Identifying The Best Hidden Nanny Camera For Your Needs!

If you have been looking at purchasing a hidden nanny camera you are probably well aware that there is no shortage of them available for you to choose from. With such a large variety of different types, styles & configurations of nanny cams, many people are faced with indecision in trying to identify the most suitable camera for their budget & their needs.

Nanny Cam Covertly Hidden Inside Clock Radio With USB Wireless Receiver

If you are also having problems finding the most appropriate camera for your home, the following information may help you identify the hidden nanny camera that will work best for you.

The main reason most people have for choosing a nanny cam is to obtain peace of mind by ensuring the caregiver for their child or elderly parent is a caring & competent individual.

Once this covert surveillance objective of finding the right care provider has been accomplished, there are other practical & beneficial ways a nanny camera can be utilized.

Finding the best nanny cam that will allow you to achieve your main objective should certainly be your most important requirement.

Although to ensure you obtain the most appropriate camera for your needs, you may want to take in to consideration any long term objective(s) for the covert camera you may have.

There are several different models of hidden nanny cameras that make up all of the various types & styles of covert cameras that retailers have on offer.

With such a large array of covert cameras to choose from, you will first want to narrow your search by determining which nanny cam model will be the most suitable one for you.

Out of the different models that are available, the two best ones for covert surveillance due to their specific design are the “Stand Alone” & the “Wireless Transmitter” models.

They are also the two most popular models as they both make up the largest majority of nanny cams by far that are currently being retailed in today’s market.

Outlined below you will find a description plus the pros & cons for the various types of hidden nanny cameras & why less popular models may or may not be the best choice for covert surveillance.

Many people have determined which of the two popular nanny cams is right for their needs by how they have chosen to view the surveillance video.

The captured video is basically viewed in one of two ways.

You can view the live surveillance video by logging on to the internet at work or from some other remote location, or you can view the video later in the day after it has been recorded in the comfort of your home.

Out of these two popular models the “Wireless Transmitter” unit is the only option one has for viewing the live video online.

This is because the configuration or design of the “Stand Alone” model does not allow for the live video signal to be transmitted over the internet.

Not everyone has access to the internet throughout their work day & you also have many people who have little to no experience working with computers. Viewing the surveillance video later in the day after it has been recorded would be the most practical & convenient option for these individuals.

Nanny Cam Covertly Hidden Inside Student Dictionary With USB Wireless Receiver

Although the “Stand Alone” model is a popular choice for many who want to view the saved video, the “Wireless Transmitter” model in my opinion may be a better choice for most people.

Those who may not benefit from the “Wireless Transmitter” model would be individuals who have no experience with computers or do not feel overly comfortable working with them.

Due to the hidden nanny camera being used for such a serious purpose, it is extremely important for anyone who operates it to be able to do so without any types of problems or difficulties.

Once you review the pros & cons for the different camera models outlined below, you should be able to make an informed decision on which specific camera model will work best for you.

Once you have chosen the most appropriate camera model for your home, you will discover two additional steps below that will allow you to zero in on the best hidden nanny camera for your budget & your needs.

Different Models Of Hidden Nanny Cameras!

Stand Alone (Wired) Nanny Cams:

You will find this popular type of hidden nanny camera has a built in DVR (Digital Video Recorder) with the video recorded directly onto an SD (Secure Digital) card.

This is an all-in-one self-contained recording device that does not connect to a PC (Personal Computer). As mentioned above, the configuration of these “Stand Alone” cameras prevents the live video from being viewed online.

What attracts many people to these all-in-one cameras is they are true plug & play type units. These covert cameras are essentially ready to use right out of the box as you only need to insert your SD card prior to plugging it in to a standard 110 volt electrical outlet.

Nanny Camera Covertly Hidden Inside

You can setup most stand-alone cameras to start recording at a specific time, or you can simply use it to record motion only.

While this type of hidden nanny camera can adequately address the needs for many people, they obviously have a serious drawback for many others who want to view the live surveillance video online.

Having the captured video recorded on to an SD card is a problem for many individuals as well due to the limited amount of recording space they have, especially when it comes to saving high resolution video.

These stand-alone nanny cams may also present a problem for many families who are working with a limited budget. Nanny cams with built in DVR’s that also have the capability of capturing high resolution video are being retailed at a higher price than most other types of hidden cameras.

Stand Alone (Wireless) Nanny Cams:

This “Stand Alone” nanny cam is basically the same as the wired model outlined above except it is battery operated making it completely wireless.

They are also less popular than the wired model due to the short battery life they have.

The largest majority of these hidden nanny cameras have a battery life that ranges from 3 to 10 hours, but there are some that are rated to run for up to 20 hours on a fully charged battery.

Even 20 hours is not really a great amount of time if you need to capture many hours of video each day.

Although if you only need to record a limited amount of daily activity, 20 hours may be more than adequate due to how these specific cameras are designed to use almost no battery power to remain in standby mode.

These 20 hour wireless cameras use little power in standby mode because they detect motion differently than all other nanny cams including other ones that are battery operated.

For the majority of cameras motion is detected by the built-in DVR or the surveillance software that you would install on a PC when viewing the live video online.

With no motion being detected the DVR & the surveillance software will receive a still image captured by the nanny cam.

Once something moves in the hidden nanny cameras FOV (Field Of View) they will both detect pixels changing in the still image & will immediately trigger the DVR or the computer’s hard drive to start recording.

The wireless nanny cam that records 20 hours of video uses a small low powered PIR (Passive Infrared) motion detector.

Just like a PIR motion sensor used in a home alarm system it detects infrared energy (heat) coming from our bodies.

When motion goes undetected for two straight minutes both the camera & the DVR automatically power down as the surveillance system places itself into standby mode.

In standby mode there is only a minimal power drain on the systems battery by the low powered PIR sensor.

Once the PIR sensor detects motion, power is automatically restored to the surveillance system & the DVR will immediately start to record the captured video.

On a fully charged battery these hidden nanny cameras are able to remain in standby mode for up to one full year.

If you only needed to record 4 to 5 hours of video each day, the cameras battery would essentially last you for 4 or 5 days on a single charge.

Nanny Camera Covertly Hidden Inside

These particular wireless nanny cams may not be an affordable choice for many individuals who are working with a limited budget.

In reviewing all of these wireless cameras online that can record up to 20 hours of video, they all appear to have a retail price between $600 & $700 US.

In reviewing the camera specifications for the various types of covert cameras that are available, I only discovered 23 of these wireless cameras.

All 23 of them will allow you to record up to 20 hours of video & can remain in standby mode for up to one full year.

Fifteen of them are “Secure Shot” nanny cams & the remaining eight are XtremeLife cameras that are distributed to retailers by KJB Security Products.

Both of these brand-named nanny cams are being sold by a host of different online & offline retailers & you will likely have to visit several of them to view all 23 of these covert cameras.

Wireless Transmitter Model:

This hidden nanny camera is by far the most popular covert camera for those who want to view the live video online. This nanny cam comes with a built-in wireless transmitter that transmits the live video signal to a wireless receiver.

The large majority of these wireless receivers will connect directly to one of the USB (Universal Serial Bus) Ports on your computer.

Having the live video signal entering your computer through a USB port not only allows the captured video to be transmitted over the internet, it also allows for it to be saved to an internal or external hard drive on your PC.

Although many people refer to this type of hidden nanny camera as a wireless nanny cam, it is important to note that the only wireless function they have is the transmission of the video signal.

Nanny Cam Covertly Hidden Inside Mantle Clock With USB Wireless Receiver

This nanny cam model with the built-in transmitter comes with a DC (Direct Current) adapter that plugs in to a standard 110 volt electrical outlet. Some wireless receivers are powered the same way while others obtain power directly from the USB port they are connected too.

The majority of camera models that are configured for viewing the live video online come with some type or brand of video surveillance software.

The software will first guide you through a short step by step process that will configure your internet router so you can access the live video online.

This is basically the same type of software that is used in a home video surveillance system. It is due to this fact that this software has various features & functions that can be extremely beneficial if the nanny cam was ever used for increasing the security of one’s home.

As first mentioned above, once you have established the nanny cams main objective of finding the right care provider, there are other practical & useful ways a hidden nanny camera can be utilized.

The surveillance software can be setup to trigger any or all of the following events once motion is detected:

  • Immediately trigger an internal or external hard drive of your choosing to start recording the live video captured by the nanny cam.

  • Immediately trigger an alarm/siren that can be added to your surveillance system.

  • A text message instantly sent informing you that motion has been detected.

  • Snap-Shots of whom or what had caused the motion detection by entering the cameras FOV (Field of View) can be immediately emailed to you.

These motion activated events work the same for multiple hidden nanny cameras or you can have these actions triggered only by the camera(s) you select.

Built-In DVR & Wireless Transmitter:

This nanny cam model has both a built-in DVR & a wireless transmitter that sends the live video to a wireless receiver. Unlike the "wireless transmitter" model above this wireless receiver does not connect to a USB port on your PC as it connects directly to one of the unused channels on the back of an internet router.

With this wireless receiver plugged into an internet router you will be able to view the live video online, but unfortunately this type of connection does not allow you to save the surveillance video to a hard drive on your PC.

Having to save the video footage to an SD card that has a limited amount of recording space is the main reason why this hidden nanny camera does not measure up to the “Wireless Transmitter” model.

Wired Nanny Cam:

The wired nanny cam model is one of the first types of covert cameras that were retailed to residential consumers.

Small Nanny Camera With Wireless Receive

These traditional wired cameras will need to be connected to a nearby video recording device like a time lapse DVR or VCR (Video Cassette Recorder).

Some of the newer wired cameras that have been produced over the past few years are basically web cams covertly hidden inside common everyday products that you would fully expect to see in a home.

Just like a web cam the wired camera will connect directly to one of the USB ports on your PC. The live video can be transmitted over the internet & can also be saved to any internal or external hard drive you may have on your computer.

The biggest drawback for this hidden nanny camera is having the nanny cam & PC or recording device in close proximity with each other due the USB or video cable(s) linking them together.

This will make it much more difficult to have the covert camera appear inconspicuous & blend in with its environment.

Household Product That Covertly Conceals Nanny Cam Must Meet A Few Very Important Requirements!

Both of the most popular nanny cam models are covertly hidden inside a large selection of everyday products that you would fully expect to see in any home environment.

Once you choose the most suitable nanny cam model for your needs, you will want to select the best household product that covertly conceals it.

For any of these covertly disguised nanny cams to be considered an appropriate choice for covert surveillance, they will first need to meet a few very important requirements:

  • It is imperative for the product that covertly conceals the hidden nanny camera to blend in well with its surroundings.

  • To help ensure the household product does not draw any type of undue attention, it should always remain in the same location without ever seeming or appearing in any way to look out of place.

  • It is also important for the hidden nanny camera to be located where it able to capture as much of the surveillance area as possible.

With such a wide selection of these household products available, you should be able to find several of them that meet these important requirements.

Once you discover which hidden nanny cameras are suitable for your chosen location, you will then need to determine which one of them will work best for you.

Each specific camera model has basically the same configuration & design but there can be some big differences with certain camera features, the quality of the capture video & what each nanny cam is being retailed for.

Prior to determining which nanny cams meet your location requirements, you may first want to eliminate any cameras that may be priced beyond what you are able or willing to pay.

Beneficial Features & High Resolution Video

After identifying several or so nanny cameras that meet your location requirements you will want to determine which one has the most useful features & which one captures the best quality video. You can quickly determine this by viewing the specifications for each camera.

Selecting the nanny cam that can provide you with the highest quality video possible may certainly be preferable, but it may not be practical if it does not support certain features that may be beneficial for you.

Therefore you may want to consider selecting a nanny cam that can capture video at a slightly lower resolution rate to obtain a certain feature(s) that you feel would be beneficial for your specific needs.

There are three important things you will need to address to ensure the nanny cam you choose can capture & display the best quality video possible.

During the time when your hidden nanny camera is being used for covert surveillance, you will need to ensure there is an adequate level of lighting that illuminates your cameras FOV.

A Nanny camera that features a “Low Lux Rating” may be required if you are unable to acquire the appropriate level of illumination that’s needed.

Hidden nanny cameras that are capable of capturing video in low light conditions & complete darkness will provide you with a black & white video.

If you are concerned that a certain light(s) may not be turned on that will provide you with the level of illumination you need, you may want to consider having it automatically turn on by using a motion sensor.

For less than $20 you can replace any light switch or plug in your home with one that is motion activated.

You will also find most of these electrical switches & receptacles sold today come with an ambient light & manual override. The ambient light override prevents the motion activated device from turning lights on if there is an ample amount of natural sunlight illuminating the room. The manual override turns the motion activated switch into a standard light switch that you manually turn on & off.

If you need one of these motion activated switches or receptacles you will discover a large selection of them on (If you do buy one of these devices from, I would appreciate if you would consider doing so through this link.

Any sales made through the above link helps support the continuous growth of this website as we earn a small commission on any purchases that are made).

Motion activated lighting not only provides you with the illumination you want when you need it, they are designed to help reduce electrical costs by automatically turning lights off when motion is no longer being detected.

To review high quality surveillance video it is also essential for you to choose a hidden nanny camera that is capable of capturing video at a high resolution rate.

The higher the resolution rate, the more detailed & clearer the images in your surveillance video will appear. (480 TVL – “Television Lines” or greater is considered high resolution).

It is also extremely important for you to select a nanny cam that can capture & display video at an adequate number of FPS (Frames per Second). The best FPS rate for recording & displaying your surveillance video is 30 FPS.

To avoid viewing any jerky type motions in your surveillance video you may not want to choose a covert camera that is rated lower than 12 FPS. The higher the number of FPS the smoother the motion in the surveillance video will appear.

A rating of 30 FPS is also commonly referred to as real time. Television programs & movies in the US & Canada are viewed at 30 FPS.

Some hidden nanny cameras with built-in DVR’s offer different “FPS & Video Resolution Rates” that you can select from for capturing your surveillance video. Choosing the highest number of FPS with the highest resolution rate that a camera offers will allow you to obtain the best quality video possible from that nanny cam.

Nanny Cam Covertly Hidden Inside  With USB Wireless Receiver

It will also significantly reduce the amount of video that can be recorded onto an SD card.

Choosing a lower FPS & video resolution rate allows you to sacrifice the quality of your surveillance video for additional recording space.

Auto or Memory Overwrite is a recording feature that is offered with many nanny cams with built in DVR’s. With this feature turned on it will automatically start to delete the oldest video files to make room for new ones when the SD card becomes full.

While some find “memory overwrite” a beneficial feature to have, you will want to be careful using it as it could easily overwrite surveillance video you have not had an opportunity to review.

A Time-Stamped recording inserts the exact date & time events are occurring in your surveillance video. The time embedded in the video can be seen as continuously counting upward as the video is playing.

One of the biggest benefits of having a time & date stamp embedded in your recordings is if a surveillance video was ever needed to be used as evidence in a court of law.

This feature can also help you to return to the precise location a certain event occurred by forwarding the video to the exact date & time the activity was recorded.

I sincerely hope this hidden nanny camera web page was in some way helpful & beneficial for you. You may want to consider bookmarking this site as new & updated content is uploaded weekly.

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