Home Invasion Protection!

This home invasion protection web page discusses the various measures that need to be taken in reducing the odds of our families becoming victimized by a HIR (home invasion robbery).

A HIR should not be confused with the common intruder who uses stealth to burglarize vacant homes. This crime is carried out by criminals that specifically target homes that are occupied & they use violence, fear & intimidation to gain complete control over those inside the residence.

A clear distinction between these two robberies can easily be seen by looking at the types of crimes the criminals that commit them are usually charged with.

A burglar is normally charged with break & enter & burglary, while home invasion criminals get charged with robbery, aggravated assault, kidnapping, rape & homicide.

My home invasion robbery web page will provide you with a clear understanding of the HIR, how it is generally committed & it will allow you to see why certain home invasion protection measures & security protocols are so important.

Having clear insight into the potential security threat you are securing your home & family against, is essential for recognizing what is needed to prevent these violent criminals from entering your home.

This web page also provides information from an FBI Law-Enforcement Bulletin that explains why we are experiencing an unprecedented escalation of this crime & why they fully expect it will continue to grow.

There has been a very significant increase in this crime over the past ten plus years & it appears to be increasing in many areas.

The odds of a specific home though being singled out & targeted by these violent criminals is still quite low. Although due to the serious nature & consequences of these heinous crimes, we need to do what is reasonably possible in further minimizing the risk of it ever happening to our own homes & families.

Acquiring an Effective Level of Home Invasion Protection!

What is mainly required for an effective level of home invasion protection, are the security steps, measures & tactics that we need to implement for securing our homes from being burglarized.

Understanding what is needed to appropriately secure your home against such unlawful intrusions is incredibly important.

I feel it is necessary to strongly emphasize the importance of acquiring this security information, due to numerous individuals & families in today’s society that fail to recognize what is truly required to effectively secure their homes.

The security weaknesses that so many people fail to identify are generally the same in most homes.

Unfortunately most criminals are fully aware of these security weak-points & have been using this knowledge to break-in to people’s homes for many years. 

The main security weak-points that prevents so many people from acquiring the level of security or home invasion protection they need are:

  • Inadequate alarm setups that are being caused by poorly designed wireless systems & failure to follow important security protocols that are critical for acquiring the level of alarm coverage that is needed.

  • Many people also end up relying way too heavily & solely upon their alarm systems for their home security & this is causing them to totally overlook or neglect important physical security measures.

    Many individuals & families feel secure from the better feeling of security they acquire from their home alarm systems & they fail to recognize the importance of physically securing the perimeter of their homes.

To prevent your home from being burglarized & more importantly to acquire the home invasion protection that will keep violent criminals out, you need to know what is required to obtain the level of security that you & your family need.

My wireless home security system web page provides the pros & cons of today’s wireless systems. This information is essential for anyone wanting to make an informed decision on choosing a reliable & an effective system for their home & family.

It also outlines what setup procedures or security protocols that need to be followed in setting up the alarm coverage in one’s home.

Even the highest quality alarm systems that are available in today’s market cannot provide the electronic security one needs, if certain security protocols are not been followed.

The electronic security coverage you acquire from your alarm system provides your home with a second line of defense. Your home’s first & most important line of defense mostly comes from the physical security of each accessible entry point (window & door) in your home.

To acquire a level of home invasion protection that will keep criminals out, it is absolutely essential that a criminal’s presence first gets detected when they are still on the outside of your home.

You can only achieve this important security objective by having physical & electronic security measures working together to secure each accessible entry point in your home.

Criminals find it extremely easy to force open the entrance doors in most homes, as so many people do not implement the appropriate security measures to physically secure them.

This lack of door security is why statistical data from the FBI has always shown that in the large majority of residential break-ins, the intruder gains entry thru one of the home’s exterior doors.

This sites door security web page outlines the security weak-points that exists with most residential exterior doors & also provides the most cost-effective security measures you can take to eliminate such weaknesses.

If you require information on physically securing the windows in your home, you may want to visit my window security web page.

This web page also provides links to the various pages on this site that contains important & specific information on securing the five different styles of windows that are commonly found in most homes today.

The security measures you may need to implement can greatly depend on the type of window(s) you have in your home, as each style of window has its own unique security issues that need to be addressed.

Some windows if hidden from view would also require a higher level of physical and/or electronic security. These are windows that have the highest potential of being targeted by an intruder, as they cannot be seen from a neighbor’s home or a public area.

Home Invasion Protection Against Criminals Forcing Their Way Inside Your Home!

As outlined on my HIR web page, one of the most popular methods home invasion criminals use to enter one’s home is to simply knock on the door or ring the bell.

This is a commonly used method due to many people not thinking twice about opening their door to see who is calling.

For those who are a little more security minded & first ask who is there, these criminals will generally have some type of ruse or scam ready to convince the homes occupant to drop their guard & open their door.

Once an entrance door is opened, two or more criminals will quickly & violently force their way inside the home.

Since knocking or ringing one’s door bell is the entry method of choice for many of these criminals, the best home invasion protection measure would be to never open your door to anyone you do not know or trust.

This is a very important security protocol that all household members really need to follow, as it can significantly reduce the odds of you & your family from ever being victimized by these violent criminals. 

Installing a wide-angle peep hole in each entrance door is a very practical, inexpensive & effective way to see who is outside your home before opening your door.

Many people are uncomfortable communicating with someone they do not know or trust through a closed door. If this also an issue for you or a family member, you may want to consider replacing your doorbell with a two-way intercom system.

Entrance door intercoms are not very expensive & for a little more money you can acquire one with a built in camera. Many intercoms come with wireless receivers & this will allow you & your family to hear and/or see who you are communicating with from anywhere inside your home.

You need to ensure that no family member(s) is uneasy or uncomfortable about following this important security protocol. Any protection measure and/or security protocol that causes problems or difficulties, unfortunately have a way of becoming relaxed & disused over time.

All the home invasion protection we obtain from physically & electronically securing the perimeter of our homes, will not prevent a HIR if we inadvertently invite these criminals in by opening our doors for them.

It is also very important not to install or use a door chain that allows you to open your door a few inches, as the only thing they provide is a false sense of security. Not only will these door chains not prevent a forced entry, they are unfortunately not even capable of slowing an intruder down.

Some people have become victims of a HIR just after arriving home, as they have been forced inside their homes by criminals coming up behind them as they were unlocking their doors.

Alternating what times you leave in the morning & arrive home in the evening can go a long way in preventing this type of entry from ever happening.

The last thing you want or need is for a criminal to be able to set their watch by you or a family member leaving & returning home at the exact same time each day.

It is also important to trim down any overgrown trees, bushes or shrubbery that could conceal a criminal’s presence between your main entrance & where you park your vehicle.

Having an adequate amount of security lighting outside your home at night is essential for acquiring the home invasion protection you & your family need.

If you plan to install any additional lighting, you really should consider obtaining lights that are motion activated. Criminals are strongly deterred from trying to approach a home undetected when motion security lights are used, as they feel fully exposed each time they trigger them.

Home Invasion Protection Requires All Household Members!

There are many things one person can do to increase the security of their home. However it will take a collective effort from all family members to ensure all physical & electronic security measures are always engaged & providing the level of protection that is needed.

If any family member(s) has been neglectful in securing your home in the past, it is extremely important that they change their ways.

There are unfortunately many people in today’s society that have a complacent attitude when it comes to home security.

Due to this fact FBI statistics shows that 12% of residential break-ins throughout the United States are due to unlocked doors, open windows & intruders finding hidden door keys.

Even the highest quality alarm systems & the best window & door locks that money can buy, are absolutely useless when they are not being used.

To acquire & maintain the home invasion protection that is needed, it is also essential for all family members to work together to ensure important security protocols are always being followed.

Every family member needs to realize that opening the door to someone they do not know or trust not only puts themselves at risk, as it can also seriously jeopardize the safety & wellbeing of anyone else inside the home.

Home Invasion Protection Should Be A Higher Priority For Some People!

A HIR is a potential security threat against all residences & their occupants, but according to the FBI certain homes have a higher probability of being targeted by these violent criminals.

In certain areas some criminals will oftentimes target a specific occupant as well as the home. These are homes that are only occupied by a female(s), retired or an elderly individual(s).

The higher the potential is for these criminals targeting one’s home, the greater the need the occupant(s) should have for ensuring their home is secure enough to keep these violent intruders out.

Home Invasion Protection Measure Can Help Notify The Authorities!

The home invasion protection measures above can significantly reduce the odds of a HIR ever occurring to your home & family, but unfortunately there will always be the possibility of these criminals gaining access inside your home.

In the unfortunate event that home invasion criminals are able to breach the perimeter of your home, the following security measure can help you or a family member notify the authorities in your area.  

Panic Button/Duress Code

The security measure you may want to consider involves sending your monitoring station a panic alarm signal and/or duress code. This will inform them that an emergency situation at your home exists & this will prompt them to immediately contact the local authorities in your area.

Your home alarm system is triggered & a panic alarm signal is transmitted to your monitoring station by pressing a panic button.

Depending on the type of alarm system you have, a panic button can be on your alarms keypad and/or they can be wired or wirelessly added to your security system.

A duress code is basically the same as a panic button, but it is entered into the alarms keypad. Once it is sent to your monitoring station they will provide the same response as they would from receiving a panic alarm signal.

To always have the home invasion protection that is needed, you will need to keep your alarm system armed whenever your home is occupied. This is the only way to ensure a criminals presence gets detected while they are still on the outside of your home.

In the event that home invasion criminals are able to enter your home once the alarm is triggered, they may quickly force you to enter your code to disarm your system.

Your duress code works the same as your alarm code for disarming your system, but unbeknown to your intruders this will notify your central station to immediately contact the authorities in your area.

In the event intruders are able to enter your home when your system is not armed, a panic button can trigger your alarm system & notify your monitoring center.

Wireless panic buttons can be a good option, but it is very important to setup a regular schedule to check the status of their batteries. A panic button would become absolutely useless to you & your family if it has a depleted battery.

I sincerely hope the above information on home invasion protection has been helpful & beneficial for you. You may want to consider bookmarking this site as new & updated information is uploaded weekly.

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