Home Alarm Monitoring!
Technical Advancements Can Greatly Increase The Level Of Security That Traditional Monitoring Methods Presently Provide!

Home alarm monitoring is an extremely important part of home security, as it can play an integral & vital role in the security protection of one’s home & family.

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Not having your alarm monitored will significantly reduce the level of security that an alarm system is capable of providing.

Most people will have their alarm monitored by a monitoring company for a monthly fee.

There are also many individuals & families who use a telephone dialer system to monitor their own home alarm systems.

There are pros & cons for both of these home alarm monitoring methods outlined below.

Due to technical advancements that have been made over the past several years, you will also discover how the security protection offered by both of these monitoring methods can be greatly increased.

Prior to explaining this, it is important for you to first understand both of these monitoring systems, along with a serious security problem that is inherent in each of these monitoring methods.

The biggest problem that both of these monitoring methods have is their inability to know if the triggered alarm that’s been reported to the authorities is not a false alarm.

This is obviously not the case in all activated alarms being reported, but it certainly is in the large majority of them.

The high rate of false alarms is a huge problem for policing agencies everywhere & in recent years there have been many police departments in the US that have reported a false alarm rate in their areas as high as 90%.

This basically means that out of every ten calls they receive for a triggered alarm, only one of them is not due to a false alarm.

False Alarm Spelled Out On Wooden Blocks

The amount of manpower, money & resources that the majority of police departments are spending on this false alarm problem is enormous.

There are many reasons for these false alarms from the systems themselves, to the way they are installed, to a variety of user errors.

Over the past several years law-enforcement agencies have been working with alarm manufacturers & those who provide home alarm monitoring services to try & find ways to curb the high false alarm rate.

To try & cut down on the number of user errors & encourage people to ensure their alarm systems are kept in good working order, most police agencies are issuing fines to any home’s they respond to that ends up being a false alarm.

In many areas the authorities will not respond to a home where a previous false alarm fine has not been paid. You also have some policing agencies will not respond to a home for one full year if there were more than two false alarms at the same residence is a specific period of time.

The biggest problem that affects all residences in areas where there is a high false alarm rate is police are not treating alarm reports as priority calls. The only alarm reports that will receive an emergency police response are ones where the caller can ensure police it is not a false alarm.

Home Alarm Monitoring
Self-Monitoring Versus Monitoring Company!

Self-Monitoring is the most economical way to have your home alarm monitored as you simply do not have to pay anyone a monitoring fee each & every month.

Another benefit many people like about monitoring their own system is not being locked in to a monitoring agreement.

While self-monitoring can certainly be an appealing choice, you will want to review the information below to better understand if it would be a practical option for you & your family. Although self-monitoring works well for many people, it is not the best solution for everyone.

As mentioned above those who look after their own home alarm monitoring will use what is known as “telephone dialer system”.

Most wireless alarm systems sold today have a built in dialer system & for most hybrid & hardwired systems it would have to be purchased separately as an add-on component.

If you were to setup a dialer system in your own home you would need to first start by preprograming three or four phone numbers into the system. The first number could be to your cell phone & the additional two or three other numbers would be to individuals that could act on your behalf if they were notified your alarm system was triggered.

You would also have to prerecord a brief message that informs those receiving a call from your dialer system that your home alarm has just been activated.

Some dialer system models have two separate channels. Instead of informing you your alarm system has been activated, the second channel can be setup to inform you or others on your call list that a smoke detector has been triggered.

To choose a telephone dialer system over a 24/7 monitoring station, you would need to be absolutely sure that you or someone on your call list can be contacted by the system at all times.

If this is something you cannot guarantee, than it would be more beneficial for you & your family to have your home alarm monitoring looked after by a monitoring company.

The biggest benefit with using a monitoring company is there central monitoring stations monitor your alarm system 24/7.

If they are unable to contact you or receive an answer from other contacts you provide them, the authorities will be notified your system has been activated.

If your telephone dialer system was unable to contact anyone, the authorities would unfortunately not be notified, as law-enforcement agencies simply do not respond to alarm reports from any type of automated system.

Even though a monitoring station in this type of situation would not be able to confirm to the police it is not a false alarm, it is certainly better to receive a delayed response then not having them respond at all. It would likely depend on how busy the authorities in your area are at the time of the call as to how quickly they would be able to respond to your home.

Home Alarm Monitoring
Technical Advancements Can Inform You Of A False Alarm!

It appears that most people with cell phones today are using smart phones that allow them to access the internet or at the very least using a cell phone that is capable of receiving text messages.

Using one of these phones with one or two surveillance cameras inside your home can go a long way in determining if your alarm system was triggered due to a false alarm.

If it is not due to a false alarm you should have no problem in receiving an emergency police response to your residence. This can be used in conjunction with a telephone dialer system or with having your home alarm monitoring performed by a 24/7 monitoring station.

With video surveillance software you can be notified in a few different ways if a surveillance camera(s) in your home detects motion.

Once motion is detected a text message and/or an email can be immediately sent to your cell phone.

The text message informs you that a surveillance camera(s) inside your home has detected motion & the email consists of snap shots of whom or what had triggered the motion alert by entering the cameras FOV (Field of View).

In addition to informing you that motion has been detected it will trigger an internal or external hard drive on your computer to immediately start recording any movement captured by the camera(s).

Once you are informed motion has been detected you can also view what the camera(s) is capturing in real time by logging on to the internet.

Many people today are already viewing what their surveillance camera(s) are capturing inside and/or outside their homes on their smart phones, tablets, laptops or from any internet connected computer around the world.

Once your home alarm is triggered, you will receive a call to your cell phone from a central monitoring station or your telephone dialer system informing you that your security system has been activated.

If someone has entered your home, in the next minute or two you will also receive a text message or an email from your surveillance system.

If your cell phone is capable of receiving email & it is not a false alarm, there should be snap shots of the intruder in the email you received.

Informing your local authorities that your alarm system has just been activated & your surveillance system has just emailed you photos of the intruder, this would undoubtedly get you an emergency police response to your home.

If you receive a text message informing you that motion has been detected, you will need to ask yourself is it possible a family member had just come home & possibly triggered both the alarm & the motion activated alert.

If it is a possibility you will want to call home immediately & if it is a family member they should answer right away as they would likely be expecting your call.

If you do not receive an answer or if you know for sure it is not a household member, you will want to immediately contact your local police.

Cell Phone Making 911 Call

To have the authorities respond to your home immediately you will want to quickly inform them that you know it is not a family member or a faulty alarm.

Informing the authorities that you have also received a motion alert from your surveillance system which is completely independent of your home alarm will allow them to see how you were able to conclude it is not a faulty alarm.

If a dialer system was unable to contact you on your cell phone it will start calling others on your call list until someone answers.

The prerecorded message they would receive from your telephone dialer system could include the password for accessing the live surveillance video online.

This will allow them to see if they are dealing with a false alarm & if not they can quickly inform the authorities what is happening to receive an emergency police response to your home.

Having the ability of seeing what is happening inside the home in real time can be incredibly important, especially if the alarm was triggered due to a home invasion.

Many dialer systems can also be triggered by a panic button on the system itself or by pressing a button on various types of wireless remotes.

Home Alarm Monitoring
Nanny Camera An Ideal Home Alarm Monitoring Tool!

Nanny cameras have been growing in popularity over the past several years mainly with parents wanting to ensure their children are being looked after by a caring & competent individual.

With the rising number of media reports over the past few years about elder abuse, many people are also using them to ensure they have hired the right care provider for their elderly parent or grandparent.

With the growing sales of these covert cameras in recent years there has been a large increase in the number of different nanny cams that have been added to the retail market.

The configuration of most of these nanny cameras will allow the captured video to be transmitted over the internet in real time.

Most of these covert cameras can be very beneficial for your home alarm monitoring needs as they come with the same type of video surveillance software that was discussed above.

The most popular nanny cam model for viewing the live surveillance video online has a built in wireless transmitter & a wireless receiver that plugs directly into one of the USB ports on your computer.

This will allow for the captured video to be saved to an internal or external hard drive on your PC instead of an SD card that has a much more limited amount of recording space.

For a comprehensive understanding of nanny cameras & a three step process that will allow you to determine which nanny cam is the most suitable one for your budget & your needs, please visit my hidden nanny camera web page.

Using a covert camera for your home alarm monitoring in my opinion is a much better option than allowing an intruder to know he/she is being captured on video.

Unmasked intruder’s would likely try to find where the video is being recorded & either destroy the computer or take it with them.

Intruders seeing a surveillance camera in your home will likely grab something of value & quickly move on; as they would think someone is watching their every move from a remote location.

If they are totally unaware that they are being captured on video, this will hopefully provide the authorities with the time they need to arrest them, before they leave with any of your property.

In most homes you will likely get away with using one covert camera, but it would need to be setup in an area where an intruder would have to pass through.

Most burglars will check out what you have in the living room & bedroom areas especially the master bedroom.

If an intruder would have to move through your living room to access the bedrooms in your home, this would be a good area for you to consider locating a surveillance camera.

You can always setup an additional camera if your budget allows, but it would only be necessary to do so if you are not sure an intruder would enter the first cameras FOV.

As mentioned above home alarm monitoring can greatly increase the level of security that an alarm system is able to provide.

Although due to the high false alarm rate that law-enforcement agencies have to deal with, that increased level of security can be significantly reduced by not receiving an emergency police response when it is needed most.

With nanny cameras & other types of video surveillance equipment becoming more affordably priced in recent years, you may want to consider obtaining the highest level of security possible from having your home alarm monitored.

I sincerely hope this home alarm monitoring web page was in some way helpful & beneficial for you. You may want to consider bookmarking this site as new & updated content is uploaded weekly.

Home Alarm Monitoring

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