Keyless Door Locks!

Several years ago keyless door locks started to become very popular with many residential consumers. With a large number of new keyless locks been added to the retail market in just the last few years alone, it appears these locks still continue to be a popular seller today.

The two biggest benefits many consumers seem to find with these keyless locks is they are more convenient to use & they provide a better feeling of security than what they acquire from a traditional keyed lock.

Model of House With A Keypad For Front Door

Many people find keyless door locks much easier to use than keyed locks. They also like the fact that they no longer have to worry about carrying or caring for their house keys every time they leave their homes.

Keyless locks prevents people from worrying or wondering if an unauthorized copy of their house key has been made at one time or another.

It also takes away the risk of an intruder discovering the hidden house key that so many people hide outside their homes.  

There is certainly no doubt that keyless door locks can prevent the security of one’s home from being compromised in the same manner it would with keyed locks. Although not all keyless locks are as secure as many people believe them to be.

If you are considering purchasing a keyless lock for your home, the following information explains how certain keyless locks are not capable of securing your home & family against criminals breaking in.

Certain Keyless Door Locks Provide A False Sense Of Security!

Over the past several years an extremely easy lock picking technique known as “lock bumping” has grown into a major security problem for homes & families everywhere. This lock-picking technique is performed with a specially cut key called a “bump key”.

There are three main reasons why lock bumping has quickly become such a widespread security issue in recent years:

  1. Over the past several years tens of thousands of bump keys have been sold over the internet with many more being purchased each & every day.

  2. This lock picking technique compromises conventional pin tumbler locks & that includes over 90% of all deadbolt locks across North America that could be opened with a bump key.

  3. It requires no training or skill for criminals to use a bump key to enter one’s home. In fact lock bumping is so incredibly easy that without “bump proof” locks securing your exterior doors, a child could easily open each of them using a bump key.

For a complete understanding of this lock picking technique & to replay one of the many news updates that have been warning the public about this security threat, please visit my lock bumping or bump proof locks web page.

The first few years when keyless door locks start growing in popularity the large majority of them were all designed with a key cylinder in the lock.

In viewing many of the electronic & biometric (fingerprint) door locks available today, it appears that more than half of them are still being produced with key cylinders in them. Unfortunately most locks without key cylinders are entry keyless locks.

Over 90% of keyless locks that have key cylinders in them are highly susceptible to lock bumping. This unfortunately allows any would-be criminal to open them easily & quickly with a bump key.

There has been many television news updates over the past few years warning the public about the seriousness of this lock bumping threat.

Although it unfortunately appears that many people are still unaware that it exists.

As many individuals continue to purchase keyless door locks that can be opened with a bump key & it doesn’t seem likely that they would do so if they knew how ineffective they are for securing their homes & families.

If you are thinking about purchasing an electronic or biometric lock you will discover many to choose from. For those that are available with key cylinders, you will likely find less than 10% of them that cannot be opened with a bump key.

In recent years there has been a growing number of RF (Radio Frequency) deadbolt locks added to the retail market. While these RF locks can be opened wirelessly with a key-fob & some with a smartphone as well, they can also be opened with the locks key as they all have key cylinders in them.

If you are considering purchasing one of these RF deadbolt locks you will want to ensure the lock is bump proof as the large majority of these locks can also be opened with a bump key.

Electronic & Biometric Keyless Door Locks!

Although for anyone who is looking for a higher level of security, there are some models that can be setup for you to enter a much longer code in order for the door to unlock.

You could easily setup the electronic deadbolt lock so each family member uses the same code, or you can have it where everyone can unlock the door by entering their own specific code.

Mechanical deadbolt locks have been around much longer than the electronic, biometric & RF keyless door locks.

They have also come to be a much more popular lock than what they were in the past & this in part is due to a wider variety of new mechanical deadbolts being added to the retail market over the past few years.

Many people also prefer a mechanical deadbolt lock over other keyless locks as they are more reliable as there are no wires or batteries to be concerned with.

You will also see many of the newer mechanical keyless deadbolts being advertised as being bump proof.

They easily make this claim due to the fact that many of these newer locks do not have key cylinders in them.

With lock bumping becoming such a serious & widespread security threat in recent years, having bump proof locks securing our exterior doors is incredibly important for preventing criminals from entering our homes.

It is important to physically secure our entrance doors so they can stand up to the level of force an intruder would impact against them. Although this will not help if some would-be criminal can simply gain entry by using a $2 bump key they purchased online.

Using a mechanical keyless door lock also has some disadvantages as well. You generally cannot use multiple passwords with these locks, so everyone who is permitted access will have to use the same code to unlock the door.

The password in many models would be less secure then it would be with the electronic wireless deadbolt lock, as the password sequence does not have to be correct for the lock to open. For Example: If you password is “4567” & someone entered “7654” this will also open the mechanical lock.

For biometric locks you would simply need to pre-scan a fingerprint from each household member & they can choose what finger they want to use to open the door.

Although some producers of keyless locks recommend which hand the fingerprint should be taken from & they base it on which side of the door the lock is installed.

If the lock is on the left side of the door (when facing it from the outside) the fingerprint is taken from the right hand & if it is installed on the right side of the door you would scan a fingerprint from the left hand.

I always thought a good precaution would be to scan the same finger on both hands in the event something happened that prevented someone from using their finger to open the lock.

People hurt their arm, their hand or simply need to place a bandage on a cut finger all the time & it only takes a few extra seconds to have another fingerprint scanned into the lock.

While there are some big differences between a electronic & a biometric lock, there are also many similarities in the types of features that these two keyless door locks offer.

In providing someone short-term access to your home, you would provide the individual with a temporary code with an electronic keyless  lock & with a biometric lock you would scan their fingerprint into the lock.

Biometric Keyless Door Lock With Thumb On Scanning Pad

With both of these keyless locks you can easily remove the code & fingerprint when they no longer require access.

There are some models that will give you the choice of deleting the code or fingerprint or just disabling it temporarily.

Disabling it temporarily can be a convenient option when someone may need access to your home again in the future, especially with a biometric lock as you would not need to rescan their fingerprint each time.

With some electronic & biometric models you can also narrow the window time that someone has to access your home.

For example: If a maid needs to enter your home at 9am Monday & Thursday mornings, both of these keyless door locks can be setup so the door will only unlock between 8:30am & 9:30am on both of these days.

If the maid tried to gain entry into your home at an earlier or later time or on any other day, the code or his/her fingerprint would simply not work.

Having such tight control over when entry into one’s home is made & the ability of deleting or temporarily disabling someone’s access, certainly speaks volumes on how keyless door locks provide a much greater level of security over keyed locks.

Depending on your specific needs there are some electronic & biometric door locks where user data can be uploaded to your computer as well as downloaded to the lock from your PC using a USB flash drive.

With some biometric locks you can order a USB fingerprint scanner where fingerprints will be first scanned into the computer & the names of who owns each print can be entered.

Once this information is downloaded to the lock you can keep track of the date & time each specific individual entered your home or business.

There are new features & functions being added to different keyless door locks all the time & it would obviously depend on each person’s particular needs on just how helpful & beneficial they will be.

If you are thinking about obtaining a keyless door lock for your home, there is little doubt how many of them are able to provide a greater level of security over keyed locks.

I sincerely hope the information outlined on this keyless door locks web page was in some way helpful & beneficial for you. You may want to consider bookmarking this site as new & updated content is uploaded weekly.

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