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A Home Security Plan That Is Right For Your Needs!

Putting together a security plan that will help guide you through the process of securing your home is the best way to get the precise security protection you need at the lowest cost possible. Prior to developing a security plan, it is very important to have a clear understanding of the type & level of security that you want to achieve.

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Just over a decade ago the main goal most people had for securing their homes was to prevent any would be burglars from stealing the contents inside their residence whenever it was left unoccupied.

Many people in today’s society have changed the main security objective they once had for securing their homes as their primary concern is now about ensuring the safety & security of their family.

The reason the home security plan for many has changed in recent years is due to the unprecedented number of people over the past decade or so who have been violently victimized, raped & even murdered in their own homes.

All the media coverage about sexual predators attacking women of all ages in their homes & the numerous reports of home invasions happening everywhere is not the type of security threat that most people can simply ignore.

As mentioned above it wasn’t too long ago when the only home security plan or goal most everyone had was to protect the household items they worked so hard to obtain. About 15 years ago the general public didn’t even know what a home invasion was as the occurrence rate at that time for this violent criminal act was almost nonexistent or extremely low.

With all the media coverage it has received over the past decade or so, I would think it would be safe to say that most people are fully aware of what a home invasion is today.

For anybody who doesn’t know the difference between a home invasion & a home burglary, they just need to look at the different types of crimes the criminals that carry them out are usually charged with.

Burglars are usually charged with break & enter & burglary, while home invasion criminals get charged with robbery, aggravated assault, kidnapping, rape & homicide.

I think most people know the chances of their specific home being targeted by a sexual predator or the violent criminals that carry out home invasions is quite low.

Unfortunately they also know that they have no guarantee that their families will not become targeted by these violent & dangerous criminals.

I believe it is due to this reality that many people felt that it would be irresponsible of them to ignore the possibility that their families could become violently victimized, raped or even murdered in their own home.

The following is a rough outline of the type of home security plan you will need to have to prevent violent & dangerous criminals from entering your home.

• The first part of your home security plan would be to increase the physical security of your homes perimeter.

In particular you will need to physically secure all exterior doors to the point where an intruder cannot kick it open or leverage their weight against it to break-in.

All ground level windows & any windows on a higher level that can easily be reached will also need to be physically secured.

The physical security of your home's perimeter is your first & most important line of defense. Unfortunately there are many people who do not understand the importance of physical security measures. They also do not realize what the true function is for a home alarm system as they rely way to heavily & solely upon them.

It is really unbelievable the vast number of people who have invested large sums of money on a home alarm system to secure their homes & then totally ignore the most basic physical security measures.

• The second part of your home security plan is also your home's second line of defense & that is the electronic security coverage of your home's perimeter.

Alarm sensors are required for all exterior doors along with all ground level windows & any windows that can be easily reached on a higher level.

It is extremely important that you have loud & strident sounding devices both inside & outside your home.

All alarm sensors need to be setup to detect an intruder's presence while they are still on the outside of your home.

• The third part of your home security plan is also imperative; all family members will need to work together to ensure all physical & electronic security measures are always engaged & providing the level of security that is needed.

It is very important for all family members to also follow any & all security protocols that you feel are necessary for the overall security of your home.

One essential security protocol would be for family members never to open an entrance door to your home for someone they do not know or trust.

With the sound of loud and strident alarms both inside and outside your home, this will cause even the most determined intruders to quickly and immediately move on.

As mentioned above this is just a basic outline for the type of home security plan that is needed to prevent violent criminals from gaining entry inside your home.

The home security plan you create will obviously need to be outlined with much greater detail in order to obtain the precise level of security that is needed.

Having a detailed home security plan will also clearly show you precisely what is required & this will help ensure none of your security dollars are wasted & you obtain exactly what is required at the lowest cost possible.

If you choose to implement a home security plan that better protects those living in the home, you will want to consider increasing the level of security for the windows in your home that will be highly targeted by intruders.

The windows in your home that are prime targets for intruders are any windows that cannot be seen from a neighbor's home or from anyone in a public area.

You may want to provide these highly targeted windows with an additional layer of physical & or electronic security.

It would depend on the particular style of window as far as the type of physical security you may want to put in place.

You can easily increase the level of electronic security by installing an acoustical glass break or motion detector as these are interior backup sensors that will detect an intruder's presence if they are able to get past the magnetic switch sensor.

In putting together a home security plan you will discover that “magnetic switch sensors” also referred to as “window & door sensors” are the most effective & widely used perimeter detection devices used in the security industry.

If you have a limited understanding & experience with home alarm systems you will find much benefit in the information outlined on my home security components web page.

The information not only explains what components & detection devices make up a home alarm system & how they work, it will also help you find the most appropriate & suitable alarm system for your home & family.

To assist you in putting together a home security plan that is right for your needs you will discover specific & comprehensive information on all areas of home security throughout this website.

There is also additional information that both you & your family should find to be highly beneficial in making your home as secure as reasonably possible in the Free 51 Page Special Insiders Report.

I sincerely hope you have found the information outlined above to be helpful & beneficial for you. You may want to consider bookmarking this site as new pages & updated information is uploaded weekly.

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