Home Security Advice!

If you are looking for home security advice on what is needed for making your home & family as secure as reasonably possible, you should find much benefit in the information outlined below.

People do not always receive the independent security information & advice they need for making an informed decision, as most security retailers & monitoring companies tend to favor the specific types of products & services that they offer.

There are people everywhere in today’s society that live with a false sense of security, due to not acquiring the home security advice they need.

One of the main things most people do not seem to realize when it comes to securing their homes & families, is how incredibly important it is to physically secure the perimeter of their homes.

This lack of physical security is why the exterior doors in most homes can easily be opened by an intruder using only a moderate amount of force against them.

It is also why statistical data from the FBI & most other law-enforcement agencies have always shown that in the large majority of residential break-ins, the intruder gains entry thru one of the home’s exterior doors.

The most practical approach to take for securing our homes & families is to implement what security measures are needed in an order of importance.

To follow this home security advice, the perimeter of your home should be physically secured before a home alarm system is even considered.

Physically securing all entry points (windows & doors) in your home & taking effective measures that will deter criminals from ever wanting to target your residence, is what makes up your homes first & most important line of defense.

Your second line of defense comes from installing a quality alarm system that can provide a reliable & effective level of electronic security to the perimeter of your home.

This sites door security web page outlines the security weak-points that exits with most residential exterior doors & provides the practical measures you need for eliminating such weaknesses.

There are several pages on this site that provides home security advice on physically securing the windows in your home.

On my window security web page you will find links to several pages on this site that provides security information for the five most common types of windows found in most homes today.

To increase the strength of any window glass in your home with a clear, high impact resistant laminate, please visit my window security film web page.

To install your own security film, you will find clear, easy to follow step by step instructions on my installing window film web page. If you are a DIY type individual you will likely find installing your own window film to be a much easier project then you may think.

Home Security Advice On How To Effectively Deter Criminals From Targeting Your Specific Home!

A big part of deterring criminals from ever wanting to target your home, is to address certain things about your residence that may capture their attention.

To identify these visual security issues, it is important to perform an external security review of your homes perimeter both in the day time & at night.

As you walk around your homes perimeter it can be helpful to put yourself in the shoes of an intruder who is looking for a way to break-in.

You also need to identify what an intruder may see from the curb or street as they walk or drive past your home, as well as any other public area where an unobstructed view of your residence may exist.

You may first want to look for anything that may conceal an intruder’s presence while breaking in, as there is nothing that will capture a criminals interest more quickly than identifying a way to enter a home undetected.

Poor lighting outside a residence at night & anything around a home’s perimeter that a criminal can hide behind, are the two main things that allow intruder’s to enter a home without been seen.

You have likely received home security advice in the past about how important it is to have an appropriate amount of security lighting outside your home. Well in my opinion it is not just important, it is one of the most essential security measures you can take for keeping your home & family safe & secure.

An adequate level of illumination outside your home at night not only takes away a criminals opportunity to break-in undetected. It can significantly increase the personal safety & security of you & your family at night when leaving & arriving home.

Motion activated security lighting is also extremely effective at deterring criminals from approaching your home. Criminals absolutely despise motion security lights, as they feel fully exposed every time they trigger one.

For additional home security advice on motion security lighting, please visit my motion sensor lights and/or solar security lights web pages

It is important to trim down any overgrown trees, bushes & shrubbery that you may have next to the perimeter of your home, as these are among the most common things intruders hide behind when breaking in.

In carrying out this security measure, you should also trim down any overgrown trees & other foliage you may have between your main entrance & where you park your vehicle. You never want to have anything in this area that would help a criminal conceal their presence.

Boats, campers & other small & large vehicles being temporarily parked or stored next to a home are also the type of things intruders can hide behind when breaking in.

There are also things that will conceal a criminal’s presence that cannot be removed or relocated, like fences, garden & tool sheds, patios & other permanent type structures.

If you have any windows in your home that will have to stay hidden from view, you need to secure them with a higher level of physical and/or electronic security.

This home security advice is very important, as the windows in your home that have the highest potential of being targeted, are one’s that cannot be seen from a neighbor’s home or a public area.

Since most basement windows are smaller in size & are generally located close to the ground, they normally make up the majority of hidden windows that people have in their homes.

If you require home security advice on securing these windows, you will find three very effective security measures that you can choose from on my basement window security web page.

Signs of an Unoccupied Home:

Numerous individuals & families are victimized everyday by criminals who burglarize their homes. What the large majority of these people have in common is they were not at home when the burglaries occurred.

This is because those who commit this crime specifically search for homes that are vacant both in the daytime & at night.

The first & most obvious security solution to this potential security threat, is to implement various security measures that will help ensure your home always appears occupied.

There are two main signs that criminals look for that tell them a residence is likely unoccupied: homes that have all of their window coverings closed during the day & ones that have no interior lights on at night.

To prevent your home from becoming a place of interest for these intruders, you need to choose certain window coverings that you will keep opened during the day.

You want your home to look basically the same when it is unoccupied as it does when you & your family are at home. It is very important to consider this home security advice when choosing what window coverings to keep opened during the day whenever you vacate your home.

Once you have selected what will be the best window coverings to leave opened, it is important for this to become a security protocol that all family members follow when leaving your home unoccupied.

There are several inexpensive & highly effective security products that can be used to convince would be intruders your home is occupied during the day & night.

For home security advice along with important details about these products, please visit my home security devices web page. The information on this page can help enable you to make an informed decision as to which of these security products is right for your budget & security needs.

Ensuring your home is always providing the impression it is occupied whenever it is vacated during the day and/or night, will certainly go a long way in reducing the probability of it ever being burglarized.

Although if your home will ever need to be unoccupied for more than a few days at a time, you will need to take additional steps & measures to ensure it continues to provide the appearance that someone is home.

Those who commit home burglaries also look for signs of homes that have been unoccupied for a period of time.

Such signs would include a buildup of flyers & other items outside one’s front door, uncut grass or driveways & walkways that have not been cleared of snow.

Home security advice that everyone needs to adhere to when leaving their residence vacant for a period of time is to inform as few people as possible that you will be away from home. Certain things that you should & shouldn’t do are:

  • Have a friend or neighbor stop by each day & pickup your mail, flyers & newspaper for you. Having your newspaper & mail held until you come back from your trip should only be done if it is absolutely necessary to do so.

    To have both of these items held, you will likely end up informing at least six total strangers the exact dates your home will be unoccupied.

    Whoever you inform about holding your newspaper will likely have to pass this information on to one other individual & they will notify the person who delivers the paper to your door. You will likely have something similar to this when requesting to have your mailed held.

  • If you will be parking your vehicle in a long term parking area at your local airport, you will want to ensure there is nothing left in it that would provide a criminal with your home address.

  • You also want to ensure your home address is not on any luggage tags. If you feel having this information on your luggage is necessary, you may want to consider using the address of the company where you work.

  • A very essential piece of home security advice of what you should never, never do, is to provide any details on Facebook or anywhere else on the internet about any trips you plan on taking. If you want to inform people about your vacation or business trip, you can always post it online when you return.

  • If your grass may need to be cut or your driveway shoveled if it snows, you should make arrangements preferably with someone you know & trust to look after this for you.

Home Security Advice On Acquiring A Wireless Alarm System!

With technical advancements in wireless, electronic & computer technology, today’s wireless alarm systems have become much more reliable than the substandard systems people had in their homes just a decade ago.

If you are looking at acquiring a wireless system for your home, but have limited knowledge & experience with them, the information outlined on my wireless home security system web page can be very beneficial for you.

This page provides the pros & cons of the various wireless systems that are available in today’s market. This information is essential for anyone wanting to make an informed decision for choosing a reliable alarm system that can effectively secure the perimeter of their home.

It also provides important home security advice & information on what security protocols need to be followed in setting up a wireless alarm system in your home.

This information is incredibly important, as many individuals & families every day do not recognize how their wireless alarm systems are being inadequately setup. Unfortunately they are also unaware how their ineffective alarm setup has considerably weakened the level of electronic security their homes & families need.

Home Security Advice About Home Invasions!

A home invasion is one of the most horrifying & violent crimes that is a potential security threat to individuals & families everywhere.

The odds of having one’s home singled out & targeted for a home invasion would be low. Although it is due to the serious nature & consequences of this heinous crime that we need to do what is reasonably possible to safeguard & protect our homes & families from it.

To acquire a basic understanding of home invasions & how they are generally carried out, please visit my home invasion robbery web page. The information on this page should provide you with a good understanding of what is required to prevent these violent criminals from entering your home.

To find home security advice on what steps & measures can provide an effective level of security against this crime, please visit my home invasion protection web page.

I sincerely hope the home security advice provided on this web page was in some way helpful & beneficial for you. You may want to consider bookmarking this site as new & updated information is uploaded weakly.

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