Outdoor Security Lighting Is An Extremely Effective Security Measure!

Having an adequate amount of outdoor security lighting is one of the most fundamental & effective security measures that you can take. Motion lights are by far the best type of outdoor lighting you can have, as they provide the biggest deterrent against any would be intruders who may be considering targeting your home & night.

Motion lights are not only the best type of security lighting you can have but with the exception of solar security lights they are the most cost effective type of lighting you can use outside your home.

In addition to being very affordably priced, motion lights use less electricity than other types of lighting as they only come on when motion is detected.

You really want to ensure the security lighting you put in place is done so in order of importance!

If you have limited resources or security dollars it is best to ensure the most important areas are illuminated first.

Due to the security problems that poses a potential security threat to all of us in today’s society you want to ensure the personal safety & security of all family members first.

The first areas that need to be illuminated are outside each entry door in your home.

It is important to have wide angle peep holes in all entrance doors & an appropriate level of illumination outside each one so you can clearly see who is out there at night.

Once this has been accomplished you want to look at illuminating the area where you park your vehicle(s) along with a pathway from there to the entrance of your home.

When trimming back any overgrown trees, bushes & shrubbery next to the exterior walls of your home, you need to do the same along any walkways to prevent any intruder's from using them to conceal their presence.

It is important for you to not use these patio style solar lights to illuminate walkways as they are not bright enough to be used as outdoor security lighting.

Lights should not only illuminate your pathway & other areas around your home at night, they should be bright enough to make any potential burglar feel fully exposed.

These areas being amply illuminated will help increase the personal safety & security of you & other family members.

To further increase your home against unlawful intrusion you will want to provide an adequate level of security lighting that covers all ground level windows.

If you do not presently have the resources to provide an adequate level of lighting outside of these windows, it is very important to locate security lighting outside any windows that are prime targets for unlawful intrusion.

The windows in a home that will be highly targeted by intruders are the ones that cannot be seen from a neighbor’s home or by anyone standing in a public area.

If you do not have any hydro power that will allow you to locate security lighting outside each of these windows, you may want to consider using motion activated solar security lights.

Outdoor Security Lighting That Is Motion Activated

Due to technical advancements in solar technology over the past several years, solar security lighting has come a long way.

There are many motion activated security lights today that are capable of providing an ample amount of lighting for security purposes & they can also be relied upon to provide that level of lighting night after night.

If you need additional information on solar lighting, please visit my solar security lights web page.

Having appropriate lighting outside your home is one of the best security measures you can implement to deter any would be intruders from looking at your home as a place of interest.

You Should Never Use Outdoor Security Lighting That Is Overly Bright!

Having an adequate level of security lighting outside your home is extremely important to deter criminals from targeting your home at night, but you need to ensure the lights you are using are not overly bright.

Man On Step Ladder Installing Outdoor Security Lighting

You will find some people will use overly bright lighting to help illuminate an adjacent area where no security lighting exists, while others unfortunately believe brighter lights are better for security purposes.

What many people do not seem to realize is using security lighting outside their home's that is extremely bright will actually work against them. Overly bright lights create blind spots that could easily conceal an intruder’s presence.

Having outdoor security lighting too bright doesn’t actually create darker shadows, but the bright lights will impede your vision to the point that certain areas will appear too dark for you to see.

These lights will cause your pupils to contract & cause a shadowed area to appear much darker, allowing an intruder to go unnoticed.

A seasoned burglar knows what effects bright lights have on the human eye & can easily position him or herself in a shadowed area to escape detection.

Outdoor Security Lighting & Video Surveillance Cameras!

Home video surveillance systems have become increasingly popular with home owners over the past several years. This is mainly due to beneficial technical advancements along with video surveillance equipment becoming much more affordably priced.

A video surveillance system should never be considered until all your physical & electronic security measures have been implemented. If there is a possibility that you will have a video surveillance system installed in your home at a later date, you may want to take this into consideration, when installing any security lighting.

You will need to size up the exterior of your home and make a note of where you would like to install any video surveillance cameras. Once you have done this, there are just a couple of things you need to be mindful of when installing any outside security lighting.

You certainly do not want to install any new security lighting in the same spot you would like to install a surveillance camera in the future. You will want to ensure none of your outdoor security lighting is placed in an area where direct light can shine into a cameras lens.

It is important to have security lights behind the camera casting light in the same direction your camera will be pointing. You will want to use your security lighting if at all possible to illuminate your cameras FOV (Field of View).

To get detailed information on what is involved in installing a video surveillance system; please go to my home security camera setups web page.

When the time comes to have video surveillance cameras installed outside your home, you will be glad you made allowances for this when you installed your outdoor security lighting.

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