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Before you can discover which home security alarm monitoring company can adequately address what it is you & your family will need you will first have to define what specifically those various needs are.

There are several things you may want to consider when it comes to obtaining alarm monitoring service for your home & family. The following is a list of some things you may want to consider & the reasons why:

• UL Certified Central Station: It is very important to choose a home security alarm monitoring company that has received UL (Underwriters Laboratories) Certification for its alarm monitoring station.

With UL Certification you are guaranteed that the company monitoring your alarm signal is using the highest standard home security alarm monitoring facility & equipment in the industry.

You are also ensuring the employees who operate this high standard equipment & who also process all burglar & fire alarm signals the station receives are highly trained.

For those central stations that have not received UL Certification I am sure the quality & capability of those different stations would vary greatly.

Some would probably be on an equal footing with UL certified stations when it comes to using high standards for its equipment & employee training while other central stations would fall well short of this.

Without a central station been UL Certified there is really no other way to know with any certainty if a monitoring station has the capability to provide the high standard of service that is needed.

If a panic alarm was triggered by a family member because of a home invasion you don’t want that signal sent to a central station that is unable to process it due to substandard equipment & or the lack of employee training.

A home security alarm monitoring station that cannot process each & every burglar & fire alarm signal compromises the safety, security & wellbeing of those living in the home.

•Purchase Alarm System Outright: The most cost effective way to have your home alarm system monitored is to first purchase a home alarm system that will provide an adequate level of security protection for your home & family.

The large majority of home alarm systems built today should last the end user for the next 15 to 20 years. With a system that has the potential of lasting you & your family for the next two decades, your savings in monitoring fees alone would pay for your system several times over.

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To have an alarm company provide you with their home security alarm monitoring service only, it will reduce your monthly monitoring fee by a minimum of $20 each month.

The more components & detection devices that an alarm package or alarm kit contains, the higher the monitoring alarm companies will make their monthly monitoring fee.

Monitoring fee will increase the more components you add.

Even the largest alarm packages that the alarm monitoring companies offer do not provide the electronic security coverage that is needed for most homes.

At the very least these alarm kits would need additional magnetic switch sensors (window & door sensors) to adequately protect the perimeter of one's homes.

Certain monitoring companies for years have been using one or two motion sensors in their customer’s homes to protect ground level windows & doors.

Motion sensors should never be used as perimeter detection devices as they are an interior backup sensor only.

With an unprecedented number of home invasions happening everywhere for more than a decade now, more & more people are using their home alarm systems in the evenings & night time when they are home.

PIR (Passive Infrared) Motion Senso

If your homes perimeter is mostly being protected with motion sensors this will not help when the home is occupied as they will need to be turned off so motion from family activity does not trigger any false alarms.

There is a price for monitoring only & the price increases in accordance with the value of the alarm kit.

This so the monitoring customer will end up covering the cost of the alarm kit by the end of their 3 year monitoring agreement.

If one chooses to keep using the home security alarm monitoring service after the agreement is completed they would continue to pay the same monthly monitoring fee & not there lowest fee that is charged to those who own their own system.

After about 10 years the difference between the monthly payments alone will be enough to pay for the monitoring companies system 3 times over.

• 1 Year Monitoring Agreement: One of the most popular complaints people have with alarm monitoring companies is the length of the monitoring agreement.

Some monitoring companies may have been listening although I don’t have any kind of facts or statistics to support that, I have noticed more companies offering 1 & 2 year monitoring agreements.

It also appears some of the larger monitoring companies have moved in the opposite direction as 3 year term was the standard length of time for a monitoring agreement & some are now using a 5 year term.

You can receive home security alarm monitoring from a number of companies that offer 1 & 2 year agreements. A 1 year contract should provide plenty of time to see if your choice for a monitoring company was the correct one.

If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the company you have chosen to monitor your alarm system you are totally free to rectify the situation at any time after 1 year.

•No Automatic Renewal Clause: Most of the larger home security alarm monitoring companies & some of the smaller local ones have 1 to 3 year automatic renewal clauses in their monitoring agreements.

These renewal clauses in my opinion are for one purpose only & that is to take advantage of as many customers as possible that have unfortunately missed the 30 day window to stop the automatic renewal.

There is absolutely no other reason to place it in the agreement other than benefiting from their customer's misfortune. There is no incentive or benefit of any kind for a monitoring customer to ever want their contract renewed & the monitoring companies certainly know this.

These monitoring companies obviously have absolutely no respect or regard for their customers whatsoever or they would not be taking advantage of as many of them as they possibly can with this automatic renewal clause.

Apparently there are more law makers all the time seeing how various companies are taking advantage of their customers with these automatic renewal clauses.

There are presently a number of US States & Canadian Provinces that have made automatic renewal clauses illegal.

If you reside in Canada or the U.S. it is important to check with state or provincial agencies to find out if automatic renewal clauses are legal in your area. Please do not assume that the clause is legal where you live if a monitoring company has it in their agreement.

If the company has a clause in the monitoring agreement that is not legal in your area the clause will simply be unenforceable.

You would need to check to see if an automatic renewal of your agreement is legal in your area as you can’t count on the monitoring company to be forthcoming with this information.

There are many alarm monitoring companies out there that do not put an automatic renewal clause in their monitoring agreements even in places where it is legal for them to do so.

Model of Two Story Home With Pad Lock & Chain Wrapped Around I

In finding a monitoring company that can address the various needs of you & your family, you should first look at local monitoring companies that are operating in your area.

When it comes to home security alarm monitoring you will find the local companies to be more customer oriented.

With the smaller local monitoring businesses you should find them more accommodating than the national companies as they will likely make certain concessions in order to obtain your business.

You will also discover local home security alarm monitoring companies have lower monthly monitoring fees.

If you are purchasing your system outright & you need to have someone install it you may find a local monitoring company may be willing to install it for you for a reasonable or competitive installation fee.

If you have the do it yourself skills to install your own system you will find the best prices for security systems from offline or online alarm retailers.

The following is a recap of what has been outlined above:

• The most cost effective way to obtain the electronic security coverage that is needed for your home & have it monitored 24/7 for a low monthly rate is to purchase your home alarm system outright.

The monthly savings you receive from using your own system each month will cover the cost of your alarm system in 3 years.

• The only way to ensure your alarm system will be monitored from one of the highest rated facilities in the alarm industry by a highly trained staff is to choose a company that has received UL Certification for their central monitoring station.

To choose a monitoring company that does not have their central station UL certified you may be compromising the safety, security & wellbeing of your home & family.

• You should try to find an alarm monitoring company that is willing to provide you with a monitoring agreement that you can walk away from after one year.

You also never really know what changes could happen in your life from 1 year to the next & monitoring companies are not known to make exceptions as they will hold you to the full term of the agreement.

• You really should obtain a monitoring company that does not have an automatic renewal clause in their agreement.

There is absolutely no benefit for a monitoring customer to have their monitoring contract renewed but it certainly can & has caused a host of problems for many people.

Any monitoring company that places these automatic renewal clauses in the small print of their agreements is totally indifferent to what their customers want or need.

It shows they have a total disregard & disrespect for their customers.

I sincerely hope the above information was in some way helpful & beneficial for you. You may want to consider bookmarking this site as updated information & new web pages will be uploaded weekly.

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