Home Invasion Statistics!

Home Invasion Statistics & Other Related Facts!

In the United States statistical information for home invasions is not recorded & accumulated the same way it is for other types of crimes. Since 1960 the FBI has been compiling & publishing crime statistics it collects each year from the various law-enforcement agencies throughout the country.

While some insightful & important facts on home invasions have been published in an FBI Law-Enforcement Bulletin, they unfortunately are unable to provide the home invasion statistics that many people are looking for. 

(Info from law-enforcement bulletin can be viewed on my home invasion robbery web page).

Statistics cannot be provided mainly due to home invasions not being a federal crime & at the present time it is only legally classified as a criminal offense in one US city & several states:

Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, New Hampshire, South Carolina & the city of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Law-enforcement agencies in the US only document criminal offenses that are committed & the various crimes that people are charged with.

Criminals who break-in to unoccupied homes are generally charged with break & enter & burglary, but those who commit home invasions are normally charged with robbery, aggravated assault, rape, kidnapping & homicide.

Since only the actual crimes that criminals commit is being recorded, there is no statistical information on home invasions available for the FBI to either obtain or compile.

Home Invasion Statistics Published Online!

There are many web sites that are providing statistics on the number of home invasions that are occurring throughout the United States. It is important for you to disregard this statistical information, as it is completely false & very misleading.

These statistics would have you believe that the odds of your home being targeted for a home invasion, is substantially higher than what it actually is.

In reviewing the content on several of these sites, they appear to be providing this erroneous & misleading information as a pressure or scare tactic.

They want to convince people that the product and/or service they are selling or promoting is important for protecting their homes & families against this violent crime.

There is no legitimate source available to acquire the home invasion statistics being published on these web sites. While I have no way of knowing how many home invasions are actually occurring in the US each year, I can ensure you it is significantly lower than what is being posted on online.

Home Invasion Statistics for Your Community!

If you require statistics on the number of home invasions on average that are currently happening in your own area, I have outlined below where you can likely acquire this specific information.

Obtaining this statistical information may be beneficial for you depending on how it is used. Although if you find a low occurrence rate currently exists for home invasions in your area, you should never use this to justify not taking the appropriate measures to secure your home & family against this crime.

In today’s society we need to reduce the odds of our families from ever being victimized by home invasion criminals, sexual predators & other deranged individuals that violently attack people in their homes.

Contrary to the statistical information you will find online, the odds of a specific home being singled out & targeted by such violent criminals would be quite low.

Although it is due to the serious nature & consequences of these heinous crimes that we need to act responsibly & do what is reasonably possible to further minimize the risk of it ever happening to our own homes & families.

While the authorities policing your community may not record information on home invasions as they do with other crimes, they shouldn’t need to access any files to know how many of them are currently happening in your area.

After all a home invasion is not a mundane crime where the police could easily forget how many generally occur on a daily or weekly bases.

Each time this violent & heinous crime occurs in your community, it is likely a high priority case for the authorities in your area to solve.

The people who run the neighborhood watch program in your community may also be able to provide home invasion statistics on the number of these crimes occurring in your area.

If so they should also be able to inform you if there has been any notable changes recently in the current rate.

Most neighborhood watch programs receive regular reports from the authorities in their area & they generally contain details of the various homes that have been burglarized in their community each day.

If the reports they receive also includes homes that have been broken into by forced entry, they should have some statistical information on home invasions.

A simple phone call to those who run the neighborhood watch in your own area should quickly tell you what type of information they have. You may also want to inquire if the information they do provide can be accessed online.

The neighborhood watch in my own community provides details on their web site each day of all the burglaries that have occurred the previous day. There site also contains an archive of every daily report they have published over the past 14 years.

Do Not Become A Home Invasion Statistic!

Understanding how home invasions are generally carried out, is incredibly important for knowing how to effectively prevent these violent intruders from gaining entry inside your home.

For complete information on how these violent crimes are being committed & what specific homes have a higher potential of being targeted, please visit my home invasion robbery web page.

For information on how best to keep your home & family safe & secure against this heinous crime, please visit my home invasion protection web page.

This page outlines what various steps & measures need to be taken to secure your home, along with important security protocols that should be followed.

To prevent you & your family from being victimized by violent criminals who may choose to target your residence, you may want to consider creating a panic room (safe room) inside your home.

Creating a safe room where you & other family members can remain safe & secure until the authorities arrive, is a very worthwhile security project to implement.

It can also be an inexpensive project, especially if you live in an area where you would receive a quick emergency police response to your home after a 911 call has been made.

For a more comprehensive understanding on creating a safe room or fortifying an existing room or large closet, please visit my panic room web page. This page also discusses the type of things a panic room should contain, like having a reliable communication method for contacting a 911 operator in your area.

I sincerely hope this home invasion statistics web page was in some way helpful & beneficial for you. You may want to consider bookmarking this site, as new & updated information is uploaded weakly.

Home Invasion Statistics

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