As The Popularity For The Hidden Nanny Cam Keeps Growing, So Does The Controversy Surrounding Their Use!

A hidden nanny cam is a small digital camera that is covertly used for video surveillance purposes & has become increasingly popular with residential consumers everywhere. For almost a decade now, both online & offline retailers have been experiencing record sales with the growing number of nanny cameras being sold.

Video Surveillance Equipment

Shortly after the sales for these hidden cameras first started to grow, the sales for other types of video surveillance cameras & equipment were also increasing. The higher increase in sales was mainly due to more affordable prices along with some important & beneficial technical advancements.

The newly emerged technology that attracted many parents & others, was the video being captured by the hidden nanny cam could be viewed in real time from a remote location.

Parents began to receive peace of mind by logging on to the internet at work or from some other remote location & see that their children were OK & that they were being looked after in a safe & appropriate manner.

As the popularity for hidden nanny cams kept growing for the past several years so did the controversy surrounding their use.

Some People Strongly Believe A Hidden Nanny Cam Should Never Be Secretly Used!

Most people who are against using a hidden nanny cam to secretly record a caregiver’s activities state the main reason for their objection is that they believe it to be immoral & unethical.

I can certainly understand why people would take this position, as most would not want their own actions secretly recorded & feel others should be treated in the same manner as they themselves would want to be.

I personally view the secret recording of a caregivers actions as an invasive & distasteful act, but sometimes we have to support & implement an unprincipled action because it is by far, the lesser of two evils.

Installing a hidden camera is undoubtedly the lesser of two evils in my opinion, as I also believe it would be immoral & unethical not to do everything possible to ensure the safety, security & wellbeing of one's children.

Although I do not believe it is necessary to secretly record a caregiver’s actions in all situations & I also feel it should only be used for a short duration.

A few weeks in most cases should be long enough to determine if the caregiver is or is not the right individual to care for one's child or elderly parent.

A hidden nanny cam would not need to be used for a care provider who looks after your elderly parent or grandparent if their mental faculties are fine & they have the ability to fully communicate with you.

A nanny cam for a child may also not be needed, if the child is old enough to speak & can easily inform you about what is happening when you are not there.

Instead of using a nanny cam, one could ask their child a series of questions that can help them determine if the caregiver they hired is the caring & competent individual that he/she appears to be.

Ask the child what type of things he/she did all day? What type of things did they do with their nanny?

If it appears their activities are mostly without their caregiver, ask the child what the nanny does when they are not doing things together. Find out if the child enjoys spending time with their caregiver.

Asking the questions that are outlined above or some variation of them can be a very effective way for determining if one's child is safe & is being cared for in an appropriate manner.

A nanny cam may not be required if the care provider is looking after a child that can communicate with you, but if you have a second child who cannot inform you about their day, a hidden nanny cam may surely be needed.

Having a child inform you about their specific day can certainly be a good thing, but you cannot expect him/her to know what is or is not happening with their younger brother or sister & the care provider.

We unfortunately live in a world where we cannot fully openly trust the people we meet, especially when it comes to trusting them with what we treasure most of all, our children.

A little verifying can help ensure our children are obtaining the care & protection they need & it can also go a long way in providing some peace of mind.

Hidden Nanny Cam Controversy Brings Out Some Very Strong & Extremely Naive Points Of View!

I have read more than 60 articles written by individuals who disagree with hidden nanny cams being used to secretly record a caregiver's actions.

I found many of the articles where the individuals writing them put forth very similar points of view, as to why a hidden nanny cam is not needed.

To summarize their point of view; they basically felt that if people would perform thorough background checks on the nanny's or caregivers they hired, they could find someone so honest that there would never be any need to use a hidden nanny cam.

I unfortunately find this point of view to be extremely naive. If this was all that is needed to find someone so honest, this would be a totally different world than the one we all live in.

A full background check is a very important first step that everyone needs to perform when hiring a caregiver. Although a good report with no red flags does not guarantee the person is the honest & caring person that they appear to be.

There are many people every day with impeccable backgrounds & some even seen as pillars of their community that get convicted of heinous crimes like physically or sexually abusing a child.

The reason why most people choose to use a nanny cam is to err on the side of caution as this is the only way for them to receive peace of mind.

It doesn't have anything to do with trusting or not trusting, it's about establishing trust & that is exactly what the nanny cam helps people do.

Unfortunately due to the society we live in, trust is established by the nanny cam showing us that the caregiver we hired is a caring, trustworthy & competent individual.

The established trust is undoubtedly measured by the peace of mind we receive, as only complete trust will provide complete peace of mind.

Among the articles I read there were several of them that spoke out very strongly against anyone who would use a hidden nanny cam to secretly record the actions of their caregiver.

I usually ignore strong opinions made by people who feel they have to attack an individual’s personal character to try & bolster their own point of view.

Although this particular case is different as this form of bullying could easily persuade some people not to err on the side of caution & this in my opinion is not only irresponsible it is also dangerous.

With strongly attacking people’s personal character some individuals could be intimidated & change their mind about installing a hidden nanny cam in their home.

If the wrong individual changes their mind & chooses not to err on the side of caution, they could unknowingly be subjecting their child to further physical or sexual abuse.

Nanny Cam Saves Infant From Been Continuously Victimized By Caregivers Physical Abuse!

There is a short nanny cam video below that shows the baby sitter physically abusing an eleven month old baby. The baby sitter is a mature woman who was recommended by close friends to baby sit the infant & his two year old brother.

The father states in the video that he never would have expected this woman to be capable of physically abusing a child. He had installed the nanny cam in his home for the same reason most security minded people do & that was to err on the side of caution.

If this father was persuaded not to install the nanny cam, due to reading a couple of strongly worded articles that spoke out against using them, he would have unknowingly subjected his infant child to further physical abuse.

Without the nanny cam the parents would have had no reason to dismiss this woman & the physical trauma may very well have escalated causing serious physical harm or possibly the infant’s death.

If you feel that you would like to err on the side of caution by installing a hidden nanny cam, then you should do exactly that & do not let anyone persuade you to do otherwise.

If the steps you take to ensure the safety, security & wellbeing of your child are not illegal, then your actions do not need to be justified, as they are no one else’s business but your own.

Hidden Nanny Cams!

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