Do It Yourself Home Security!

There are many do it yourself home security projects that people can do for making their home environments more secure.

Anyone with only moderate DIY skills should be able to implement physical & electronic security measures that can significantly increase the overall security of their homes & families.

If you want to utilize your DIY skills to make your own home & family as secure as reasonably possible, it is important to recognize what measures need to be implemented to achieve this important security objective.   

Physically securing the perimeter of your home is absolutely essential & it is also what makes up your home’s first & most important line of defense.

I feel it is necessary to point this out due to so many individuals & families not understanding the importance of physical security measures. A better feeling of security that so many people receive from their home alarms causes them to rely way to heavily & solely upon them.

It is truly unfortunate how so many people spend large sums of money on their home alarm systems & then overlook or neglect even the most basic physical security measures.

Do It Yourself Home Security Measures For Securing Your Home’s Entrance Doors!

Do it yourself home security projects that can help you achieve a solid first line of defense, are generally the least expensive security measures that you would need to implement.

These security measures range from trimming down overgrown bushes & trees that would conceal an intruder’s presence to ensuring each accessible entry point (window & door) are physically secure.

Ensuring each of your home’s entrance doors are physically secured is incredibly important for preventing criminals from entering your home.

FBI statistics show that in the large majority of residential break-ins, the intruder gains entry through one of the home’s exterior doors.

Each of your home’s entrance doors need to be capable of withstanding the level of force a criminal would impact against them.

To identify the security weak-points that exists with most residential exterior doors & to find the most practical & cost-effective security measures that can eliminate such weaknesses, please visit my door security web page.

You will also discover important & beneficial information on installing locks on new & existing exterior doors on my installing door locks web page.

Do It Yourself Home Security Measures To Increase Window Security!

The five different types of non-fixed (open & close) windows that you will find in most homes today are the single/double-hung, awning, casement, sliding & the traditional basement style window.

The physical security measures required to secure these windows will vary, as each different style of window has their own unique security issues that need to be addressed.

The location of certain windows can also make a significant difference in what measures need to be taken to effectively secure them.

The do it yourself home security measures required to adequately secure each style of window are outlined on this web site.

The web page link for the specific style of window(s) you have in your own home can be found on my window security page.

Windows that cannot be seen from a neighbor’s home or a public area have the greatest potential of being targeted by an intruder.

It is very important to provide these type of windows with a higher level of physical and/or electronic security.

To prevent an intruder from gaining entry by breaking the glass in these highly targeted windows, you may want to consider protecting them with window security film.

For information on this effective & inexpensive security measure, please visit my window security film web page. This do it yourself home security measure is a lot easier than most people may think.

You can determine this for yourself by reviewing the step by step instructions on how best to install security film on my installing window film web page.

Do It Yourself Home Security – Installing A Home Alarm System!

Installing a wireless alarm system is a security project that almost any DIY type individual can easily achieve. Although installing a wired alarm system in one’s home requires a much higher level of skill than most people have.

If you want to install a wired security system in your home, you really should have hands on experience working with electronics.

Inadequate alarm setups is one of the biggest reasons why so many home security systems trigger a false alarm. Unless you strongly feel you have the required skills necessary to install a wired system you may want to avoid doing so.

While installing a wireless system is an easy project for most people, there are many individuals & families every day that live with a false sense of security due to their wireless alarm coverage being ineffectively setup.

This ineffective alarm coverage is due so many people not realizing that there are important security protocols that need to be followed in setting up their alarm system.

Not recognizing the importance of these setup procedures is also the reason many people acquire wireless systems that have been poorly designed.

Understanding the pros & cons of today’s wireless alarms is essential for anyone wanting to acquire a reliable & effective system for their home & family.

This information is outlined on my wireless home security system web page along with what security protocols need to be followed in setting up the system.

Do It Yourself Home Security – Setting Up Video Surveillance System!

Over the past several years video surveillance cameras & systems have been growing in popularity with residential consumers everywhere. This is mainly due to lower prices along with some beneficial technical advancements.

The newly emerged technology that attracted most people is to be able to see what is happening in & around their homes from a remote location. It allows them to see what is occurring at their home in real time from any internet connected device anywhere in the world.

The surveillance system can also be setup to send emails or text messages to your laptop or smartphone as soon as a surveillance camera(s) of your choosing detects motion.

To understand how easy you can setup a video surveillance system in your own home, please visit my home security camera setups web page.

The video surveillance systems that most people setup in their homes will either have a “Stand Alone” or a “PC-based” DVR. If you are not familiar with these security DVRs or the differences that exist between them, you may want to visit my stand alone DVR & computer DVR web pages.

I sincerely hope this do it yourself home security page was in some way helpful & beneficial for you. You may want to consider bookmarking this site as new & updated information is uploaded weakly.

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