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Home security surveillance for your home & property has become much more affordable than ever before. Many surveillance devices that were introduced into the market place over the past 10 years or so, can now be purchased at much lower prices.

Most new products seem to drop in price after several years in the market place. It’s like computers; the technology had improved considerably, while the pricing for them continuously dropped.

Digital recording had quickly become the best method for recording surveillance cameras after (DVRs) Digital Video Recorders were introduced to the market place.

The technology of these DVRs used for home security surveillance has grown while the prices have dropped over the past few years.

Between the lower prices & the new technology that is available for home security surveillance equipment, many home owners are taking advantage of this higher level of home security.

With a video surveillance system in your home you can now view what is been captured in real time by your surveillance cameras anywhere in the world.

For detailed information on video surveillance systems in the home, you may want to view my home video surveillance web page.

For most video surveillance systems you would need a stand-alone DVR or plug in a video capture card into the mother board of a PC for a computer based DVR.

To learn more about DVR stand alone units you may want to view my stand alone DVR web page & for computer based DVRs please go to my computer DVR web page.

The quality, features & functions of wired & wireless surveillance cameras have also improved over the past decade while their prices have become much more affordable.

Although the technology of wireless home security surveillance cameras has improved in many areas, I strongly suggest that they not be used for outside your home.

I have personally tried to use several makes & models of wireless cameras outside my home & I found that they do not perform well with bad weather.

With bad weather I found the image becomes distorted & if the weather worsens the image disappears completely. For more information on wireless security cameras please go to my wireless security cameras web page.

You also may want to review information on security cameras that should be used outside your home by checking out my outdoor security cameras web page.

Alarm System Keypa

When most people think of home security surveillance, they think of security cameras outside a home & a VCR or DVR recording what is being viewed by the cameras.

Although this is a big part of it, there are other areas of home security surveillance like outdoor motion detectors, motion lights, nanny cams & home alarm systems.

Once alarm is monitored the electronic security coverage of the home is under surveillance.

For information on the pros & cons of central monitoring stations vs. telephone dialer systems, please go to my home security monitoring web page.

Video surveillance is considered a higher level of security for people to take, but it does not mean it provides a higher level of protection than other security measures. Home security surveillance measures should be implemented according to each measures level of importance.

What makes a security surveillance measure more important than another, are the different levels of protection that each measure provides.

Having motion lights that provide an adequate level of light outside your home should be one of the first home security surveillance measures you take.

Criminals travel by stealth & they go through great lengths to do so & the last thing they ever want is to have their presence revealed by motion lights casting a spot light on them.

After making sure all entry points into your home are secure you need to look at an electronic alarm system that is monitored by a central monitoring station or a telephone dialer system.

These surveillance measures need to be taken before a video surveillance system is even considered.

Two Men Wearing Ski-Masks Breaking-in Through A Homes Patio Door

Most burglars will not approach a home that has a video surveillance system, but some will.

Some will cover their facial features & try to quickly break in & this is one of the biggest reasons why you need to first implement the security measures listed above.

If home intrusion criminals get into your home quickly & easily, they will not be worried about your surveillance cameras because they will destroy any recordings once inside your home.

The following are some of the benefits that you would receive with a video surveillance system in your home:

The site of your outside cameras will stop most intruders from approaching your property.

Having an intruder on video is the best security you can have for assisting the police in making an arrest & conviction.

Seeing what is happening outside your home will provide you & your family with a greater feeling of security & wellbeing.

It will provide you with a worry free vacation as you check in & see what your cameras see any time day or night, from anywhere in the world.

A nanny cam hooked into your video surveillance system will help you ensure that your children are safe. It will also let you know if you have the right caregiver for your children.

With the right video coverage outside your home, you should be able to see any home invasion criminals long before they are able to see you.

With other security measures in place, you should have plenty of time to call your local law-enforcement agency for help.

There are many worthwhile reasons for having a surveillance system in your home, but it should only be considered when all other security measures have been implemented.

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