Outdoor Security Cameras!

Outdoor security cameras provide a lot more than a higher level of home security protection for you & your family. Having a watchful eye on what is going on outside your home, will also provide you & your family with a much greater sense of security & wellbeing.

Placing security cameras outside your house will certainly discourage intruders from targeting your home.

With technology today you are not just limited to seeing what is happening outside from your living room armchair, you can now see what is going on outside your home from anywhere in the world.

Watching your outdoor security cameras via the internet is done by connecting your systems security (DVR) Digital video recorder to an internet router.

This can be done using a stand alone DVR as well as a computer based DVR.

To obtain further information on these DVRs please go to my stand alone DVR & my computer DVR web pages.

If you are thinking about ordering cameras for outside your home, you really want to ensure that your order is going to be satisfactory for your needs.

It is best not to assume anything about the cameras you are purchasing.

If you don’t know something for sure, your local dealer or an online dealer is only a phone call away & you will find most of these dealers extremely helpful.

A good friend of mine just made a recent purchase of some outdoor security cameras & he is now kicking himself for not doing better research or calling me before he made the purchase.

To make a long story short, he knew the dome style cameras were only 145mm or 5.7 inches in diameter from the description on the web site.

What he did not realize, was the length of the camera which was almost 330mm or 13 inches long.

I could understand his frustration, because I would not want a camera hanging down under my eves that distance either.

The cameras he purchased are capable of (PTZ) pan, tilt & zoom, and they are much longer then other dome cameras without these functions.

These cameras have mechanical devices inside them to perform these functions, which is why they are much longer than other dome cameras.

Darrel told me he didn’t understand why these dome cameras were so long because the place where he works has PTZ Cameras & they are very short.

I told him they only look short, but they are actually recessed into the ceiling, but unfortunately Darrel is unable to do this at his home, because the edge of his roof is only a few inches above the eve.

Outdoor Security Camera Mounted On Side Of Hom

The point I am trying to make, is don’t assume anything about your purchase & make sure you get all your questions answered, so you don’t end up with cameras that are not appropriate for your needs. There are a vast number of different model cameras being sold & they all differ from one another as far as size, capabilities, features & functions are concerned.

For the dealer to help you choose the most appropriate outdoor security cameras, you need to let them know:

• What the lighting conditions will be for each camera. You may have cameras that will be operating with good lighting & other cameras may need to function where there is little or no light.

• You need to inform the dealer that you want color cameras, because these are much better for identity purposes when the police can see the color of the intruder’s clothes. When a camera operates in an area where there is poor or no lighting, the images will turn to black & white.

If you are viewing the specifications of a camera on the internet or a brochure, the term sometimes used to describe this is monochrome. For those of you who are not familiar with the term monochrome, it simply means “visual images in a signal color or in varying tones of a signal color.

• You need to inform the dealer of any features & functions you would like for a particular camera(s).

If certain features & functions are more important to you than others, you need to communicate this to the dealer also.

Each camera is unique with different features & functions & you may have to give & take a little in finding what is best for your needs.

Whatever outdoor security cameras you purchase I strongly recommend hard wired cameras not wireless.

In my personal experience, wireless outdoor security cameras will not provide you with clear images.

During the slightest change in weather, the image will become distorted or you will receive no image at all. For additional information on wireless cameras please go to my wireless security cameras web page.

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