Motion Sensor Lights!

Motion sensor lights are the best type of security lighting by far that you can have or install outside your home. They are extremely effective at deterring criminals from targeting your home & night.

The two most important things for any intruder that is breaking in to a home, is to be able to carry out their crime without been seen or heard.

This is the reason why motion security lighting greatly deters criminals from breaking in. Once a criminal triggers a motion sensor light they feel fully exposed, as they feel that they have just alerted someone inside the home or a close neighbor to their presence.

When a light suddenly turns on they know it is only natural for people to look outside to see if anyone is there. They also know most people will immediately contact the police if they detect a stranger outside their home, especially at night.

Criminals despise motion lights & once they trigger a light they will immediately try to escape detection by bolting from the area as quickly as possible.

Understanding Motion Sensor Lights!

If you are considering installing security lights outside your home, you will discover numerous makes & models of motion activated lighting that you can choose from.

It will obviously depend on the area you want to illuminate as to the type of light fixture that will be most suitable for your needs. Whatever type of standard lighting you can locate outside your home, you will likely find the same or similar style lighting fixture that is also motion activated.

With advancements made in solar technology in recent years, there are also solar motion lights that are bright enough for security purposes.

Solar lighting can be a very cost effective way of illuminating essential areas outside your home where no electricity currently exists. To obtain some beneficial & helpful information on solar motion lighting available in today’s market, please visit my solar security lights web page.

Almost all motion lighting uses PIR (Passive Infrared) motion sensors. PIR technology is very reliable as it detects infrared energy (heat) that emanates from our bodies.

Motion sensor lights also come with photo cells & timers. The photo cell is used to prevent the light from being triggered by motion during daylight hours.

The timer generally has a few different settings that allows you to choose how long you want the light to stay on for when motion is no longer being detected. For example, the timer settings on my newest motion light are 1, 5 & 20 with each number representing how many minutes the light can stay on for.

Although if motion continues to be detected the light will remain on. I have always found the best setting for security purposes is 1 minute, as this allows you to know more quickly if motion outside your home is still being detected. This is just another important benefit of using motion sensor lights.

It not only deters criminals from breaking in when your home is unoccupied, it also lets you know if someone has come on to your property when you are home.

When you first install a motion security light you will likely have to work with it a little to ensure it functions just the way you want it to.

Most models allow you to rotate & tilt the PIR sensor, as doing this can help you ensure motion is being detected in the precise area you need it.

You will want to review the setup instructions that come with your light as it will explain how you light functions in test mode as well as using an adjustment dial that regulates how sensitive you want your motion sensor to be.

How the light actually functions in test mode can be slightly different from one model to the next. Although there should be a high & low range for adjusting the sensitivity of the sensor.

If it is too sensitive for your needs you would simply turn the dial counter-clockwise towards low. While turning the dial clockwise will make it more sensitive, it also increases the distance it will be able to detect motion.

Motion Sensor Lights That Are Overly Bright Can Work Against You!

If you are installing electrical powered lighting outside your home, it is very important not to install motion sensor lights that are overly bright. Installing security lighting that is extremely bright can easily work against you.

Lights that are overly bright will create blind spots that can be beneficial for criminals, as it can conceal their presence by allowing them to remain unnoticed.

Excessively bright lighting actually creates pools of shadows & these areas can appear much darker to you than what they really are.

This is due to the fact that bright lighting causes are pupils to contract & this makes a shadowed area to appear much darker than what it actually is.

These areas will also appear much darker to a criminal & they could easily position themselves in a shadowed area to escape detection.

You will acquire a more even level of illumination by using a few 100 watt lights spread an equal distance apart than what you would receive from using a 300 or 500 watt halogen light.

The 100 watt lights will also not create any pools of shadows or impede your vision in any way.

Where Motion Sensor Lights Are Needed Most!

The following information outlines where motion sensor lights are needed outside of one’s home. For anyone working with a limited budget I have listed the areas where security lighting is required in order of importance.

The personal safety & security of one’s family needs to be the main objective when it comes to home security. With this in mind you will want to ensure there is an adequate level of lighting directly outside each entrance door.

The entrance doors in our homes need to have wide angle peepholes in them & the lighting outside should be bright enough to clearly see who may be out there at night.

Next you will want an adequate level of illumination between your main entrance door & where you park your vehicle.

Any overgrown trees, bushes or shrubbery that can conceal an intruder’s presence in this area should also be trimmed down.

Having motion sensor lights illuminating your main entrance to where you park you vehicle can significantly increases the personal safety & security of those living in your home.

The next area where motion lighting is needed is around the perimeter of your home, as it is important for the lights to illuminate all ground level windows.

If you are unable to install security lights for all widows at this at the time, you should try to provide security lighting for any windows that would be a primary target for an intruder breaking in.

The windows in your home that have the highest potential of being targeted by intruders are one’s that cannot be seen from a neighbor’s home or a public area.

With motion sensor lights providing an ample level of illumination outside your home, you may want to install security lighting outside any garden sheds or any other structures you may have on your property.

I sincerely hope this motion sensor lights web page was able to provide you with some helpful & beneficial information. You may want to consider bookmarking this site as new & updated content is uploaded weekly.

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