Driveway Alarm!

This web page outlines how various driveway alarm models work, what features & functions many of today’s models provide & how these systems can increase the safety & security of people inside their homes.

It also provides detailed information about two affordably priced quality systems that are very popular with many residential consumers.

While you will find many of these wireless electronic security devices are being referred to as driveway alarms, just some of them are specifically designed to detect vehicles only.

The large majority of them are basically outdoor motion detection systems, as they can be strategically setup to detect a stranger’s presence anywhere outside your home.

Most models are generally comprised of a wireless receiver that would be located inside the home & an outdoor motion sensor(s) that contains a built in wireless transmitter.

The exterior motion sensors in most models also use PIR (Passive Infrared) technology, as they detect infrared energy (heat) that emanates from a vehicles engine or a person’s body.

This is a very reliable & widely used technology for motion detection, as the large majority of motion lights & home alarm systems use PIR motion sensors.

Once movement/infrared energy is detected, the motion sensors transmitter immediately sends a wireless signal to the receiver.

This will cause the receiver to automatically trigger an alert informing anyone inside the home that a vehicle or someone’s presence has been detected.

Most homes have short driveways that can only accommodate 3 or 4 vehicles at best.

Unless this type of driveway cannot be seen from inside the home, there doesn’t seem to be a real security need to monitor vehicles entering it.

This security measure would be more beneficial for people with long driveways & certain short ones that are hidden from view from those inside their homes.

Many Driveway Alarms Receive Beneficial Improvements!

There has been some very notable & worthwhile improvements made too many driveway alarms that have been added to the retail market in recent years.

With advancements in wireless technology, the reliability & strength of the wireless signal has improved significantly & the distance many motion sensors can now be located from their receiver has also greatly increased.

Due to innovations in electronic & computer technology, there are also many models that provide some worthwhile & beneficial features & functions.

Security Zones

Many models today will allow you to use multiple motion sensors with a single wireless receiver. While they may be sold with only one or two motion sensors, individual sensors can be purchased separately for anyone who wants to monitor additional areas around their home.

The wireless receivers in these type of driveway alarms generally come with 4 or more zones & depending on the model you can add one or multiple motion sensors to each zone.

For example, Zone: 1 can consist of a motion sensor outside the front entrance, Zone: 2 could have two sensors covering the right side of the home & Zone: 3 could be for a sensor that monitors the back of the home.

With sensors located in specific zones, the wireless receiver can now inform you which zone contains the motion sensor that detected movement.

Some models will trigger a different audible tone for each zone & this can allow the homes occupants to identify which zone motion was detected in.

There are various driveway alarm models that use visual indicators to identify specific zones, as these models have an LED (light emitting diode) light next to each zone number on the front of the alarms wireless receiver.

You will also find some models that identify what zone motion was detected in by using pre-recorded voice messages. For example, you may hear a voice that says “Alert Zone 1” or “Motion Detection Zone 2”.

These voice messages along with the audible tones above are generally volume controlled.  

If you choose to monitor a few different areas outside your own home, you should find being notified of the zone where motion is detected to be a very important & beneficial security feature.

Supervised Wireless Transmitters

The better quality driveway alarm systems that are available today will have motion sensors with supervised wireless transmitters. This allows the receiver inside a residence to sound a distinct audible tone that informs the homes occupants a motion sensor has low battery power.

Any transmitter that is supervised will transmit two types of signals to the wireless receiver, as one signifies the motion sensor has detected movement & the other informs the receiver a sensors battery power is low.

Without this feature one could easily be unaware that a sensor(s) no longer functions, due to its battery having no remaining power.

When a sensor executes its function reliably & flawlessly whenever someone enters its FOV (Field of View), it is only natural for those inside the home to acquire a better feeling of security & peace of mind.

Not knowing a motion sensor(s) is no longer functioning can certainly provide those living in the home with a false sense of security.

Dropping one’s guard at the wrong time due to a false sense of security, can unfortunately turn out to be much worse than having no security in place at all.

Receiving notification that a motion sensors battery power is low, is another very important & worthwhile security feature.

If you are looking at purchasing a driveway alarm for your own home, you really should acquire one that has supervised wireless transmitters in its motion sensors.

Motion Security Lights

Having an adequate amount of motion security lighting outside a home, is by far one of the most important & effective security measures one could take to deter criminals from approaching their home at night.

All criminals totally despise motion security lights, as they feel fully exposed every time they trigger one. They will generally bolt from the area as quickly as possible to escape detection. They know it is only natural for someone inside the home or a close neighbor to look outside to see who may have triggered the light.

There are some driveway alarm models that can trigger a security light(s) to turn on when motion is detected.

Although to acquire any security value from this feature, you will want to locate the motion sensor in an area where no lighting exists so it can activate a light to turn on close by.

It is more practical to have a motion light in an area where lighting currently exists or can be installed, especially with so many products today that can easily turn any regular light into one that is motion activated.

One of the biggest problems many people have when installing security lighting outsider their homes, is they do not have electrical power running to all areas where lighting is needed.

A driveway motion sensor that can trigger a light to turn on maybe helpful in addressing this issue. It could alleviate the problem by locating the motion sensor in a dark area where lighting is required & have it activate a light that can be seen close by. This should inform any would-be intruder that their presence has been detected.

This can be an effective measure to take if your driveway alarm provides this feature. If it does not, solar security lighting is also a viable solution for illuminating areas where no electrical power currently exists.

Solar technology has greatly improved over the past several years. Many solar security lights that have been added to the retail market in recent years provide an ample level of illumination for security purposes.

With all solar security lighting being motion activated, this helps ensure the light will always have the solar power it needs. For additional information on this type of lighting, please visit my solar security lights web page.

Different Sensors

While exterior motion sensors can function as a driveway alarm to monitor vehicles or detect an individual’s presence outside a home, there are also a variety of models that can work with other types of sensors.

Some of the sensors that are designed to operate with the wireless receivers in certain models are motion, window & door, garage door & water sensors.

How beneficial it would be to use a combination of these different sensors will obviously depend on one’s security needs.

While window & door sensors can be used with specific models, they really should not be used as a substitute for a home alarm system.

The biggest thing that drives up the price of a wireless alarm system, is acquiring the various detection sensors that are needed. If you currently do not have a home alarm & are working with a limited budget, you may want to consider building up the alarm coverage you require over time.

Infrared Photoelectric Beam

Some driveway alarms come with a wireless receiver & a pair of “Infrared Beam Sensors” & with certain models multiple sensor pairs can be added to the system.

Like the PIR motion sensors discussed above, the beam sensors can be located in specific zones & the wireless receiver notifies the home’s occupants of the zone where motion was detected.

With the two sensors set a distance apart facing each other, there is an invisible infrared digital pulse beam between them. Motion or movement is immediately detected once the beam is interrupted by a vehicle or a person moving between the two sensors.

This type of motion detection system can be very beneficial for anyone wanting to monitor people or vehicles passing thru a long area. With some models you can have a pair of beam sensors set apart from one another up to 300 feet.

Another beneficial feature with some systems, is the beam sensors have small solar panels & they recharge the lithium ion batteries that powers the sensors.

Why Investing In a Driveway Alarm Should Be Considered!

In today’s society we need to reduce the odds of our families from ever being victimized by home invasion criminals, sexual predators or other deranged individuals that violently attack people in their homes.

I believe most people realize that the odds of having a specific home singled out & targeted by such violent criminals would be quite low.

Although due to the serious nature & consequences of these heinous crimes, it would be irresponsible of us not to do what is reasonably possible in further minimizing the risk of it ever happening to our own homes & families.

Receiving immediate notification of someone approaching the perimeter of a home, will prevent anyone inside from being blindsided by any criminal(s) wanting to force their way in.

Having time to recognize a potential security threat can provide an individual(s) with the time they need to contact the police, increase their level of security and/or find a safe place to hold up until the authorities arrive.

When it comes to your personal safety & security, most security professionals will emphasize how important it is to “always remain vigilant of your surroundings”.

When at home that is exactly what exterior motion sensors helps us do, as they allows us to be more observant & aware of any potential security threat that may exist outside our homes.

Many homes & families receive increased security & peace of mind from these exterior detection systems. They are a reasonable & practical security measure that you may want consider, especially with the affordable prices many quality models retail for.

Two High Quality Driveway Alarms Systems!

I believe you will find the two models discussed below to be among the better quality motion detection systems that are available in today’s market.

Both of these models have received well over a thousand reviews each on alone & have a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

I find online customer reviews can be extremely useful in helping consumers evaluate a product or service they may be interested in. After all most reviews come from people that have had firsthand experience in using them.  

I have placed two links below where you can view these driveway alarms, their retail prices & many of their customer reviews on

If you choose to purchase any of these products from the Amazon web site, I would appreciate if you would consider doing so through one of the following links.

Any sales made through these links will help support the continuous growth of this web site, as we earn a small commission on any purchases that are made.

If you are not an internet shopper, you should find the products below & other brands from large department & home improvement stores in your area like Walmart & Home Depot. Smaller retailers may also carry these products, but they would likely have a limited selection to choose from.

Skylink HA-434RTL

The Skylink HA-434RTL motion detection system can be used inside and/or outside your home. This motion alert kit is sold with one wireless receiver & one motion sensor.

The wireless receiver has 4 zones & up to 16 sensors can be added to the system. If it does not exceed 16, this model will also allow you to add any combination of the following sensors:

Motion Sensor - Model: HA-434TL

Water Sensor - Model: WA-434TL

Garage Door Sensor - Model: GM-434TL

Window/Door Sensor - Model: WD-434TL

This models wireless receiver provides both audio & visual indicators to inform you when motion is detected. There are two audio alerts to choose from, as you can set it to beep when motion is detected or you can have it sound a 95db siren.

The visual indicators are 4 red led lights on the front of the receiver next to each zone number & one of the lights will flash identifying which zone motion was detected in.

All detection sensors that can be used with this driveway alarm have supervised wireless sensors.

This is a very important security feature, as it allows the receiver to notify you when a sensors battery power is low. Each sensor is powered by a 9V alkaline battery.

Inside the battery department on the back of a motion sensor, there is a high & low setting that adjusts the sensitivity of the sensor.

This can be a very beneficial feature, as you will want to set it on high if it is not sensitive enough or on low if it is overly sensitive where it is triggering false alarms.

The systems manufacturer specifies that their motion sensors can detect movement up to 40 feet away & that they can operate up to 800 feet from the wireless receiver.

Although it is important to note that when any manufacturer provides the maximum distance their wireless device can be from its wireless receiver, they are referring to line of sight.

If the wireless signal has to travel through walls & doors to reach the receiver inside your home, this 800 foot distance will be considerably reduced.

Skylink HA-434RTL Motion Alert Kit

Chamberlain CWA2000

The Chamberlain CWA2000 is a long range driveway alarm system that is designed to be used in an outdoor environment. It is sold with a wireless receiver & one exterior motion sensor & you can add a total of 8 motion sensors to the system.

The receiver does not have any security zones, but it will sound an additional audio tone (volume controlled) for each new motion sensor that is added to the system.

For example, if the first sensor detects motion the receiver will sound once, if the second sensor is triggered it will sound twice & the third sensor added to the system will sound three times & so on.

The manufacturer of this model specifies the motion sensors can detect movement up to 30 feet away & they can operate up to ½ mile (2,640 ft.) from the wireless receiver.

To be able to setup a motion sensor so far away from the wireless receiver, this driveway alarm is obviously a suitable choice for people with large properties & long driveways.

The motion sensors in this model are powered by 4 AA batteries & according to the user manual for this system they can last for up to two years.

The receiver will also provide notification of low battery power, as the motion sensors have supervised wireless transmitters.

The sensitivity of the motion sensors in this model can also be adjusted with each sensor having a high & low setting.

Chamberlain CWA2000 Long Range Driveway Alarm

I sincerely hope this driveway alarm web page has provide you with some helpful & beneficial information. You may want to consider bookmarking this site, as new & updated content is uploaded weekly.

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