Nanny Cameras!

Nanny cameras also referred to as nanny cams are small miniature type spy cameras that are covertly hidden inside a large variety of everyday products that you would fully expect to see in any home environment.

There are literally hundreds of different types, styles & configurations of nanny cams that are available to choose from.

There are several specific nanny cam models that make up this large array of covert cameras that retailers have on offer.

If you are looking at purchasing a nanny cam, but are experiencing some indecision in choosing a suitable camera for your home, you may want to visit my hidden nanny camera web page.

You will discover a complete description plus the pros & cons for each nanny cam model along with a three step process that will help you identify the most appropriate covert camera for your needs.

When nanny cams first started growing in popularity several years ago it was mainly due to more affordable prices & some newly emerged technology that allowed the end user to view the live video from a remote location.

Over the past several years both online & offline retailers have been experiencing a significant increase in nanny cam sales.

This has likely added to the increased media coverage over the past few years of caregivers been caught on video by nanny cams for physically abusing a child in their care.

In all likelihood this type of media coverage increases the popularity for these covert cameras. It reminds concerned parents how some caregivers are not what they appear to be & how they can pose a serious threat to the safety & wellbeing of one’s children.

It also shows them how nanny cameras have proven to be a very effective security tool for verifying if ones children are being appropriately cared for or if they are being abused by their care provider.

As nanny cams have steadily grown in popularity over the past several years so has a controversy about why they should never be secretly used.

There are many people who adamantly believe that secretly recording the actions of a care provider is immoral & unethical.

To obtain a complete understanding of this growing controversy, please visits my hidden nanny cam web page.

Are Nanny Cameras Legal To Use In Your Area?

If you are planning to use a nanny camera in your home for covert surveillance you will want to ensure it is legal to do so.

The following information is what I personally believe are the laws in Canada & the United States for using nanny cams to secretly record one’s activities. Although it is very important for you to check with legal counsel or your local police agency to be absolutely sure what the nanny cam laws are for your area.

In most places in Canada & the United States I believe you will find it legal to use hidden nanny cameras to covertly capture surveillance video in your home, but not audio.

It is my understanding there are stiff penalties in both Canada & the United States if one is caught secretly recording audio where it is illegal for them to do so.

You will find the large majority of covert cameras that are being retailed in today’s market do not provide the audio recording function, although you will still find many nanny cams that do offer it.

I think the law of secretly taping conversations in Ontario, Canada is the same for the entire country, but you will want to double check this to be absolutely sure.

Ontario law states that you cannot secretly tape a conversation unless you are one of the people involved in the conversation. For example, it is legal for you to secretly record a telephone conversation you are having as you are part of the conversation that you are recording.

You can tell much about your child’s care provider by listening to how he/she speaks with your child when you are not there, but since you would not be part of the conversation this would be illegal.

In the United States it is only illegal to secretly record a conversation in 15 states, but again please double check with legal counsel or your local law enforcement agency to be sure of this.

The 15 states are: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Oregon, Pennsylvania & Washington.

Nanny Camera Catches Thieves In The Act!

In a short CNN video below a Florida woman shows how nanny cameras can be used for more than ensuring the safety & wellbeing of your children.

In October 2008 Jeanne Thomas & her husband of Boynton, Beach Florida had become victims of burglary as thieves had stolen thousands of dollars' worth of jewelry & rare coins.

After this robbery Mrs. Thomas had a small hidden camera installed in her home & like many nanny cameras it was disguised inside an everyday household product.

On April 10, 2009 Mrs. Thomas stated she had a feeling something wasn’t right at home & she logged on to the Internet from her work to see what her hidden camera was seeing.

Mrs. Thomas was completely taken back by what she discovered as she could clearly see that she was been robbed again.

This time it is being recorded & she is watching it happen from her work place almost 25 miles away.

To listen to her 911 call & watch everything unfold as it was captured on camera, please click on the CNN video below.

Most software that is used in both stand alone & computer based security DVRs can contact you by text message or email if any camera(s) of your choosing in your surveillance system detects motion.

This is an important security function as we could not count on having a bad feeling like Mrs. Thomas did & log on to the Internet at precisely the right time.

It was reported that Mrs. Thomas’s husband thought she was wasting money having the camera installed as he did not believe it would help catch anyone if they were robbed again.

With what had unfolded in the Thomas home on April 10th of this year, It was said that Mr. Thomas has come to realize how effective nanny cameras can be.

If you are considering purchasing a nanny camera for your home, you will find a very large selection of these covert cameras being retailed at some of the lowest prices found anywhere on

I have placed a link below where you can view all of the different nanny cams that has to offer. If you do choose to purchase a nanny camera from Amazon I would appreciate if you would consider doing so through the link below.

Any purchases made for nanny cams through the following link will help support the continuous growth of this website as we earn a small commission on any purchases made.

If you are not looking at purchasing a nanny cam at this time, you can still click on the link below as it will provide you with a clear view of the type of covert cameras that are available & what they are being retailed for.

Large Assortment of Nanny Cameras from

If you are not sure what type of covert camera will be suitable for your home, you should find the information outlined on my hidden nanny camera web page to be very beneficial in helping you discover what the most appropriate nanny cam will be for both your budget & your needs.

I sincerely hope the information outlined above has been helpful & beneficial for you. You may want to consider bookmarking this site as updated content & additional web pages are uploaded weekly.

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