Home Invasion Robbery!

A (HIR) home invasion robbery is an extremely dangerous type of unlawful intrusion that poses a very serious security threat for individuals & families everywhere.

Unlike the common intruder who strongly avoids confrontation & detection by using stealth to break-in to a vacant residence, this crime is committed by violent criminals that specifically target, invade & burglarize occupied homes. Over the past decade or so there has been an unprecedented escalation for this type of unlawful intrusion.

The constant media coverage of this crime is what informed most people for the first time that home invasion robberies were happening.

It also alerted many people to the heinous nature of the HIR, as most reports covered the higher profiled break-ins where people had been violently victimized, raped & even murdered in their own homes.

While the HIR occurs in almost every community & has continued to grow over the past ten plus years, the odds of a specific home being singled out & targeted by these violently criminals is still quite low.

Although due to the serious nature & consequences of this heinous crime, we would be irresponsible not to do what is reasonably possible in further minimizing the risk of it happening to our own homes & families.

An important first step is to acquire a good understanding of home invasion robberies, & how they are carried out.

Knowing precisely what you are securing your home & family against is essential for recognizing what is needed to prevent these violent criminals from entering your home.

The FBI Explains Why Home Invasion Robberies Have Escalated & Why They Believe They Will Continue To Grow!

According to an FBI Law-Enforcement Bulletin, criminals are turning to home invasions as an alternative to armed robbery, as holding up banks & convenience stores have become increasingly more difficult for them.

This is due to video surveillance, silent alarms & various anti-theft measures as well as other security technical advancements.

Convenience stores, banks, gas stations, liquor stores & restaurants have been traditional targets for armed criminals for many years.

The FBI bulletin explains how effective security measures & taking advantage of technical security advancements, has helped many convenience store chains to significantly reduce the number of robberies that were occurring at their stores.

They also stated how other traditional targets of armed robbery started using many of the same measures & developed some unique methods of their own to prevent or curtail these robberies from happening.

While the FBI obviously sees the reduction in armed robberies as a positive thing, they also note it had unintentionally produced negative consequences for people everywhere due to the escalation in home invasion robberies.

A HIR has become an attractive alternative for many armed robbers, as they see it as an easy target where the reward outweighs the risk. As more & more traditional targets of opportunity effectively secure their businesses against armed robbery, the FBI fully expects home invasions will continue to grow.

Home Invasion Robberies & How They Are Carried Out!

According to the FBI, homes that have the greatest potential of being targeted for a HIR, are ones that are only occupied by a female(s), retired or an elderly individual(s).

While criminals oftentimes target a certain occupant(s) as well as the home, it does not always occur this way, as this crime is a potential security threat against individuals & families everywhere.

Once a home is chosen, most criminals will wait for the right time or opportunity to present itself before breaking in.

Although some of these unlawful intrusions are more spur of the moment, as there are a number of these crimes where a certain individual was followed home from the parking lot of a local shopping center in their area. Criminals have been known to target such people based on the jewelry they were wearing or the value of the vehicle they were driving.

Home invasion robberies are almost always carried out with two or more criminals, as usually one is required to guard the home’s occupants & at least one more is needed to search the home for any valuable items they can steal.

The use of multiple intruders also makes it much easier for them to take control over the home & it occupants as quickly as possible.

They are known to quickly gain entry into a home by kicking open an exterior door or taking advantage of some other security weaknesses that may prevent itself when breaking in.

One of the more common methods home invasion criminals use to quickly enter a home is to first knock on the door or ring the bell, as many do not think twice about opening their door to see who is calling.

For those who are a little more cautious & first ask who is there, they oftentimes will use some type of ruse or scam that many people will respond to by opening their door.

They have been known to impersonate a delivery driver that is delivering flowers, register letter or some type of package that needs to be signed for.

They may also lie about accidently hitting a parked vehicle in ones driveway when they were turning around, or use some other ploy that will usually prompt the homes occupant to open the door.

With most people highly concerned about anything happening to their vehicle, criminals find many people will quickly open their door to see how much damaged has occurred.

Once the door is opened they will quickly & abruptly force their way inside & are well known to violently assault the first one or two people they encounter by knocking them to the floor.

They do this to gain the upper hand by quickly establishing they are in charge before anyone has an opportunity to react.

Some home invasion criminals according to the FBI appear to enjoy terrorizing their victims with violence & there are some intruders have claimed it to be some type of high or rush for them.

Every HIR is different, as some can be over quickly while others have been known to last for several hours or more.

Some occupants have been taken from their homes & forced to withdraw money from there ATM machines. There is unfortunately unlawful intrusions of this nature where occupants of a home are further victimized by physical violence, raped & even murdered.

My home invasion protection web page outlines practical & effective security measures that can prevent these violent criminals from entering your home.

I sincerely hope this web page helped you better understand this potential security threat & why it is so incredibly important to reduce the odds of you & your family from ever becoming victimized by this heinous crime.

You may also want to consider bookmarking this site, as new & updated information is uploaded weekly.

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