Alarm Systems Easily Defeated By A Crash And Smash Attack!

This web page explains what a crash and smash attack is & why in recent years it has become the entry method of choice for so many criminals. It outlines the pros & cons of a new technology that was specifically created to ensure one’s monitoring station is notified in the event of a smash & crash break-in.

Alarm System Keypad

You will also discover practical & effective security measures that will prevent this type of security breach from ever happening.

What is known as a crash and smash attack is where criminal’s break-in to a home & disable the systems control panel (the brain of the alarm system) before the entry delay time for disarming the system is up. This crash & smash reference comes many from criminals kicking open the main entrance door in people’s homes & then quickly smashing the control panel.

Intruders obtain the same amount of time to disarm the alarm system as the homes occupants receive by breaking in thru the residences most frequently used entrance (the entry delay door).

Disabling the control panel before the alarm is triggered will not only render the system inoperative, it also prevents it from transmitting an alarm signal to the monitoring station.

Criminals have been carrying out crash and smash attacks for a long time. Although it only became a widespread security problem in recent years as more & more criminals identified numerous ineffective alarm setups, due to the poor design of these self-contained wireless systems.

One of the most important security protocols for setting up a home alarm is to ensure the control panel is located in a hidden out of the way area so an intruder cannot quickly access it before an alarm signal is transmitted to the monitoring station.

While wireless alarm systems have become technically advanced & much more reliable over the past decade, the large majority of them are poorly designed due to the way they are being inexpensively produced.

Alarm manufactures economically produce these wireless systems by locating the systems three main components the control panel, keypad & interior sounding device all in the one unit.

Most of these all-in-one-units are being located just inside the entry delay door in people’s homes so the keypad can be used to arm & disarm the alarm system.

While this may be the most appropriate location for the alarms keypad, it is the worst place possible for the systems control panel that is also housed in the same unit.

With the control panel just inside the home’s main entrance, criminals find it extremely easy to locate & disable the panel long before the entry delay time for disarming the system is up.

Pros & Cons Of A New Technology That Can Inform The Monitoring Station Of A Crash And Smash Attack!

With these crash and smash attacks becoming the entry method of choice for so many criminals in recent years, it has impelled an innovated security company to create a new technology they call "Crash & Smash Protection".


This newly emerged technology can help prevent criminals from using a crash and smash attack as a way of stopping the alarm signal from reaching the monitoring station.

Without crash & smash protection a monitoring station only becomes aware of the main entrance door being opened if the deactivation code was not entered during the entry delay time.

If the systems control panel is disabled while the entry delay time is still counting down the monitoring station never receives notice that the home has been entered.

With crash & smash protection, the monitoring station immediately receives a signal after the entry delay door has been opened. Once notice of the door been opened is received, they now wait for the deactivation code to disarm the system.

If a criminal disables the alarm system, the monitoring station will obviously not receive the deactivation code they are waiting for. If they also do not receive an alarm signal after the entry delay time has passed, they will view this as a crash & smash attack & immediately contact the local authorities.

Alarm companies that offer crash & smash protection use a GSM cellular service as the communication link between a customer’s alarm system & their monitoring station. This is due to a cellular service being the only signal transmission method that is designed to work with this new technology.

There is a growing number of monitoring companies partnering with to be able to offer crash & smash protection to their customers, but at the present time the large majority of them do not provide it.


While this new technology certainly has merit, I do not see it as a good long term solution for protecting your home alarm against a crash and smash attack.

The following information explains why I believe the security value that crash & smash protection currently has, will start to diminish over time.

With a growing number of monitoring companies providing this new technology, many more intruders will be arrested & crash and smash attacks will become less of a viable option for criminals to carry out.

Once the risk starts to outweigh the reward, I have little doubt that more & more intruders will start defeating the alarm signal with GSM cellular jamming devices.

I also believe the number of criminals obtaining these devices will undoubtedly start to grow once others realize that jamming the cellular signal can work for them as well.

Jamming of GSM cellular alarm signals does not appear to be a wide spread problem in North America at the present time, but you could have said the same thing about Ireland just a couple of years ago.

An article in the Herald an Irish newspaper allows you to see how big of a problem the jamming of GSM cellular alarm signals have been for Irish home’s & businesses in just the past year.

These jamming devices have also being dropping in price over the past few years, as you will find many of them being retailed today for less than $100.

There have been a number of media reports over the past few years of criminals breaking in to various businesses in North America using cellular jamming devices.

If the use of a cellular jamming device to break in to people’s homes is on the rise in North America, I don’t expect monitoring companies would be looking to publicize this type of information.

I believe this to be especially true for the alarm companies that provide crash & smash protection, since a GSM cellular service is the only communication method they use for monitoring their customers alarm systems.

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) in Washington last year have crackdown on 20 online retailers in 12 states for illegally marketing cellular jamming devices to consumers.

This unfortunately does not stop people from purchasing them from the many online retailers whose websites are being hosted outside of the United States.

Fire Alarm Strobe Light & Bell

The FCC is not only concerned about criminals using these devices for crash and smash attacks, they also see a big problem with them being used in public places to jam people’s cell phone service.

While it is illegal to jam anyone’s cell phone use, the FCC appear to be more concerned with the signal traveling through a wall & blocking the cellular service for a burglar or fire alarm in an adjacent building.

In reading customer reviews on a few web sites selling these jamming devices, it appears many individuals purchase them because they are annoyed with people using cell phones in public places like restaurants, libraries & movie theaters.

Cellular jamming devices are illegal to purchase & use, but it does not seem to deter these people from buying them.

If being illegal is not a problem for these individuals, I guess it would be safe to assume that it would be even less of an issue for those who break-in to people’s homes.

Reducing Your Odds Of Been Victimized By A Crash And Smash Attack!

To keep your home alarm from being defeated by a crash & smash attack, an intruder must never be able to access your control panel before an alarm signal is transmitted to your monitoring station. If you already have a system in place & your alarm panel is not located in an obscure out of the way area, than this is certainly the first measure you will need to address.

If you are looking at acquiring a wireless alarm that is not vulnerable to a crash & smash attack due to their all-in-one design, please visit my wireless home security system web page.

Understanding the pros & cons of today’s wireless systems is essential for making an informed decision in choosing a reliable and an effective system for your home & family.

This web page also outlines the security protocols that need to be followed in setting up the wireless alarm coverage in your home.

This information will not only help you avoid a crash & smash attack, it is incredibly important for preventing any would-be intruders from entering your home.

Preventing criminals from ever gaining access inside our homes is a level of security that we all need to achieve in today’s society. The most practical approach to take for keeping criminals out, is to ensure their presence first gets detected while they are still on the outside of your home.

The only way to achieve this important security objective is to have physical & electronic security measures working together securing each accessible entry point (windows & doors) in your home.

These self-contained all-in-one wireless systems are undoubtedly why crash & smash attacks became such a big security problem in recent years. Although it never would have become so widespread if it was not so easy for criminals to force open the exterior doors in most homes.

This lack of door security is mainly because of so many individuals & families that are relying way too heavily & solely upon their home alarm systems, due to the better feeling of security that they receive from them.

Receiving such peace of mind unfortunately causes them to overlook & neglect the physical security of their homes perimeter. They do not seem to realize that physically securing each accessible entry point is what makes up the main part of their homes first & most important line of defense.

It is truly unfortunate how so many people will spend large sums of money acquiring & monitoring their home alarm systems & then totally ignore even the most basic physical security measures.

Not increasing the physical security of a home’s entrance doors is a big part of why so many criminals can carry out these crash & smash attacks so quickly & easily.

It is also why FBI statistics show that in more than two thirds of all residential break-ins, the intruder gains entry through one of the home’s exterior doors.

This sites door security web page outlines the various security weak-points that exists with most residential exterior doors & provides the most practical & cost effective measures you can take to eliminate such weaknesses.

Increasing the physical security of your home’s entrance doors & locating your systems control panel in a hidden out of the way area, will go a long way in protecting your home alarm against a crash & smash attack.

Physically & electronically securing all accessible entry points in your home will also go a long way in preventing an intruder from entering your home.

The best way to ensure the safety & security of your family & to protect your home as well as its contents, is to prevent a security breach of your homes perimeter in the first place.

I sincerely hope the information outlined on this crash & smash attack web page was in some way helpful & beneficial for you. You may want to consider bookmarking this site as new & updated content is uploaded weekly.

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