Free Home Security Systems!

There is several alarm monitoring companies offering free home security systems with a modest installation fee. In return for this free system, you will be required to commit to a 3 year monitoring agreement.

These companies make their money not with alarm systems, but by receiving a monitoring fee from you each month for the next 3 years.

These free home security systems provide an inadequate level of protection. Families with limited or no understanding about home alarm systems could very easily get a false sense of security with one of these low cost systems in their home.

What makes these systems so inadequate is the only detection devices they provide for protecting a home's windows are motion detectors. The following are some of the problems that are likely to exist due to this inadequate level of security:

An intruder would actually have to get inside the home before he/she is able to set off the alarm. Once this happens I would say it is a pretty safe bet that the burglar doesn't leave empty handed.

When a home is occupied the homes security level would go from extremely low to almost nonexistent.

Motion sensors are the only detectors protecting your windows, but to avoid any false alarms they would have to be turned off when people are home.

If a burglar was to break in when someone was home, that family member would not be pre-warned with the motion sensors turned off.

Without pre-warning the chances of a family member coming in direct contact with the intruder would be high.

Additional Reasons Why These Free Home Security Systems Are Inadequate!

Unfortunately there is a basic alarm package that is offered by many of the alarm monitoring companies that is very similar or exactly the same as the free home security systems many of these companies offer. Other reasons why these systems cannot provide an adequate level of security protection are:

Most of these security alarms only come with a single keypad that is built into the same unit that houses the systems control panel. Without an additional keypad, monitoring companies are locating this 2 in 1 unit in the worst place possible which is right inside the exterior door most frequently used by the home's occupants.

Any security professional will tell you it is extremely important that you locate any wired or wireless control panel in an obscure area so an intruder cannot gain quick & easy access to it.

Intruders are fully aware that monitoring companies are locating these wireless keypad/control panels right inside their customer's front doors & are ready to act quickly when they discover them.

Many intruders will break into the same door the home's occupants use so they can also get the same entry delay time provided to the occupants to disarm the system.

With the control panel in plain view just inside the door, the amount of entry delay time will be more time than an intruder will ever need to disable the system from triggering an alarm condition.

If it is only the keypad that is built into the same unit as the control panel this security problem can be fixed by locating the unit in an obscure area & obtaining a compatible keypad that can be located inside the front door.

Other free home security systems & basic alarm packages some monitoring companies offer have both the keypad & sounding device housed in the same unit as the systems control panel. These units in my opinion were not designed with the end user in mind.

Kepad for Home Alarm Syste

The only benefit I can see with locating the system's 3 main components in the one unit is to cut down on the amount of time it would take an installer to setup a security system in someones home.

Unfortunately many alarm system installers are also locating these 3 in 1 control panels right inside the front door so the keypad can be used to arm & disarm the system.

These 3 in 1 units in my opinion should not be used to safeguard anyone's home & family.

It is imperative that any alarm system's control panel be located in an obscure area & the systems sounding device should never be located in such an area.

Placing the system's sounding device in the back of a cupboard or clothes closet where the control panel needs to be located will render this important device ineffective. It is extremely important that the sounding device for any alarm system needs to be loud & strident.

The sound that emanates from your alarm needs to be loud & unnerving so it will instill fear & panic into the intruder so he/she quickly moves on.

You can find additional information regarding these free home security systems by downloading my Free Special Insiders Report .

Some of the information contained in this special report will also show you the odds & likeliness of an intruder finding & disabling one of these units in someone's home before the system can trigger an alarm condition.

If you have become interested in these free home security systems because you find yourself only having a limited amount of funds available you will find quality information that will benefit you in the Special Insiders Report.

The report will not only provide you with many different security measures that you can implement at little or no cost, it will also show you where to obtain a quality alarm system at the lowest price possible.

Purchasing a security system to help provide your home & family with the safety & security they need is an important long term investment.

A home alarm system also adds to the value of one's home & most quality alarm systems being sold in today's market place can last you & your family for the next 15 to 20 years.

If the security dollars that you have available to install electronic security coverage for your home is quite limited, you may want to obtain a system that you can easily build up over time.

This is a much better option than settling for one of these basic alarm packages or one of the free home security systems that will provide you & your family with nothing more than an inadequate level of protection.

It is very important that people act responsibly in the actions they take in safeguarding their home & loved ones. It is important for people to invest in the right system & not gamble with their family's safety, security & wellbeing by settling for one of these free or low cost security systems.

As mentioned above you will find important quality information that will be of great benefit to you in my Special Insiders Report. This report is free & it is made up of 51 pages & 20 individual chapters of quality information on all areas of home security.

I sincerely hope the above information was in some way helpful & beneficial for you. You may want to consider bookmarking this site as new & updated content is uploaded weekly.

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