Home Security Cameras!

Technical advancements & more affordable prices has made home security cameras & other video surveillance equipment very popular with residential consumers over the past several years.  

Advancements in wireless, electronic & computer technology have revolutionized how we are now able to view, capture & record surveillance video.

Box Camera In Weatherproof Housing

Today’s security DVR’s are able to convert analog video captured by CCTV (closed circuit television) security cameras into a digital format allowing it to be saved on a computer’s internal or external digital hard-drive.

Digital video can be transmitted over the internet in real time & computer software makes it possible for us to capture & record motion only.

Many people today have chosen to setup up home security cameras inside and/or outside their residences, as they receive peace of mind by seeing what is occurring at their homes in real time from a remote location.

With their laptops, work computers, tablets, smartphones or an internet café, they can view what is happening at home from anywhere around the world.

Although megapixel IP (internet protocol) cameras along with NVR’s (network video recorders) have being dropping in price over the past few years, they are still much more expensive than a CCTV surveillance system.

Since CCTV home security cameras are able to capture ample quality video for residential security purposes, most people cannot justify paying more than double the price for network IP cameras & a NVR system.

The following information is mainly about different types of CCTV security cameras, since they are the most popular & widely used for securing residential properties.

In addition to CCTV cameras, a “stand alone” or a “PC based” security DVR would be required to form a video surveillance system.

For information on how these DVR’s function & to understand the pros & cons for each of these systems, please visit my stand alone DVR & computer DVR web pages.

If you are considering installing a surveillance system in your home, you can obtain what home security cameras & DVR you need separately, or you can purchase them together as a complete video surveillance kit/system.

Acquiring a video surveillance system that includes the number of cameras & security DVR you require, is generally the least expensive route to take for obtaining what you need.

With numerous different home video surveillance kits available to choose from, most people should not have a problem finding one with the type of cameras & security DVR that is suitable for their needs.

Although some people prefer to purchase the cameras & security DVR separately, as it allows them to choose different types of interior and/or exterior cameras.

When you acquire a video surveillance kit, you do not have the option of choosing different model interior and/or exterior cameras.

Home Security Cameras Add An Extra Layer Of Protection!

The following information explains why security cameras should only be used as an additional layer of protection & should never substitute other security measures that have a higher level of importance.

For many years the better feeling of security & peace of mind that most people receive with an alarm system installed in their homes, has caused many individuals & families to rely way to heavily & solely upon them.

It is truly unfortunate how so many people will spend large sums of money on acquiring an alarm system & then totally overlook or neglect even the most basic physical security measures.

Most people also receive a better feeling of security after installing home security cameras inside and/or outside their homes.

Although this better feeling of security will likely be a false sense of security, if it causes you to neglect the physical or electronic security measures that can provide your home & family with two very effective lines of defense.

The most essential part of your homes first & most important line of defense against criminals breaking in, is the physical security of your homes perimeter.

Your second line of defense comes from an alarm system that can electronically secure each accessible entry point (window & door) in your home.

Obtaining a stronger feeling of security after implementing a security measure that helps secure one’s home can certainly be a good thing. Although it is only beneficial if the occupants of the home realize that receiving such peace of mind & living in a safe & secure home can be two totally different things.

Dropping one’s guard at the wrong time due to a false sense of security, can unfortunately turn out to be much worse than having no security in place at all.

The Right Home Security Cameras For Your Needs!

You will want to acquire a general understanding of the different types of cameras that are helping to secure many residential properties today. This is very important, as it can help you to make informed decisions in choosing the right cameras for your budget & security needs.

Prior to selecting what cameras will work best for you, there are also some things you will want to consider to define what requirements the cameras you obtain will need to address. Some of these things will include:

  • The type of lighting conditions your home security cameras need to function under? Will some or all of your cameras have to operate where there is ample illumination, low level of light, complete darkness or all of the above?
  • Do you need cameras that will work in an interior and/or exterior environment?

  • Will you require cameras with a wide, medium or narrow angle lens?

  • Is it important for any of your cameras to have PTZ (pan, tilt & zoom) capabilities?

  • Do you require bullet, box, dome or covert style cameras?

  • Are you looking for wired or wireless cameras or a combination of both?

In considering the type of things you want in the home security cameras you are looking for, you may want to list them in an order of importance. Certain things you want from your security cameras would be essential requirements, while other things may not be an absolute necessity.

Keeping this in mind as you look at different types of cameras will allow you to be a bit flexible in what you choose.

This can be very important, especially if the cameras your require have to be suitable for both your budget & security needs.

Camera Lenses

The following content provides some general information about the types of lenses you will find in various CCTV security cameras.

Most home security cameras basically have two types of lenses.

You can obtain a camera with a fixed focal lens which cannot be changed or a vari-focal lens which can be manually adjusted.

Adjusting a vari-focal lens is generally performed when setting up the camera. As the lens is adjusted the cameras FOV (field of view) is either widened or narrowed.

Since the cameras FOV cannot be changed with a fixed lens, it is important to use a Field of View Calculator to ensure the camera has the correct lens for the area it needs to capture.

Most home security cameras in video surveillance kits have a fixed lens that provides a wide-angle field of view.

Wireless Cameras

Many online & offline retailers advertise many different types of interior & exterior wireless cameras. These cameras can be purchased separately or with a security DVR.

Wireless Camera With Wireless Receiver

Every camera comes with a wireless receiver & they both need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. The only wireless function these cameras have is the transmission of the video signal from the camera to its wireless receiver.

In a video surveillance system you generally have a video cable with an RCA jack that plugs into the wireless receiver & at the other end of the cable a BNC connector directly connects to a stand alone or computer DVR.

These cables are normally included when the wireless cameras & DVR are purchased together as a surveillance system.

Many people are drawn to wireless home security cameras, as they are much easier to setup since no video cable needs to be run between each camera & the DVR.

I have much experience working with different types & models of wireless cameras & the one thing that all exterior wireless cameras have in common, is they will not transmit clear images in poor weather.

Not only will the images start to deteriorate when weather conditions begin to worsen, in heavy rain, snow or high winds there are no images received at all.

To ensure the captured video you receive is always clear & especially at a time when it may be needed most, I strongly recommend you not use wireless cameras outside your home.

I have always found wireless cameras in an indoor environment performed extremely well. If you choose to setup any of these cameras inside your home, you should not have any problems receiving clear quality images from them.

Wired Cameras

Running video cable for home security cameras is a very worthwhile security project & it is likely not as difficult as you may think. With the captured video being transmitted thru video cables the clear images you receive never changes from one day to the next no matter how harsh the weather outside may be.

Siamese Video Cable

When installing wired cameras you do not have to be concerned about having a power source close by like you would with wireless cameras.

Siamese cable is most commonly used to install CCTV cameras & it contains separate insulated wires for power & a RG59 or RG6 coaxial cable to transmit the video signal.

Although after running the siamese cable there will need to be a power source at the end of the run close to the security DVR.

If there is only two or three wired cameras being installed, you may want to plug the adapter that comes with each camera into a power bar.

If installing several or more home security cameras, a powered distribution panel for CCTV cameras should be considered. This way only the panel will need to be plugged in, as the power wires for each camera connects directly to the panel.

Dome Cameras

Dome cameras acquired their name from their dome like shape & in my opinion they are the best style of camera to install outside a home. If installed under the eve of your home or garage they have an unobtrusive appearance, but are also very visible to any would-be intruder who may be observing your home.

There are many different types of day & night time dome cameras available that will allow you to obtain quality video where only a low level of light exists.

To capture optimum quality color images during the day & high quality black & white video in total darkness, there are a wide selection of IR (infrared) dome cameras you can choose from. There are also a large variety of PTZ dome cameras available as well.

You will also find many dome cameras that are referred to as “vandal proof” or vandal resistant. These type of home security cameras have a metal base as opposed to a hard plastic base you will have with other dome cameras.

Box Cameras

The original look & style of a security camera is the box camera & they are still widely used today. The box camera & the type of lens that will be used with it is generally sold separately.

There are many different size lenses that can be attached to this type of camera & this allows people to acquire the most suitable & effective lens for their video surveillance needs.

Any box camera can be used in an outdoor environment as long as it is located in a weatherproof housing. This type of camera housing will also need to be equipped with a heater & fan if the box camera will need to function in cold & hot weather conditions.

Installing one of these cameras outside your home in a large camera housing, will undoubtedly make a statement that your home & property is being secured with a video surveillance system.

Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras are also a good choice when it comes to installing home security cameras outside of a home. While the outside appearance of bullet & dome cameras are very different, many of the cameras used in them are basically the same.

With a bullet cameras small size they also have a low profiled appearance, but they will certainly be noticed by any criminal approaching your home.

Bullet Camera

You will find most bullet & dome cameras with the same or similar internal camera retail for around the same price.

While bullet cameras can work well outside one’s home, I find dome cameras provide a better level of security.

If an intruder was to observe a home with bullet cameras, they could easily identify what areas are under surveillance by the direction each camera is pointing.

Not being able to tell which direction a dome camera is facing or observing, they could not identify a safe way to approach the home without being seen.

The more you can deter criminals from approaching your home, the lower the probability of it ever being targeted by intruders wanting to break-in.

Hidden Cameras

There are many different types of home security cameras that are specifically designed for covert surveillance. Most covert style cameras used in people homes today are known as nanny cameras or nanny cams & they have been growing in popularity over the past several years.

Many people use them to ensure the caregiver they hired to look after their child or elderly loved one, is the caring & responsible individual that they appear to be.

Parents receive peace of mind by logging on to the internet at work or from some other remote location, so they can see that their children are OK & are being looked after in a safe & an appropriate manner.

For information on the various types of nanny cams that are available in today’s market, please visit my hidden nanny camera web page.

As nanny cameras have being growing in popularity, there has also been an increase in the number of people that have been speaking out against secretly using them. To better understand the controversy surrounding their use, please visit my hidden nanny cam web page.

The surveillance software that comes with a security DVR, can be setup to inform you by text message or email if any camera(s) of your choosing detects motion. This important security feature is another reason why many people install home security cameras inside their residence.

If you choose to take advantage of this security feature by installing a camera(s) inside your home, you really should consider using a hidden camera(s).

If an unmasked intruder sees a camera in your home after breaking in, they will likely search for its recording device to either damage it or take it with them, as they will not want to be identified on a surveillance video. With a covert camera(s) the intruder would have no idea their actions are being recorded.

I sincerely hope this home security cameras web page has provided you with some helpful & beneficial information. You may want to consider bookmarking this site as new & updated content is uploaded weakly.

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