Dual Technology Sensors Have Eliminated False Alarms In Troubling Environments!

Dual technology sensors are two sensors in the one housing that operates by using two totally different technologies. If the dual technology sensor is a detection sensor that is used in a home security system, then both technologies will have to be activated either in a precise sequence or simultaneously for the sensor to trigger an alarm.

There are some dual technology sensors that are used for motion lights & the lights will come on or stay on if just one of the technologies in the sensor detects someone's presence.

These types of sensors are used in motion lighting in public buildings to increase the probability of the lights coming on & staying on when needed.

Dual technology sensors for use in home security systems were developed specifically to prevent false alarms from being repeatedly triggered.

The two sensors that trigger false alarms due to challenging environments are motion & glass break detection devices.

Motion & glass break detection devices that use dual technology sensors have virtually eliminated false alarms that are prevalent in certain challenging home environments.

PIR Motion Detectors

PIR (Passive Infrared) Motion Detectors are the most widely used types of motion detection devices used in the home security industry.

They work by detecting changes in infrared energy levels caused by anyone coming within range of the sensor. PIR Sensors are passive because they don't send out a signal or emit any type of energy; they just sense infrared energy (heat) that emanates from our bodies.

PIR (Passive Infrared) Motion Detector

Even though PIR Motion Sensors are the best technology available for detecting motion, in some challenging environments this detector has repeatedly triggered false alarms.

Since the mid 1980’s PIR (passive infrared) technology has been used to detect motion & prior to this the best detection devices used microwave technology.

Microwave detectors work somewhat like ultrasonic detectors, but instead of sending out sound waves they send out ultra high frequency radio waves.

The signal bounces microwaves off anything in its area of detection & it measures the frequency of the returning microwaves.

If something moves in the detection area the microwave that is returned will be at a different frequency & this change in the frequency will trigger an alarm condition.

Dual technology sensors were developed to eliminate false alarm problems with the PIR motion sensor. The two technologies used in dual tech motion sensors are a passive infrared technology & an active microwave technology.

These dual technology sensors will have to be activated at precisely the same time before the motion detector will trigger an alarm condition.

Glass Break Detectors

Shock Sensors & Audio Discriminators are two of the most common glass brake detection devices that are being retailed in today’s market.

The Audio Discriminators are the most popular of the two because one detector can protect several windows in a given area, were as a glass break shock sensor needs to be applied directly to the glass it is protecting.

The Audio Discriminator is triggered by it's sensor detecting the acoustical sound of breaking glass.

Some ceiling models have a 360 degree pickup patten.

This sensor can be mounted on a wall or ceiling & can be used to protect all windows in the sensors range.

These detectors are similar to the PIR motion sensor in the way that it can repeatedly trigger false alarms in a challenging environment. Certain high pitched sounds have been mistaken for the acoustical sound of breaking glass therefore triggering a false alarm.

Clip Art Style Image With Padlock Attached to Right Front Coner of House

Glass break detectors that use dual technology sensors were developed to eliminate false alarm problems that have become quite common in troubling environments.

The two different sensors used in dual technology glass break detectors is the glass break sensor that detects the acoustical sound of broken glass & a sensor that detect vibrations (low frequency sound pressure waves.

The dual tech glass break detector works when the dual tech sensors are activated in a precise sequence. A compression wave is caused by the inward flex of a window just prior to it breaking, followed by the acoustical sound of breaking glass. If no compression wave is detected the sound of breaking glass alone will not trigger an alarm.

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