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Home security monitoring of your home alarm system is important to your overall effort of making your home more secure.

Home alarm systems are usually monitored by a central monitoring station or a telephone dialer system. Depending on individual family circumstances, one of these monitoring methods may be more suitable for your needs than the other.

There are numerous companies that will monitor your home alarm system from a central monitoring station, for a monthly fee.

These monthly fees vary from one company to another, as well as the services these companies provide.

A telephone dialer system does not signal a monitoring station if your alarm is triggered, because it is setup to call a select group of telephone numbers that you have pre-programmed it to call.

Your cell phone could be one of the numbers called & once a call is answered this home security monitoring system will play a pre-programmed recording that you previously setup.

Both systems may be of benefit to you, but which one is most suitable for your specific needs. The first thing you need to understand is how big the false alarm problem is with home security systems & how this problem may directly affect you.

Most law-enforcement agencies experience a false alarm rate of over 90% for home security alarms. This means for every 10 calls they respond to only 1 of those calls is not due to a false alarm.

Due to such a large false alarm problem, many municipalities have created bylaws to help deal with the trouble this is causing their local police agencies.

These bylaws differ from one municipality to another, but many of them have some variation of the following:

• Police agencies will only respond to one or two false alarms at a particular home, before they impose a fine.

• The fine must be paid in full before they will respond again.

• If police respond to another false alarm after the fine has been paid, many police agencies will not respond anymore to that address for a period of one year.

• There are other police agencies that will not respond until you can show them that a professional alarm installer has checked out your system & that everything checked out ok.

Model of Two Story With Warning Sticker of Home Being Protected By Electronic Security Syste

With false alarms being such a huge problem, some alarm monitoring companies will first check out the residence for signs of a break-in before calling police.

This is an additional service offered by some alarm monitoring companies as it is usually provided for a higher monthly monitoring fee.

If the security employee saw evidence that a break-in has occurred, he/she would call the police & relay that information to them.

With a home security monitoring employee telling them that there is evidence of a break-in, the police will usually dispatch officers to the home immediately.

It is certainly much better to have the authorities respond to a home more quickly, especially when it is not a false alarm but you may want to find out what that response time is before you commit to paying the monitoring company a higher fee.

If it is going to take the monitoring company employee 20 to 30 minutes to get to your home after your alarm is triggered & another 10 minutes to check out the home prior to calling the police, the chances of any intruders still in the home after this amount of time elapsed would be very slim.

If you have a close friend, neighbor, or a relative living close by who can check for signs of a break-in if the alarm is triggered, then a telephone dialer system may work best for you.

If you are unable to respond to your home, or if you don’t have anyone who can, then a home security monitoring station may work best.

If you can have a telephone dialer system call your cell phone & possibly one or two other people who can call the police, you may wonder why you need to pay someone a monthly fee to do this.

If you’re sure, you or one of the people on your call list can be contacted if the dialer system calls, you may not need a home security monitoring company.

Some home security monitoring companies have 2 way communications, they can listen in & speak to anyone in the home once the alarm is triggered. Two way communications is also offered with some telephone dialer systems.

Some of these dialer systems will also start calling pre-programmed phone numbers if a panic alarm or a smoke alarm is activated.

If you don’t have a support system of people a telephone dialer system can call, a home security monitoring station may be the best option available to you.

Alarm System Keypa

A central monitoring station will call the police if they are unable to contact you or any phone number you provided them with.

Unfortunately if a dialer system is unable to reach anyone at any of the phone numbers you programmed into the system the dialer system will be of no value to you.

This is due to the fact that you are not allowed to have the system call the police directly.

In most cases, unless you or someone on your call list can check out the outside of your home shortly after your alarm is triggered, a dialer system will not work any better for you than one of the home security monitoring companies.

To choose self-monitoring the dialer system does not have to work better but it is important for it to work at least as well as a central station.

There is another option that you may want to look at for monitoring your own system. This option can actually work extremely well when used in conjunction with a telephone dialer system.

There has been some important & beneficial technical advancements made over the past several years in the security industry for video surveillance.

Using this very valuable & practical surveillance technology in conjunction with a telephone dialer system will provide the most effective & reliable method there is for home security monitoring.

It will not only eliminate false alarms it will get you an emergency response from the authorities any time it is not a false alarm.

For additional information on this important & reliable new self-monitoring method please visit my home alarm monitoring webpage.

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