVRs that have been added to the retail market.

In recent years there has also been a very noticeable increase in the number of online & offline businesses that are now retailing these digital recorders.

This is obviously due to the high demand & the growing popularity of these DVRs.

Over the past several years stand alone & computer DVRs have become very popular with residential consumers.

This is mainly due to lower prices along with beneficial technical advancements in video, electronic & computer technology.

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) surveillance systems moved along the same path as PCs (Personal Computers) have over the past decade.

Just like PCs the technology for these surveillance systems kept improving while their prices have continuously dropped. This has made security DVRs & the CCTV cameras they are designed to work with much more affordable today than they have ever been in the past.

The newly emerged technology that attracted the attention of most residential consumers, is having the ability to see what is happening in & around their homes in real time from anywhere around the world.

While I have been using my smartphone & laptop to see what is occurring in & around my own home for the past 5 years, I still find myself impressed by this technology each time I use it.

Stand alone & computer DVRs have undoubtedly revolutionized how we are able to view what is being captured by our CCTV surveillance cameras.

The stand alone DVR appears to be much more popular than what the PC-based system is with residential consumers.

The biggest reason for this is the stand alone systems are generally retailed at much lower price than PC-based DVRs.

There are many individuals & families though that do purchase PC-based DVRs, as they find them to be a more suitable system for addressing their security needs.

Stand alone & PC-based DVRs are similar to each other in many ways, but there are some significant differences between them as well.

Due to the nature of these differences, it really cannot be said that one of these DVRs is the better than the other.

The best & most appropriate system you can acquire for your home & family, is a security DVR that is suitable for your budget & is capable of addressing your current & future security needs.

How Computer DVR Differs From Stand Alone System!

A computer DVR is a personal computer that has a “video capture card” inserted into its motherboard. The capture cards VMS (Video Management Software) is also installed & the system runs on a windows operating system.

Like a stand alone system a PC-based DVR can be purchased with the number of interior and/or exterior cameras you need, or you can acquire the security DVR separately.

You also have the option of purchasing a video capture card, inserting it into an open slot on the motherboard of a PC & installing the VMS or surveillance software that comes with it.

If you have an older PC that meets or exceeds the system requirements for a specific capture card & its surveillance software, you can certainly save money by turning your PC into a computer DVR.

It is better to use an older computer than a newer one you may be using, as a PC-based DVR should only be used for video surveillance purposes.

To also use the DVR as a personal computer, you will end up increasing the odds of something happening from time to time that could make the system unreliable or unstable.

It is only natural that people come to rely upon an effective security measure like a video surveillance system & the last thing you or a family member would want or need is for it not to work at a time when it is needed most.

The stand alone & PC-based DVR systems are specifically designed to work with CCTV cameras. This is because the main purpose of these security DVRs is to convert the analogue video signal from the CCTV cameras into a digital signal.

This allows the surveillance video captured from the cameras to be saved on a digital hard drive in a stand alone or computer DVR. Having the analogue video converted into a digital format is also what makes it possible to view & access your CCTV surveillance video online.

Any PC-based DVR & some stand alone DVRs will also allow you to add IP (Network) cameras to your system.

If adding IP cameras to your surveillance system is something you want to do now or sometime in the future, your best option is to obtain a PC-based DVR.

Stand alone systems that allow you to use a combination of CCTV & IP cameras are known as a “Hybrid stand alone DVR”.

With most hybrid DVRs being relatively new to the retail market, they are still an expensive system to purchase.

They are in all likelihood priced much higher than most residential consumers are able or willing to pay & they also do not have the flexibility that a computer DVR has for adding IP surveillance cameras.

You can basically add multiple network cameras to a computer-based DVR or any PC by installing NVR (Network Video Recorder) software.

A PC-based system should also be considered if upgrading and/or expanding your surveillance system in the future is important option for you to have.

Stand alone DVRs unfortunately cannot be upgraded or expanded. This is due to all its internal components being built on & secured to a single circuit board.

A computer DVR can be completely upgraded the same as any PC & by adding additional capture cards, you can also increase the number of CCTV cameras in your surveillance system.

The advanced communication options that are available with the PC-based system is the reason many businesses, financial institutions & government facilities use them. It allows them to network with other surveillance cameras & systems in other parts of the country & around the world.

Some will also install video enhancement, editing, intelligent surveillance and/or other types of software on a computer DVR.

Installing additional software to be used with the surveillance video can be beneficial for some, as it will obviously depend on one’s security needs.

Although when it comes to home video surveillance, the VMS or application software on a security DVR should be all that most individuals & families would require.

The above information outlines some of the main differences between both security DVRs.

Although to make an informed decision on which of these DVRs is right for your needs, you may first want to visit my stand alone DVR web page.

This web page outlines what a stand alone DVR is, how it works & the type of features & functions that most of these systems provide.

I sincerely hope the information on this computer DVR web page was in some way helpful & beneficial for you. You may want to consider bookmarking this site as new & updated content is uploaded weekly.

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