Garage Door Security!

Having good garage door security is extremely important, especially if it is attached to your residence with a door inside that allows intruders to enter your home.

The information outlined below will show you a number of way’s intruders have been breaking into residential garage doors for years.

Garage Door in Brick Home

You will discover below various security weak points that exist with most garage doors. You will also find the information you need to eliminate these weaknesses.

Unfortunately most people are completely unaware of the security problems that exist with these overhead garage doors.

For many years intruders have been exploiting the inadequate security that is inherent to most residential garage doors.

Garage door security has been compromised for years & one of the main reasons for this is the different technology that has been allowing criminals to obtain the frequency codes they need for opening garage doors.

The large majority of automatic overhead door openers that are been used for residential garages use either the learning mode or fixed code model remote controls.

Criminals have been able to obtain what RF (radio frequency) code both of these model remotes are using due to the available technology that allows them to discover or capture it.

They have been able to obtain a home owners RF code used to open their garage door by using regular remote transmitters, code grabbers & code scanners. These RF code scanners are able to try every possible combination of digital codes extremely quickly.

Once it obtains the code it can be used right away or it can be saved in the scanners memory & used when the intruder feels it’s convenient to do so.

Not only are these code scanners inexpensive to buy they are even less expensive to make as many electronic hobbyists display instructions on how to make them on the internet.

With technology growing at an extremely fast rate over the past two decades many criminals in today’s society are a lot more tech savvy then most people I believe would suspect.

Learning About A Garage Door Security Problem In The Strangest Place!

I normally discover what new tactics criminals are using from a couple of security retailers who I have done business with along with people who I worked with in the security industry.

Alarm & video surveillance system installers usually have the best stories as they usually see what new things the criminal mind has come up with first hand.

Unfortunately many homes & businesses only call to have an alarm system or video cameras installed after they have been broken into.

Usually the first thing people want to point out to an installer is how the criminal(s) managed to break-in.

I recently learned about a new technology that further compromises garage door security in a place that truly surprised me.

Just recently at my regular dental checkup my dentist was explaining to me how criminals were entering cars in his neighborhood & copying the RF codes directly from people’s garage door remotes.

He told me that most residence in his area do not usually lock their car doors during the day’s in the summer time & many of them even leave their windows opened making it much easier for criminals to gain entry.

This story my dentist was telling me peaked my interest so I asked an acquaintance of mine that works for the city police in my area if he knew what the criminals were using to copy codes directly from one’s remote.

I figured this was the logical place to find out what I wanted to know as it was the police who had warned my dentist & his neighbor’s what criminals have been up to in their area.

My friend informed me that a fellow officer had arrested someone breaking into vehicles & the criminal had what looked like more than a dozen remote controls on him.

The criminal also had a list of people’s addresses on him that were numbered in sequence & they also noticed the back of the remote controls were also numbered the same way.

Through their investigation they quickly discovered that the number next to each address could have their garage doors opened with the remote control that had the corresponding number marked on it.

These remotes the criminal was using are actually RF remote control duplicators something new to add to the garage door security problems that already exist.

These RF remote duplicators can very easy clone any fixed code or learning mode model garage door remote & they retail online for only a few dollars each.

As I mentioned above the fixed code & learning code model remotes are the largest majority of remotes that are been used on residential garage doors by far.

Garage Door Security Cannot Be Defeated With Newer Remotes That Are Use Rolling Code Technology!

Garage door security is not the only thing these day’s that are more secure due to rolling code technology. Rolling code sometimes referred to as hopping code technology are also used in some home security systems, remote door locks as well as most automobile key-fob remotes.

This technology makes it impossible for criminals to copy the code as the remote control uses a completely different code every time it is used.

If you are in the market for a new garage door opener you really want to ensure the remote control that comes with it is using rolling code technology.

This will improve your garage door security immensely as you will never need to worry about criminals discovering or capturing your code or having your remote control cloned by one of these $3 RF remote duplicators.

Other Garage Door Security Problems You & Other Family Members Should Be Fully Aware Of!

Criminals for years have been breaking into vehicles & steeling garage door remotes if they are able to find information in the automobile that reveals the owners address.

Most people will usually have something in their vehicle that reveals where they live like the insurance or registration slip.

Most times criminals will target vehicles in parking lots where people park for a sporting or entertainment event. They choose these areas as they can pretty well estimate how long before the vehicles owner will be heading home.

Another popular spot where criminals are known to steel garage remotes is the long term parking areas at airports.

When parking in such areas it is extremely important not to have anything in your vehicle that reveals your home address even if you do not have a garage door remote inside.

As mentioned on this sites vacation checklist webpage you should also never put your home address on any baggage you are checking in when taking a trip as the less amount of people that know you will be away the better.

If you want to place an address on those baggage tags you may want to put your employers address on them as a security precaution.

If you’re remote is not using rolling code technology for better garage door security when taking a trip you should always unplug your garage opener as an extra precaution.

A Garage Door Security Problem That Allows Criminals To Engage You’re Overhead Doors Manual Control!

All overhead garage doors that have an automatic door opener have a quick release mechanism that allows you to open your garage door manually in case your automatic opener was to malfunction or there was a power failure.

Criminals for years have been able to engage the manual control on automatic garage door openers in the matter of a few seconds using a simple coat hanger.

The video below will show you precisely how criminals are able to achieve this. At the end of this short video it suggests that you obtain an electronic deadbolt lock to prevent a criminal from breaking in.

In my opinion the electronic deadbolt is a total waste of your money as it is simply not needed. If you take another moment to watch the next short video you will discover how to fix this garage door security problem very effectively & the nice thing about this security measure it won’t cost you anything.

The Following Video Will Show You The Best Way To Fix The Garage Door Security Problem Above Absolutely Free!

If you also have a regular door into your garage & a door from your garage into your home they both need to be physical secured like any other exterior door you may have.

Just like any other exterior door they also need to be solid core hardwood or metal clad construction. If you have a home security system you should also install a magnetic switch sensor on both of these doors as well.

I sincerely hope the information on this garage door security webpage was in some way helpful & beneficial for you. You may want to consider bookmarking this site as new & updated content is uploaded weekly.

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