Home Security Camera Kits!

There is certainly no shortage of home security camera kits available to choose from in today’s market. This is due to an unprecedented increase in the number of these video surveillance kits that have been added to the retail market in recent years.

Retailers have been experiencing record sales with these camera kits over the past several years, as they have become very popular with residential consumers.

The content below outlines what different types of home security camera kits are available to choose from, along with some of the various features & functions they have.

If you considering purchasing a camera kit & have limited knowledge of these video surveillance systems, you should find some benefit in the following information.

It is important to acquire a basic understand of the different kits that are available & to identify what they offer. This information can help enable you to make an informed decision in choosing a surveillance kit that is right for your budget & security needs.

Over the past decade or so advancements in wireless, electronic & computer technology have revolutionized how we are now able to capture, view & record surveillance video.

With new & better technology, home video surveillance systems are also much more affordable today than they have ever been before.

Home Security Camera Kits Been Sold Today!

There are two main types of camera kits being retailed today. You have Network IP surveillance systems which are comprised of IP megapixel security cameras & an NVR (network video recorder).

You also have CCTV surveillance systems & these kits consists of CCTV (closed circuit television) cameras & a “Stand Alone” or a “PC Based” security DVR. A PC-based DVR is also commonly referred to as a “Computer DVR”.

Which of these two different camera kits would be the best one to purchase, is a question that is frequently asked by people that are new to video surveillance systems.

The answer to this question is not the same for everyone as it basically comes down to one’s budget & security needs.

The CCTV home security camera kits are by far the most popular with residential consumers & this is mainly due to these systems being more affordably priced.

There are many CCTV cameras that can capture the same quality images as certain megapixel cameras. There are also many megapixel IP cameras that can capture images of a much higher quality & resolution than any CCTV camera.

Although the almost forensic type video that some megapixel cameras can capture, is something that is more suitable for banks & casinos then it if for addressing one’s home security needs.

With so many CCTV cameras able to capture ample quality surveillance video for home security purposes, most people cannot justify paying a much higher price for a network IP camera system.

While network home security camera kits have been dropping in price over the past several years, they are still double the price of a CCTV surveillance system.

A network IP camera kit is certainly a worthwhile purchase to make if you can afford the higher retail price. Either of these kits though can provide the features, functions & quality surveillance video needed for securing your home.

A video surveillance system can certainly increase the overall security of your home & family. Although in considering the purchase of one of these camera kits, it is important to understand that it should not be acquired as a substitute for security measures that have a higher importance.

A security camera kit should only be used in addition to the physical & electronic security measures that are needed to secure the perimeter of your home.

Physically & electronically securing each accessible entry point (window & door) in our homes, is what provides us with a first & second line of defense.

In today’s society it is very important to make your home & family as safe & secure as reasonably possible. Having two solid lines of defense in place can be very effective at preventing criminals from gaining access inside your home.

CCTV Home Security Camera Kits!

CCTV camera kits are by far the most popular choice for most people installing video surveillance systems in their homes. The following information will provide you with a more indebt understanding of these systems.

These surveillance kits are available with different numbers of interior and/or exterior cameras & they can be purchased with a “Stand Alone” or a “PC-Based security DVR.

CCTV cameras transmit an analog signal & it was not too long ago that the main recording device for these cameras were time-lapse VCR’s. The stand alone & PC-based digital video recorders have basically made these VCR’s obsolete.

This is because the main function of these security DVR’s is to convert the analog video signal from the CCTV cameras into a digital signal.

Like any digital surveillance video it can now be saved on a digital/computer hard drive & can also be transmitted over the internet in real time.

Since these CCTV home security camera kits come with either a stand alone or a computer DVR, many people ask which one is better. While there are many similarities between both of these security DVR’s, there are some major differences between them as well.

It is due to how significant these differences are that you really cannot make a straight up comparison between these two systems. Since camera kits with PC-based DVR’s generally retail at a higher price, it is best to choose the most suitable DVR for your budget & security needs.

With the exception of some low-end & very low priced stand alone & PC-based DVR’s, most of these systems have a history of being extremely reliable.

The following content discusses some of the similarities & differences between both security DVR’s, as well as outlines what some of the pros & cons are for each of these systems.

This information can help you decide if a home security camera kit with a stand alone DVR or one with a computer DVR will work best for you.

A stand alone DVR is similar in size & shape to a VCR (video cassette recorder). The physical components housed inside these security DVR’s are generally the same as what you would find inside a personal computer.

Although these components are much more condensed, as they are all constructed on a single circuit board. A stand alone DVR is also generally run on Linux, UNIX or some other proprietary operating system.

Both the operating system & its application software are also embedded on an IC (integrated circuit) chip as firmware or ROM (read only memory).    

A PC-based DVR is a personal computer that has a “video capture card”. The capture card is inserted into an open slot on the motherboard of the PC & video cable and/or wireless receivers connect to the cards camera inputs that are accessible at the back of the computer.

The video cards application software also needs to be installed on the computer that runs on a windows operating system.

In viewing a home security camera kit with a stand alone or a PC-based DVR, you will see the DVR is advertised as having a specific number of “Channels”.

If you are not familiar with this CCTV term, the number of channels basically means the number of camera inputs the DVR has or the number of cameras it is able to support.

For Example: With a 4 channel DVR you can install up to 4 cameras, an 8 channel DVR supports up to 8 cameras & so on.

Home security camera kits with security DVR’s have a very beneficial feature, as they have the ability to capture & record motion only. This feature was not possible when CCTV surveillance video was being recorded on time lapse VCR’s.

When discussing or providing information about this feature, it is oftentimes easier to refer to it as the “cameras detecting motion”, but it actually does not work this way.

Motion is detected by the application or video surveillance software on the stand alone or PC-based DVR.

Without any movement within a cameras FOV (field of view), the DVR’s software receives a still image. Once something happens or moves within the cameras FOV, the software automatically identifies pixels changing in the image & then it immediately triggers the hard drive to start recording.

A home security camera kits security DVR can also be setup to notify you if any camera(s) of your choosing detects motion. The motion alert you receive can be in the form of a telephone call, text message or an email.

Which of these communication methods you can be notified with will depend on the version of software that is included with your security DVR.

If you were to receive a motion alert, you can immediately go online using a smartphone, tablet or any internet connected computer to see what is happening at your home in real time.

As I outlined above a stand alone DVR’s operating system & application software are embedded on an IC chip. This prevents the software & system files from being altered, which makes this DVR a much more stable & easier system to operate than a computer DVR.

This can be very beneficial for anyone who has little or no knowledge & experience working with computers.

With the stand alone system they would not be subject to problems that are inherent to Microsoft windows like various software & hardware compatibility issues.

Another advantage to having these files on an IC chip, is a stand alone DVR would be a lot less susceptible to receiving viruses or malware that could corrupt the software & operating system.

Home security camera kits with stand alone DVR’s also have a big drawback compared to PC-based systems. With stand alone DVR’s all their internal components are attached to a single circuit board & this makes it very difficult if not impossible to replace a component or upgrade the system in anyway.

A computer DVR is the same as any PC where a defective component(s) can simply be replaced & like most computers they can be easily upgraded as well.

Once the total number of cameras that a stand alone DVR supports have been installed, the only way to add an additional camera(s) if needed in the future would be to purchase another security DVR.

The number of cameras a PC-based DVR supports can be increased by either replacing the current capture card with one that supports more cameras, or by adding an extra video capture card(s) to the system.

No matter what type of home security camera kit you decide to purchase, you may want to consider choosing one that supports a few more cameras than what you currently plan to install.

There are many different surveillance kits with PC-based DVR’s that are available to choose from, but you will find the majority of CCTV camera kits that are advertised come with stand alone DVR’s.

Surveillance kits with stand alone DVR’s are more heavily advertised, because they are the most popular selling camera kits being sold today.

The stand alone DVR has been effectively addressing the video surveillance needs for numerous individuals & families over the past decade. Although the main reason they are so popular, is they are the most affordably priced camera kits being retailed in today’s market.

There are many people though who find home security camera kits with computer DVR’s much more suitable for their security needs.

While many people will pay the higher retail price for these camera kits, many others will turn a computer they already have into a security DVR by purchasing a video capture card.

In addition to the PC-based DVR being a fully upgradable system, it also has various features, functions & capabilities that a stand alone DVR does not have.

PC-based systems have advanced communication options & this is one of the main reasons why many businesses, financial institutions & government facilities use them.

It provides them with the ability to network or interact with other surveillance cameras & systems in other parts of the country & around the world.

Computer-based DVR’s or any PC will allow you to add multiple network IP cameras to your system by installing NVR (Network Video Recorder) software.

Over the past few years hybrid stand alone DVR’s have become available & they also allow you to add both CCTV & IP megapixel cameras to the system.

Although these type of home security camera kits are quite expensive & this is likely due to the hybrid DVR still being relatively new to the retail market. You will probably see these camera kits & hybrid DVR’s start dropping in price over the next few years.

It will obviously depend on one’s security needs, but some people acquire camera kits with computer DVR’s so they can install additional software to be used with the surveillance video. This may include video enhancement, editing, intelligent surveillance & other types of computer software.

If you choose to purchase a camera kit with either a stand alone or a PC-based DVR, you will want to ensure it can record & display your surveillance video at an adequate number of FPS (frames per second).

The number of FPS that is commonly referred to as real time is 30 FPS. To recognize this FPS rate, television programs in the US & Canada are displayed & viewed at 30 FPS.

In the product description for each home security camera kit, you should see how many FPS the security DVR can record & display the surveillance video.

With a 4 channel DVR that can record & display video at 30 FPS, it may be listed in the product description as 120fps (120fps ÷ 4 cameras = 30fps).

If it is an 8 channel DVR that is rated at 120fps, the cameras would record & display the captured video at 15fps (120fps ÷ 8 cameras = 15fps).

You will also find some home security camera kits with newer security DVR’s that can record at a low FPS rate, but display the captured video at a much higher number of FPS.

While it is certainly better to view the captured video at 30 FPS, many people prefer a lower FPS rate as this decreases the amount of disk space the recorded video will need to consume.

The lowest number of FPS that some people will use for video surveillance is 3.5 FPS.

With a FPS rate this low, the video will display choppy movements of someone moving through an area & any motion they display will appear to be much faster than what it actually is.

A rating of 7.5 FPS is considered acceptable for seeing the hand movements of someone who is adding or removing money from a cash register.

While I personally find surveillance video being displayed lower than 12 FPS a little bit choppy & fast moving for my liking, there are many people that find a lower FPS rate suitable for their security needs.

If the security DVR in a home security camera kit can record & display video at a high FPS rate, you will want to determine if the size of the DVR’s hard drive is appropriate for your needs.

You will find most video surveillance retailers to be very helpful in answering any questions you may have. They can give you a close estimate on how much disk space will be consumed by different cameras being recorded at different FPS rates.

To determine if a security DVR’s hard drive is large enough for your needs, you will first want to decide how long you want to keep the video captured by your cameras before it is deleted by new video.

Most security DVR’s are setup to record over the oldest video on the hard drive once all the disk space is consumed. If you want to keep your surveillance video for a three week period, than you will need a hard drive that has enough disk space to hold up to three weeks of video.

Home Security Camera Kits With CCTV Cameras!

In today’s market we are not only able to purchase CCTV cameras at a much more affordable price, technological advancements over the past decade also helped increase the quality of these cameras. 

Choosing what CCTV cameras will work best for you is just as important as acquiring a camera kit with the most suitable DVR. To obtain the right cameras for your video surveillance needs there are also a number of things you will want to consider.

Some of these things will include: the number of cameras you require, will they be used in an interior and/or exterior environment, what type of lighting conditions will they need to function under, will they require a certain type of camera lens, the style of cameras you need & do you need wired or wireless cameras or a combination of both.

The content on my home security cameras web page can provide you with the information that can assist you in addressing these questions & much more. It can also provide you with the knowledge & insight you need for identifying what CCTV cameras will work best for you.

I sincerely hope the above content on home security camera kits was in some way helpful & beneficial for you. You may want to consider bookmarking this site, as new & updated information is uploaded weekly.

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