Home Video Surveillance!

This Home Video Surveillance web page will explain all the different components that you will need for a complete video security system for your home.

Like all other security measures that are needed for making your home & family secure, the system needs to be setup according to your budget & the specific needs of you & your family.

In putting together a video surveillance system for your home, the first thing you need to decide is how many security cameras you will need to install.

Before you purchase a (DVR) Digital Video Recorder you will also need to know how many cameras you want to install, as well as how many additional cameras you may want to install in the future.

Video Recording For Home Video Surveillance Systems!

Most DVR's used in homes have between 4 & 16 channels with each channel supporting one camera.

The most cost effective way would be to purchase a DVR that will support the cameras you are installing now plus any cameras you may want to add in the future.

DVR's can be purchased as a stand-alone unit or you can buy & install a DVR capture card in a computer, for a PC based DVR.

If you go with a PC based DVR & you plan to install more than 2 or 3 cameras, it is best to limit using that computer for other purposes.

A PC based as well as a stand alone DVR used for Home Video Surveillance systems, will need an internal hard drive with sufficient recording space to suit your needs.

You need to ensure that you will have enough recording space for the cameras you will install now as well as for any additional cameras you may be adding in the future.

To get further information on PC based & stand alone DVRs please go to my computer DVR & my stand alone DVR web pages.

Most Dealers Selling Home Video Surveillance Systems Will Be More Than Happy To Assist You!

Most dealers who sell home video surveillance systems online & off would be more than happy to help you with what you need.

In helping you choose the right cameras along with any other essentials you may need, you will have to inform the dealer what you need the cameras for, as well as where they will be used.

The following information may assist you in discussing what you will need with an online video surveillance dealer or a dealer in the area where you live.

• The first thing you want to relay to the dealer is how many cameras you are going to need. The dealer will need to know how many cameras that are needed for inside & out. You may want to specify if you want to go with hard wired or wireless.

Dome Style Video Surveillance Camer

Wireless cameras are certainly okay if you need to use them for the interior of your home, but I strongly suggest that you do not use wireless cameras outside your home.

In my personal experience with outdoor wireless cameras, the slightest bit of bad weather will cause distortion or no picture at all. To get further details on wireless cameras you may want to view my wireless security cameras web page.

For your outside cameras you will need to explain to the dealer what type of lighting the cameras will need to operate in.

For cameras that will be operating where there is good lighting, you would use a day & night camera.

For cameras that need to operate in very low lighting or total darkness you will have to use infrared cameras. For additional information on outdoor cameras please check out my outdoor security cameras web page.

• Next thing you want to communicate to the dealer are the types of different features you may want.

The following are some features you may want to consider, but be ready to make a few trade-offs, because certain type cameras are not manufactured with all features.

• In certain areas you may want a camera that is hidden.

• You may want a certain camera(s) that can (PT) pan & tilt.

• You may want a camera that can zoom in on what is been viewed or a (PTZ) pan, tilt & zoom. camera

• You may want a camera that provides a wide coverage so a signal camera can cover a certain size area.

For home video surveillance systems that are hardwired, your dealer will inform you that each camera needs its own power supply, & to achieve this you have a couple of options available to you.

1. The first option is to purchase DC power adapters for each camera to be plugged into household receptacles.

2. The second option would be to purchase a power distribution panel, which is big enough to support the number of cameras you will be using.

The first option would be ok if you were only installing a couple of cameras & the area where they are been installed has a receptacle that the adapters can plug into.

The second option of using a power distribution panel is used in most home video surveillance systems & the panel would need to be located in the same area as your monitor & DVR.

Bullet Style Video Surveillance Camer

With a power distribution panel you would run one cable to each camera from the area where your system & panel will be setup.

Inside the cable there are two smaller cables one would be used for powering the camera & the other will carry the video feed from the camera to your DVR.

Security cameras need considerably less voltage than what the receptacles in your home supplies therefore the power distribution panel reduces the voltage that goes to each camera.

These power distribution panels that are used in home video surveillance systems vary in the number of cameras that they can supply.

Therefore you will need to purchase one that is capable of powering the number of cameras you plan to use now, as well as any cameras you plan to install in the future.

Many retailers who deal in home video surveillance systems provide an installation service to install what they sell.

If you want to save money by installing your own system, you will find helpful information along with step by step instructions on installing your own video surveillance system on my home security camera setups web page.

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