Home Security Tips!

The home security tips in the articles below covers a variety of security topics. The information in these articles should hopefully assist you in making your home a safer & more secure environment for you & your family.

Some of the following security tips can help you understand some of the various deceptive ruses & actions intruders are known to use & take, as well as some of the different security weak-points they look out for.

This type of information can be very beneficial for you, as it can help you identify the importance that certain security measures have in securing your home.

Other home security tips outline common mistakes that many people make every day in securing their homes. The objective for this information is to help you avoid making the same or similar errors.

Not recognizing certain shortcomings & oversights in securing one’s home, is one of the main reason many individuals & families in today’s society are living with a false sense of security.

To drop one’s guard at the wrong time due to a false sense of security, can unfortunately turn out to be much worse than having no security in place at all.

Article 1
Motion Sensors informing the wrong people to all of its blind spots!

Article 2
Burglars check out garbage to see what you recently purchased!

Article 3
Is it really an alarm company sales rep. that is calling you?

Article 4
The elderly continue to be victimized by distraction burglaries!

Article 5
How quickly & easily can criminals enter your home?

Article 6
Pros & cons of today’s wireless home security systems!

Home Security Tips – Art. 1

Motion Sensors Informing The Wrong People To All Of Its Blind Spots!

PIR (Passive Infrared) Motion Sensor wall models are the most popular & widely used motion detectors in the security industry. The biggest problem with these PIR sensors is they are not capable of protecting an entire area or room.

This is due to how the various detection patterns of the sensor are cast out. The detection pattern of the sensor will vary because there are several different lenses that a detector can use and they all offer a slightly different detection pattern.

PIR (Passive Infrared) Motion Detector

Most motion detectors will come with a few different lenses in which you or your installer can choose which one is best suited for the area you are protecting.

When you motion sensor is first installed it will need to be setup, as you or your installer will need to do what is referred to as a “walk test” in the protected area.

There is a small LED light on the front of the motion detector that will come on as you walk in the protected area informing you or your installer the exact detection pattern of the detector.

Once the most appropriate pattern lens for your detector is chosen & your detector has been setup, there will still be a few blind spots in the protected area.

Unless an intruder knows exactly where these blind spots are located, he/she will not be able to move in the protected area without triggering your alarm system.

Some people like the small LED light coming on when the system is not armed. Each time they see it blink on & off when walking through the protected area, it verifies to them that the sensor is working.

The LED on the detector will not light up when there is movement in any blind spots in the protected area.

Someone observing the LED as they move around in the protected area could quickly discover your detectors protection pattern as well as the location of any blind spots.

Your home's security could become seriously compromised if the wrong person has the opportunity to observe your detector's protection patterns as well as where various blind spots exist.

Everyone’s home situations are different & you will have to evaluate if there will be somewhat questionable individuals in your home, as they could quite possibly try to figure out ways to break in.

If you are having certain things in your home being serviced or possibly a home renovation job being done by individuals you don’t know, it is always best to err on the side of caution.

Home Security Tips That Should Work!

There are a couple of home security tips you may want to look at in making sure your motion detectors do not inform the wrong individual(s) about any unprotected areas that may exist in your home.

• You or your alarm installer may want to deactivate the LED on your homes motion detectors.

• Or you may want to simply place a small piece of tape over the LED on your motion detectors when you have strangers working in your home.

If this option is chosen, you should try to make the piece of tape only as large as it needs to be to cover the LED.

You should also try to apply a piece of tape that closely matches the color of your detectors & double the tape up if needed to ensure no light can shine through.

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Home Security Tips – Art. 2

Burglars Check Out Garbage To See What You Have Recently Purchased!

On garbage day, you should never put empty boxes out on the curb advertising the products that was contained in them. The boxes may have contained products you recently acquired or it could be from things you had purchased years earlier. Unless the boxes look old & soiled, a burglar will see it as something you recently purchased.

Burglar Shines Light In With Door Chain O

You should break the boxes down and with some you may want to fold the carton in a way that totally conceals what was once in it.

You don’t want thieves to see a box that a lap top computer or other high priced electronic item came in.

Some criminals are very active in seeking out information, like walking along the street on garbage day to see what their neighbors have recently purchased.

Out of all the homes in your area, you never want to provide some would be intruder with a reason to single out your home as a place of interest.

If a criminal believes that you have something of value that they can quickly sell for cash or drugs, they will start looking for the right opportunity to break-in to your home.

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Home Security Tips – Art. 3

Is It Really An Alarm Company Sales Representative That Is Calling Your Home?

You probably know that for many years alarm companies have been calling people's homes with discounted offers on their home security systems along with their 24/7 monitoring service.

Are you aware that some criminals are also calling homes impersonating sales representatives, & offering people the same or similar discounted offers?

These intruders are well rehearsed, & they ask many of the same questions as legitimate sales representatives. Many of their questions are the same as well as the reply's they receive, but those answers serve a totally different purpose.

After the legitimate sales rep. or the intruder explains the purpose of the call, the person who answered the call will usually respond in one of four ways.

  1. No thank you, we are not interested.

  2. No thank you, we already have a system.

  3. I am not the right person to talk with, so could you please call back later & speak with so & so?

  4. They are interested in what is being offered & they ask for some additional information.

The first response will suggest to a burglar, that it is a good chance the home that was called does not have a security system installed, or they would have more then likely provided the second response.

The third response would also suggest that there is no security system operating in the home, as it doesn’t seem likely that they would ask to have the call returned if there was.

The fourth response may also indicate no system in the home, but the burglar would more than likely find out for sure as he/she converses with the individual in answering any questions they have.

The reason for me explaining the various & most typical responses that people provide is to show you how such basic responses could have a criminal target your home.

There are home security tips in the next few paragraphs that will explain the best way for you & your family to deal with callers that that are trying to sell you a home security system & monitoring service.

Home Security Tips

If you have a security system in your home or not, it is very important for you and other family members to inform the caller that you already have a security system that is been monitored 24/7. If you do not have a security system, or you do have a system in your home but it is not currently been monitored, you & your family will need to remember the name of a monitoring alarm company just in case you are asked.

I know it is quite possible that the caller may ask you who is monitoring your system at the present time, because I was asked that exact same question not too long ago. I have no way of knowing if the call I received was from a legitimate alarm company or not.

I can see a reason why a legitimate company as well as a criminal would ask me who is monitoring my system at the present time.

A legitimate sales representative maybe trying to see which of their competitors have monitoring accounts in your area.

An intruder may ask the follow up question, to see if you are being truthful about your alarm system being monitored by seeing what kind of trouble you may have in answering the question.

So whatever the true situation in your home is, it doesn’t matter, you & other family members need to inform the caller that you already have a system that is being monitored 24/7.

If the caller does ask who is monitoring your system at the present time, make sure you & other family members have a monitoring company name that you can tell the caller without much delay.

Home Security Tips If You Are Interested In What’s Being Offered!

Don’t worry about it if the alarm system & monitoring service that is being offered seems like something you may be interested in, as you can look up the number of the company the caller said he/she is from & give them a call.

The monitoring company you call should be able to inform you if the person who called your home was legit & if so the offer should still be there, & you can ask the person about any questions you may have.

If they tell you that it was nobody from their company that called, then you will be glad you erred on the side of caution.

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Home Security Tips – Art. 4

The Elderly Continue To Be Victimized by Distraction Burglaries!

If you’re not familiar with the term “Distraction Burglary” it is a ruse or a scam that criminals use, it is all about gaining entry into one’s home under false pretenses. In most burglaries of this type there are usually two criminals involved.

Maintenance Worker Knocking On Door

The first thieve calls on a home & will either con the occupant to letting him/her in or the thief will distract the individual so the unseen accomplice can quickly slip inside the home.

There are an endless number of scams that these criminals use to gain the trust of those they are calling on.

Some criminals have posed as utility, council & various types of maintenance workers & have distracted their victim while their partner entered the home.

They have often posed as someone in distress, like a female whose vehicle has broken down. Some of these thieves will even use young children to help them with their scams.

A young boy with a dogs leash in his hand informs the home’s occupant that his dog has gotten away & has run into their backyard, he then pleads for their help in finding him.

If the young boy (upset over losing his dog) is able to coach the occupant out & to the back of the home to help him retrieve his lost dog, the adult in this scheme quickly comes along & tries to gain entry through the front door.

As despicable as it is for these criminals to use young children in their scams, it is even more contemptible & appalling that they mainly target society’s most vulnerable citizens, the handicap & the elderly.

What valuables many of these people loose in these schemes are really nothing when compared to how a crime of this nature ends up impacting their quality of life. Many of these people at this stage in their lives never get over the devastating impact this type of crime has on them.

Distraction burglary has been around for a long time, but lately I have been noticing some law-enforcement agencies warning the public about an increase in this type of crime in their areas.

It has been suggested in some articles I have reviewed that people should only open their doors using a door chain. I am sure those who suggest taking such a security measure believe it will help keep those inside safe when opening the door.

Elderly Lady Looks Out Through Crack In Door With Security Chain On

I unfortunately disagree with this recommendation, as I strongly believe that a door chain should never be used as a protection measure to prevent a criminal from pushing his/her way into one’s home.

This type of security tool will provide those who use it with a false sense of security. Any criminal wanting to push their way into a home would view a partially opened door with a security chain on as opportunity to force their way in.

It is due to the amount of limited force that would be needed to break the security chain, that it unfortunately would not even be capable of slowing a criminal down.

Installing a wide angle peephole in each entrance door in one’s home is a much more practical security measure to implement. Although the security protocol of never opening the door to anyone you do not know or trust, will need to be followed for it to be effective.

For anyone who does have an elderly or disabled family member who lives alone, please take the time to ensure they are aware of the type of crimes happening in their area that poses a potential security threat to them.

Our local police agencies can only do so much to keep us safe in our homes & communities. We need to act responsibly & take what actions are necessary to lower the odds of family members becoming victimized by those who are set on harming them.

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Home Security Tips – Art. 5

How Quickly & Easily Can Criminals Enter Your Home!

Is the safety & security of your home & family at risk, because your home’s entrance doors have not been physically secured?

A home’s exterior doors are by far the biggest & most vulnerable security weakness the majority of residences have in today’s society against criminals breaking in.

Most homes can easily be entered with only a small amount of force impacted against one of its exterior doors.

With this also being a well-known fact, most criminals take advantage of this security weakness & have made the exterior doors in people’s homes their entry point of choice when breaking in.

This is why the statistical data from the FBI & most other law-enforcement agencies continue to show that in the large majority of residential break-ins, the intruder gains entry thru one of the home’s exterior doors.

One of the main reasons so many people do not implement the appropriate measures to physically secure their homes entrance doors, is they have come to rely way too heavily & solely upon their home alarm systems.

It is only natural to acquire a better feeling of security with an alarm system installed in one’s home. Although receiving such peace of mind is preventing many people from recognizing the importance of physically securing their homes perimeter.

It is truly unfortunate how so many people invest a large sum of money in obtaining a home alarm system & then totally overlook or neglect even the most basic physical security measures.

The security objective one achieves by installing a home alarm system, is they provide their home & family with a second line of defense against unlawful intrusions.

One’s first & most important line of defense mainly comes from physically securing each accessible entry point (window & door) in their home.

Ensuring the exterior doors in your own residence are physically secure can go a long way in preventing would be burglars, home invasion criminals or sexual predators from entering your home.

The large majority of criminals will simply move on once they realize an entrance door has been physically secured. They will not risk the time & energy required to break-in to a secure home, especially with other residences nearby that could easily be entered using little or no effort.

When it comes to door security there are several different elements that need to be addressed, as the physical security of a home’s entrance door is only as strong as its weakest link.

My door security web page outlines the security weak-points that exists with most residential exterior doors & provides practical & inexpensive measures that you can take to significantly reduce or eliminate such weaknesses.

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Home Security Tips – Art. 6

Pros & Cons of Today’s Wireless Home Security Systems!

If you are considering purchasing a wireless home alarm & have limit knowledge & experience with them, it is important to understand the pros & cons of the different wireless systems available today.

This information can be very beneficial for you, as it can assist you in making an informed decision in choosing a quality system that is suitable for your budget & security needs.

While there are many high quality technically advanced systems to choose from, there is also no shortage of poorly designed wireless systems that are available in today’s market as well.

It is also essential to know what security protocols need to be followed in setting up a home alarm system. Without following these important setup procedures, you simply cannot acquire the reliable & effective level of electronic security your home & family needs.

My wireless home security system web page discusses the pros & cons of today’s wireless alarm systems. It also outlines what security protocols need to be followed in setting up an alarm system in one’s home.

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