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This Kwikset door locks web page has three main objectives. The first one is to show you a high security deadbolt lock that has a very unique security feature & is also bump proof. The second objective is to provide you with some insight on how big of a security threat the lock picking method of lock bumping has become.

The third objective is to inform you where you can purchase commercial grade deadbolt locks for your home that are completely bump proof at only a fraction of the price other bump proof locks are been retailed for.

To give you a full understanding of these commercial grade deadbolt locks, l will provide you with a little background on how it came for two different world renowned lock companies to be manufacturing the same unique lock.

Why Weiser & Kwikset Door Lock Companies Are Producing The Same Unique Deadbolt Lock!

Kwikset Door Locks have been around for about 60 years & are well known for producing a wide variety of high quality residential door locks.

Kwikset Lock, along with its parent company (Emhart Manufacturing Corporation) was purchased by the Black & Decker Corporation in 1989.

About 17 years later in October 2006, Black & Decker also purchased one of the world’s oldest lock manufacturers, Weiser Lock Inc.

It was only a few years ago that both Weiser & Kwikset Lock started manufacturing the same high security deadbolt lock that was built using what these companies call Smart Key Technology.

It is due to this smart key technology that both Weiser & Kwikset are able to provide a unique security feature that no other lock manufacturer can provide.

A Unique Security Feature That Only Weiser & Kwikset Door Locks Have!

Weiser & Kwikset door locks that are manufactured using smart key technology will allow the end user to re-key the lock themselves in less than 15 seconds without having to remove the lock cylinder from the door.

Over the years you may have had to provide temporary use of your house key to a number of individuals like a house sitter, child care giver or possibly a maid or service person.

All of these individuals may be fully trustworthy but you really do not know who has access to your house key when it is in someone else’s possession.

You really do not know who may have had access to your house key in the past or if your key had been copied at one time or another.

With these smart key deadbolt locks you can quite easily re-key the lock prior to providing someone temporary use of the key & then re-key it back to the original when they no longer needed.

With this unique security feature you will never have to worry if the key to your home has ever been copied.

To show you how incredibly easy it is to re-key Weiser & Kwikset door locks that are manufactured with smart key technology, please click the play button on the short video below.

Although the video below demonstrates how easy it is to re-key Kwikset door locks that use smart key technology, the smart key locks produced by Weiser Lock are exactly the same.

How Can You Tell If You Are Really Purchasing A High Quality Deadbolt Lock?

When purchasing an exterior door lock for your home you are probably like most shoppers these days who want to get a good quality lock at the lowest price possible.

In doing a price comparison between several different locks that are available, you also want to know if you are comparing apples to apples type thing.

In other words how do you know if the price comparisons you are making are between deadbolt locks that are of the same or similar high quality?

The only way to know the true quality of a deadbolt lock is if the lock has been tested & rated by an independent organization that is highly recognized & widely accepted for carrying out such testing.

The two most highly recognized & widely accepted organizations for carrying out an assessment analysis on deadbolt locks are ANSI (American National Standards Institute) & UL (Underwriters Laboratories).

ANSI tests deadbolt locks manufactured in the United States & well as other parts of the world for quality & durability.

There highest rating is ANSI Grade 1 which is a commercial grade lock & it is a high security deadbolt lock that is also widely used on residential exterior doors.

These deadbolt locks are also put through a series of lock picking test including lock bumping that are performed by UL (Underwriters Laboratories).

Are You Familiar With The Lock Picking Term Lock Bumping?

If you are not familiar with the term lock bumping, it is a widely used lock picking technique that compromises conventional pin tumbler locks by using a specially designed key called a “bump key”.

An intruder can open any deadbolt lock that is not bump proof in a matter of a few seconds using one of these bump keys. Unfortunately over 90% of all deadbolt locks across North America can be unlocked using one of these keys.

The number of criminals that have obtained one or more of these bump keys over the past few years has grown substantially.

This is mainly due to several unscrupulous website owners who have been selling these bump keys over the internet for as low as $2 each.

To get a full understanding of lock bumping please visit my lock bumping webpage where you can also replay a CBS 5 news update that provides a warning to the public about how big of a problem lock bumping has become.

For the past year or so television news programs have been warning the public about how big of a home security breach lock bumping has unfortunately turned into.

It is important that people realize the security threat they face so they can take the necessary precautions & do not become victimized & blindsided by this growing security problem.

I also believe that home security sites like this one where people are searching for information on home security should also help inform as many people as possible. To further help you understand on how big a security threat lock bumping has become you can replay another news update below from Action News 5.

Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Purchasing Weiser Or Kwikset Door Locks That Use Smart Key Technology!

There are five compelling reasons why you may want to consider purchasing Weiser or Kwikset door locks that are manufactured with what is referred to as smart key technology.

1. These Weiser & Kwikset door locks have been put through the rigorous testing for quality & durability that is outlined by ANSI for deadbolt locks & have been given an ANSI Grade 1 certification.

2. These same smart key deadbolts have also passed UL’s series of lock picking tests including lock bumping.

The reason why these Weiser & Kwikset door locks cannot be key bumped is due to a patented side locking bar that is used in all of their smart key deadbolt locks. This patented side locking bar replaces the traditional pin & tumbler design that makes the large majority of deadbolt locks susceptible to lock bumping.

3. No other lock offers the unique security feature that allows the end user to re-key the lock themselves in less than 15 seconds.

4. All smart key deadbolt locks manufactured by Weiser & Kwikset come with both a lifetime finish warranty & a lifetime mechanical warranty.

5. These smart key Weiser & Kwikset door locks retail on line between $30 & $40 each depending on which online retailer is selling them.

I have found many offline retailers seem to charge up to $10 more for these locks, which in my opinion is still a very good price. You will discover that other bump proof locks retail anywhere from $80 to $150 & more.

Most large hardware retailers like Home Depot & Home Hardware retail these smart key locks both on line & off with the online prices being around $10 less as I mentioned above.

Amazon.com has a large variety of smart key deadbolt locks that are being sold at some of the lowest prices found anywhere.

I have placed a link below where you can view all the smart key deadbolt locks that Amazon.com has to offer.

If you choose to buy any smart key deadbolt locks from Amazon.com, I would appreciate if you would consider doing so through the link below.

Any purchases made for deadbolt locks through the following link will help support the continuous growth of this website as we earn a small commission on any purchases that are made.

If you are not interested in purchasing any bump proof locks at this time, you can still click on the link below to get an idea on what smart key locks are available & what they are being retailed for.

Smart Key Bump Proof Locks Available On Amazon.Com

I am sure you can see the need for installing bump proof locks to protect our homes & families, but having good locks on the entrance doors of our homes is only one element of good door security.

For additional information on increasing the security of your exterior doors, please visit my door security web page.

I sincerely hope the above information was in some way helpful & beneficial for you. You may want to consider bookmarking this site as new & updated content is uploaded weekly.

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