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There are numerous types of home security products available today for residential consumers to choose from. In just the past decade alone there has been a significant increase in new security products added to the retail market, as well as many existing ones that have been notably improved & upgraded.

This large increase in new & upgraded security products is mainly due to various technical advancements made in wireless, electronic & computer technologies.

There are also many different makes & models for most types of home security products that are available today & this certainly adds to the large number of options people have.

Although not everyone finds this increasing number of choices a good thing, as many people are overwhelmed by the vast selection of products that are available.

With only limited knowledge & experience with many of today’s security products, they find themselves faced with indecision in trying to choose a specific product(s) that is suitable for both their budget & security needs.

There are unfortunately many individuals & families that do not end up making informed decisions in choosing the best security products they can for their homes.

While there are many reliable & effective security products available for people to choose from, there are also many ineffective, low quality products that are available to purchase as well.

Investing a little time to understand the pros & cons of a security product(s) you may consider purchasing is very important.

You need to know how it is capable and/or incapable of significantly reducing or eliminating the security problem or weakness it is intended for.

Enabling ourselves to make informed decisions about the home security products we choose, is the only way to ensure they can be reliable & effective in helping us keep our homes & families safe & secure.

Securing a residence with an unreliable and/or a substandard security product(s) will obviously not provide the level of security that one requires.

Although failing to recognize that an ineffective product(s) is being used can also make the security problem more severe, as it will likely provide those living in the home with a false sense of security.   

Dropping one’s guard at the wrong time due to a false sense of security, can unfortunately turn out to be much worse than having no security in place at all.

The following information provides an overview for some of the physical & electronic security measures & products that are discussed throughout this site.

If you require a more complete understanding for any of the security products discussed below, you will find each description contains a link to the products web page.

The important content these web pages provide can be very beneficial for you. They are focused on helping people make knowledgeable decisions in choosing the most suitable & effective security products for their specific needs.

Home Security Products – Solar Security Lights!

One of the most affordable & effective security measures for deterring criminals from approaching your residence at night, is to have motion activated security lighting outside your home.

The biggest problem many people have with implementing this security measure, is not having electrical power running to an area(s) where security lighting is needed.

With various technical advancements made in solar technology over the past decade, motion solar security lights have become a viable solution for this problem.

Many different models of solar security lights added to the retail market in recent years provide an ample level of illumination for security purposes.

Since motion lighting only needs to turn on for a minute or two when they are activated, this helps ensure there is always solar power available each night for these lights to operate effectively.

All criminals despise motion security lights as they feel fully exposed every time they trigger them.

They know it is only natural for someone inside their home or a close neighbor to look outside to see who may have caused the light(s) to suddenly turn on.

If you require additional information on solar powered security lighting, please visit my solar security lights web page.

Home Security Products – Wireless Security Systems!

Technical innovations & improvements have made most wireless alarm systems today much more reliable than the substandard systems many people had securing their homes just a decade ago.

Being more technically advanced & reliable in how they function & operate is certainly a good thing, but many of today’s wireless alarms are poorly designed & configured, due to the way they are being economically produced.

My wireless home security systems web page discusses the pros & cons of today’s wireless alarm systems.

This information should enable you to make an informed decision in choosing a reliable & effective system that is suitable for your budget & security needs.

This page also outlines the security protocols that need to be followed in setting up an alarm system in your home.

This information is incredibly important, as there are many people every day that do not realize how their wireless systems are being inadequately setup.

It does not matter how technically advanced or reliable an alarm system is, as you will never obtain the level of electronic security your home & family needs if certain setup procedures are not being followed.

Home Security Products – Bump Proof Locks!

All ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Grade 1 certified deadbolt locks were once highly recommended as the best door locks to install on residential exterior doors.

Due to a lock picking technique known as “lock bumping”, the only ANSI Grade 1 deadbolts that most security professionals have been recommending in recent years, are those that have also been certified as being “bump proof”.

If you are not familiar with lock bumping, you should visit my bump proof locks web page. The information on this page explains exactly what lock bumping is, how it is so easily performed & how it quickly became such a widespread security threat to homes & families everywhere.

On this web page you will also discover which deadbolts are by far the most affordably priced ANSI Grade 1 bump proof locks being sold today.

Home Security Products – Window Security Film!

If a home is located in a residential area with close neighbors, the large majority of criminals will not break the glass in a medium or large size window to enter the home. They fear the level of noise this would create will likely reveal their presence to someone inside a neighboring home.

Although many intruders will break the glass in smaller basement windows, especially if they are hidden from view where they cannot be seen from a neighbor’s home or a public area.

Some intruders will also break a small amount of side glass next to a home’s entrance, if it is close enough where they can reach inside to unlock the door.

Installing window security film on glass next to an exterior door and/or on small basement windows is a security measure that should be considered.

This is a very effective & inexpensive solution for preventing criminals from entering your home.

For a complete understanding of this home security product, please visit my window security film web page. If you are a (DIY) do it yourself type individual & would like to apply a clear security laminate to some of the exterior glass in your own home, you will find step by step instructions on my installing window film web page.

Home Security Products – Exterior Motion Sensor Systems!

Many driveway alarms & outdoor motion sensor systems are basically the same security product. Some driveway alarms though are specifically designed to detect vehicles only.

Although the large majority of them use (PIR) passive infrared technology to detect movement. These type of PIR sensors are also what is widely used in home alarm systems & motion security lights to detect a person’s presence.

This technology is highly effective, as it detects infrared energy (heat) that emanates from a person’s body or from a vehicles engine once they move within a sensors (FOV) field of view. 

Some people with homes located far back from the road, will use this home security product so they can be notified once a vehicle enters their driveway.

There are also a growing number of individuals & families that use these wireless outdoor sensors, as they want to be immediately informed of a person’s presence outside their home.

For a more complete understanding of these exterior motion detection systems & the beneficial features & functions many of today’s systems provide, please visit my driveway alarm web page.

This page also provides a complete overview of two very affordable high quality systems that have become extremely popular with residential consumers.

Home Security Products – Barking Dog Alarms!

Dogs of all types & sizes have always been a major deterrent for criminals wanting to break-in to a home.

I read an interesting survey that was published several years ago, as it was about a large group of prison inmates who were asked “what would be the biggest deterrent that would prevent you from breaking in to someone’s home”.

The number one answer was a home security system & the second most popular answer was homes that had a dog.

Just after reading this survey in 2009, it gave me the idea to publish a web page on barking dog alarms.

When first writing this page, I unfortunately could not find any unbiased reviews or information on how these home security products actually worked.

The only positive thing that was worth mentioning at that time, is many of these dog alarms were being sold by some very reputable retailers that were offering a full money back guarantee.

It was just a few years later when I completely updated this web page, as I was able to find many unbiased reviews written about these dog alarms.

In the few years since I first published this page, a large number of these electronic devices have been sold & these unbiased reviews are from people who have firsthand experience in using them.

To understand the pros & cons of these electronic dog alarms & to find a few links to over 200 customer reviews, please visit my barking dog alarm web page. This page also provides detailed information on the three most popular selling & highly rated dog alarms being sold on Amazon.com.

Home Security Products – Door Security!

Most people fail to effectively secure their homes entrance doors & this lack of physical security is why most criminals have no problems breaking in. It is also why FBI statistics continually show that in the large majority of residential break-ins, the intruder(s) gains entry thru one of the home’s exterior doors.

With our exterior doors being the entry point of choice for most home intruders, it is incredibly important to ensure the entrance doors in your own home are physically secured.

There are five equally important elements that need to be addressed when physically securing the entrance doors in a home.

They are the door, the frame & the doors hardware (locks, strike plates & hinges).

With the physical security of an exterior door only being as strong as its weakest link, each of these elements need to be addressed with the same level of importance.

To understand the type of home security products that are used for increasing the physical security of a home’s entrance doors, please visit my door security web page.

This page outlines the security weak-points that exits with most residential exterior doors & provides the most practical measures one can take to eliminate such weaknesses.

Home Security Products – Window Security Bars!

Many homes have one or more windows that cannot be seen from a neighbor’s home or by anyone in a public area. Since windows that are hidden from view have a much higher potential for being targeted by intruders, they really need to be secured with a higher level of physical and/or electronic security.

The majority of hidden windows that most people have in their homes are basement windows. This is due to most of these windows being smaller in size & that they are generally located close to the ground.

As outlined above, a clear high impact resistant security film applied to window glass can prevent intruders from breaking in. Although if you require an alternative home security product that can effectively secure basement windows in your home, you may want to install window security bars.

Fixed window bars are anchored in place where they do not open & non-fixed bars are usually hinged on one side so they can be made to swing wide open from inside the home.

It is essential to install non-fixed security bars on any windows that may need to be used to exit a home in the event of a house fire or some other emergency.

Adjustable security bars can be regulated in length to fit different size window openings & they can be purchased from many online & offline retailers. There are also many companies that sell customized security bars that can be made to the precise height & width one needs.

The style of these bars can also be custom designed where they would blend in with the windows one has in their home for a more appealing look.

While installing window bars that are custom-made would be the preferable choice for most people, it is also the most expensive option, as adjustable security bars are much more affordably priced.

For additional information on these different type security bars, please visit my window security bars web page.

Home Security Products – Patio Door Locks!

Sliding patio doors in people’s home have been commonly broken into by criminals for many years. The following two reasons are why these doors are a popular entry point for many intruders:

  1. Sliding doors can be forced open quickly & easily, as most locking mechanisms for this style of door lack the physical strength to keep criminals out. Older model patio doors also have serious design flaws that allow intruders to remove sliding doors from their tracts.

  2. The majority of criminals are obscured from view when breaking in, due to privacy fences & patio doors being located at the back of most homes.

For many years companies have been producing auxiliary locks & security devices that are specifically designed to increase the physical security of patio doors.

Many of these home security products can help increase the overall security of these doors & can be very effective in keeping criminals out.

If you require additional information about various types of security products that are available to increase the security of these sliding doors, please visit my patio door locks web page.

If you have older style patio doors in your home, this page also provides a very practical security measure that will prevent an intruder(s) from lifting the sliding door(s) out of its track.

I sincerely hope the above information was in some way helpful & beneficial for you. You may want to consider bookmarking this site as new & updated content is uploaded weekly.

Home Security Products

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