Hybrid Alarm Systems!

Hybrid alarm systems allow us to electronically secure our homes with hard wired and/or wireless components & detection devices. Most hybrid systems available today are high quality security alarms that are capable of remaining fully functional for the next 15 to 20 years.

The sale of these systems have dramatically increased with security alarm retailers in recent years, as they have become extremely popular with many residential consumers that choose to install their own systems.

Many of these DIY (do it yourself) consumers have been acquiring hybrid alarm systems to wirelessly secure the perimeter of their homes.

Similarities between many quality hybrid & wireless systems are, a high reliability in the way they function & operate, technically advanced & easy to enroll wireless components & detection sensors into the system.

While a hybrid alarm system also provides the option to install wired security components & devices, this is not the reason a growing number of people are choosing this type of system for their wireless needs. 

It is mainly due to more & more people becoming aware of or recognizing how most wireless systems have been poorly designed & this is unfortunately caused by the way they are being inexpensively produced.

Alarm manufacturers economically produce these systems by housing the alarm systems three main components (control panel, keypad & interior alarm/siren) all in the one unit.

The all-in-one design of these self-contained wireless alarms unfortunately prevents important setup procedures from being followed when installing the system.

The main purpose of any wired, wireless or hybrid alarm system, is to provide a reliable & effective level of electronic security to the perimeter of one’s home.

It does not matter how high a quality or technically advanced an alarm system may be, it simply cannot achieve this important security objective unless certain security protocols are followed in setting up the system.

My wireless home security system web page fully explains how ineffective alarm setups are being caused by these self-contained wireless alarms & how these systems are being easily & widely defeated by criminals everywhere.

This page also outlines what security protocols need to be followed in setting up an effective level of electronic security for your homes perimeter.

Knowing what is required to effectively secure your home & family, is also essential for determining what alarm components & detection devices you will need.

The Right Hybrid Alarm System For Your Security Needs!

If you are looking at acquiring a hybrid alarm for your home & family, you should not have any problems in finding a suitable system that can effectively address your security needs.

If you have limited knowledge & experience with alarm systems, the following information can be beneficial for you, as it can help you identify what security systems are the most appropriate for your home & family.

Unlike today’s wireless systems the design & configuration of the hybrid alarm has not been compromised in any way, as the control panel, keypad & interior sounding device in these systems are all housed in separate units.

You may first want to identify several different alarm systems that are capable of providing an effective level of electronic security for the perimeter of your home.

Having several suitable systems to choose from can be helpful in obtaining the most effective & reliable system for your budget & security needs.

The control panel in any wired, wireless & hybrid alarm system operates like a central computer, as it is the brain in every home security system.

In reviewing an alarm systems product description, the first thing you need to look for is how many wired and/or wireless security zones the systems control panel supports.

Every alarm component & detection sensor that is required to effectively secure your specific home needs to be placed in or occupy a security zone.

If the system you are reviewing does not support enough security zones for the alarm coverage your home & family requires, it is simply not capable of addressing your security needs.

The same as a wireless home alarm, a hybrid alarm system needs to have one wireless zone for every wireless component & sensor that needs to be added to the system. For example, if a total of 20 wireless security devices need to be installed, the systems panel will need to support a minimum of 20 wireless security zones.

With wired security zones, several similar wired components or sensors can occupy a single security zone. For example, all the window sensors securing a specific room or area of a home can occupy a single hardwired zone.

You want to add together all the wired and/or wireless security devices that are required to electronically secure your specific home.

This total number of security devices should include any non-intrusion detection sensors that you may also want to install, like smoke & heat detectors, carbon monoxide, freeze & water flood sensors.

Once you know the total number of security components & devices you need to install, you should be able to determine how many wired and/or wireless security zones the alarm system you acquire needs to support

Since nothing else can be added to your alarm system once all security zones have been used, you should consider adding several additional zones to what you will currently need.

You may find the need in the future to upgrade or expand your alarm coverage, especially with most quality hybrid systems today having the potential of remaining fully functional for the next two decades.

Some Popular Hybrid Alarm Systems Available Today!

After you identify home alarms that can support what security zones you will need, it is important to review the product description for each of these systems.

In reviewing this information you will recognize varies degrees of differences in the features, functions & system capabilities that one alarm system to another provides.

You should make a note of any additional resources a specific system has that are relevant to the security issues you need to address. You can ascertain what security value they have when comparing different systems you reviewed.

If you are working with a limited budget, you may also have to balance their importance against any higher cost you may possibly have to pay.

Purchasing an alarm system that can help keep your home & family safe & secure is a very important decision to make.

It is also important to invest a little of your time in acquiring a basic understanding of various alarm systems that can meet your security needs.

It is the knowledge & insight you obtain from this information that will enable you to make an informed decision in choosing the hybrid alarm system that will work best for you.

The systems control panel for most hybrid alarms produced today will generally start out with several on board hardwired zones. Expansion modules can easily be added to the system to increase the number of wired & wireless security zones the systems panel is able to support.

For example, the control panel of Ademco’s Vista 15P hybrid system comes with 6 on board wired zones & it will allow you add up to 16 additional wired zones and/or 26 wireless security zones.

Although the basic control panel for most hybrid systems start out with several wired zones, you will find many hybrid alarm kits will come with wireless security zones already added to the panel.

Outlined below you will find the names for some of the most popular hybrid alarm systems that are being retailed in today’s market. You will also find the number of wired & wireless security zones the control panel for each of these systems are able to support.  

If you feel any of these hybrid alarms may be suitable for addressing your security needs, you can simply use the name of the system(s) to perform an online search for additional information.

An internet search should provide you with the information you need like the systems product description, details & prices of add-on components & sensors. You should also find different hybrid alarm kits that includes the systems control panel along with various add-on security devices.

Some Popular Hybrid Alarm Systems!

Ademco Vista 10P - 6 on board wired zones + 16 wireless zones.

Ademco Vista 15P - 6 on board wired zones + 16 wired & 26 wireless zones.

Ademco Vista 20P - 8 on board wired zones + 40 additional zones which can be wired or wireless zones or a combination of both.

Ademco Vista 20iP - This is basically the same as the Vista 20P panel with the exact same number of security zones, but multiple communication methods are made much easier with the Vista 20iP.

GE Interlogix Concord 4 - 8 on board wired zones – supports a total of 96 security zones – wired or wireless or a combination of both.

GE Interlogix NX-4 - 4 on board wired zones – can be expanded to 8 wired and/or wireless security zones.

GE Interlogix NX-6 - 6 on board wired zones – can have a total of 12 wired or 16 wireless zones.

GE Interlogix NX-8 - 8 on board wired zones – can be expanded to 48 wired and/or wireless zones.

GE Interlogix NX-8E - 8 on board wired zones – can be expanded to 192 wired and/or wireless zones.

GE Interlogix Concord Express - 6 wired & 16 wireless zones on board.

GE Interlogix Concord 4 - 8 on board wired zones can be expanded to 96 maximum zones as either wired, wireless or a combination of both.

DSC PowerSeries PC1616 - 6 on board wired zones – expandable to 16 wired & 32 wireless security zones.

DSC PowerSeries PC1832 - 8 on board wired zones – expandable to 32 wired & 32 wireless security zones.

DSC PowerSeries PC1864 - 8 on board wired zones – expandable to 64 wired & 64 wireless security zones.

In addition to the above named systems being among the most popular hybrid alarm systems sold today, they are also highly rated security alarms that are widely known for their quality & reliability.

The time & money you spend acquiring & installing a quality alarm system in your home should be viewed as a long-term investment into the safety, security & wellbeing of your home & family.

A very important part of your home’s overall security is to electronically secure each accessible entry point (window & door) in your home

Although you will also need to increase the physical security of your home’s perimeter to achieve the level of security your home & family needs.

I feel pointing this out is very important, especially with so many individuals & families in today’s society living with a false sense of security, due to relying way to heavily & solely upon their alarm systems.

It is truly unfortunate how so many people today will spend so much time & money acquiring a wired, wireless or hybrid alarm system & then totally neglect even the most basic physical security measures.

The electronic alarm coverage of your home’s perimeter provides your home & family with a second line of defense against criminals breaking in.

Your first & most important line of defense comes from increasing the physical security of your home’s perimeter, along with various deterrence measures that can prevent your home from being targeted or singled out as a place of interest.

I sincerely hope the information on this hybrid alarm systems web page was in some way helpful & beneficial for you. You may want to consider bookmarking this site as new & updated content is uploaded weekly.

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