Personal Security Tips!

When out in public or spending time at home, the personal security tips outlined on this page can significantly increase one’s odds of remaining safe & secure.

The biggest security threat that we all face in today’s society is crime. It does not matter if we are at home, school, work or spending time in the community we live in, the potential of being victimized by criminals exists everywhere.

Assuming a higher level of responsibility for our own personal safety & security, can undoubtedly influence what happens to us in our daily lives.

The personal security tips below can go a long way in providing the knowledge & insight that is needed for more quickly identifying & reacting to potential security problems that may exist.

If you are looking for ways to keep you & your family safer & more secure, the following tips & advice contains practical & effective methods as well as important security protocols that can help you achieve your security objective.

Some of the content below also discusses why certain people have a much greater chance of being targeted by criminals than others & what type of tactics criminals generally use in carrying out their crimes.

This is very important as it can help you better understand the type of security value the various information & security tips on this page provides.

The Most Important Personal Security Tip You Will Ever Receive!

The most important advice you & other family members will ever receive when it comes to your personal safety & security, is to always remain vigilant & cautious of your surroundings.

Being consistently watchful & fully observant of what is taking place around you, is an important security protocol that you really should turn in to a personal habit.

It may be a bit challenging in the beginning to always keep your mind focused on what is happening around you, but the more consistent you are the more quickly it will become a regular & routine pattern of behavior for you.

This security protocol can significantly reduce your odds of ever being blindsided by a criminal act against you.

It can also give you the time needed to call 911, firm up your defenses and/or move to a more secure area that greatly reduces or eliminates the security threat.

People from all walks of life are victimized in public by some type of crime every day. Most criminals that commit these crimes want the element of surprise on their side, as they want to eliminate any resistance by not giving their victims any time to react.

Criminals can easily identify who is being cautious & observant of their surroundings & who are totally oblivious to what is happening around them.

Personal Security Tips – Increasing Your Level Of Awareness!

We can remain cautious & observant of what we can hear & see around us, but we unfortunately cannot always know if a potential security threat exists nearby.

The next two security tips are about two inexpensive security products that can help increase you & your family’s level of awareness, by automatically informing you of someone’s presence outside your home.

If you do not already have motion activated security lighting outside your home, it is a very important security measure you really should consider taking.

While motion security lights are extremely effective at deterring would-be criminals from approaching your home at night, they can also alert you to someone’s presence by a light(s) suddenly turning on.

Criminals absolutely despise motion security lights, as once they trigger a light they feel fully exposed & will generally bolt from the area as quickly as possible to escape detection.

For additional information on this type of security lighting, please visit my motion sensor lights and/or my solar security lights web page.

This personal security tip is about outdoor motion sensors also known as driveway alarms. Most of these exterior motion sensors are wireless & can easily be setup anywhere around the perimeter of your home.

If someone triggers a sensor(s), it will immediately notify you of their presence by sending a signal to a wireless receiver inside your residence. Many wireless receivers can monitor two or more motion sensors & the alert they provide when motion is detected will allow you to identify which sensor was triggered.

There are different makes & models of motion sensors kits & some provide additional features & functions that you may find beneficial for your security needs.

To acquire a better understanding of the various types of exterior motion sensors being retailed in today’s market, please visit my driveway alarm web page.

This next personal security tip can hopefully help certain people understand why they should never use their smartphones in public in a captivating manner.

While using our smartphones in public to browse the web, send & receive text messages & emails can certainly be a good thing, but for some people it significantly increase their chances of being victimized by crime.

Too many people in public these days become totally immersed in using their smartphones & are completely unaware of what is happening around them.

This unfortunately places these people in a very vulnerable position, as not being aware of their surroundings is the exact weakness criminals look for in the individuals they choose to target.

If you or other family members use a smartphone in public, it is important to use them in a manner that allows you to remain cautious & vigilant of what is taking place around you.

Personal Security Tips – When Using Your Automobile!

The occurrence rate for carjacking’s has been on the rise in recent years throughout North America. This has been unintentionally caused by new & better antitheft devices installed in new vehicles over the past decade or so.

With car manufacturers making it harder & harder for car thieves to steal parked vehicles each year, many criminals began stealing them directly from people who are driving them.

Having a vehicle stolen in a very erupt & violent manner, is certainly an experience you & other family members will want to try & avoid.

How criminals are carjacking people’s vehicles is explained below, as well as some personal security tips that can reduce you & your family’s odds of becoming victimized by this crime.

Many vehicles have been carjacked while coming to a stop at a red light or stop sign & this oftentimes occurs in more secluded type areas where there is little traffic.

Once a vehicle comes to a stop a criminal(s) will generally attempt to steel it in one of two ways. They will quickly open the driver’s door & pull the driver out of the vehicle in a quick & violent manner.

They are also known to stage an accident by driving behind a vehicle & bumping into the back of it as it comes to a stop. When the driver pulls over to check for damages & trade insurance info, they are physically assaulted in many cases to temporally daze or stun them while the car thief drives away with their vehicle.

An obvious & simple personal security tip for preventing your driver’s door from being pulled opened, is to always ensure you vehicles doors are locked when driving it.

If someone bumps into the back of your vehicle, especially at night in an area where there are little or no people around, you basically can do one of three things.

  1. You can pull off to the side of the road & exchange insurance information with the other driver. (Not Recommended!)

  2. You can signal the driver behind you to follow you to an area nearby where there is plenty of lighting & people around.

  3. If the vehicle behind you does not follow, you should drive to the nearest police station & report what had happened.

If you choose option 2 or 3 above, there should be no reason for the person behind you to try & get you to pull over. After all it is not like you bumped into their vehicle & are driving away to avoid paying for any damages you had caused.

Although if they do try to get you to pull over, you can use a cellphone to call 911 & use your emergency flashers & horn to draw attention from other vehicles & people in the area.

Parking lots are another area where carjacking’s occur & you should always remain cautious & observant of your surroundings when parking & returning to your vehicle. If you are driving a high-end vehicle you will want to pay special attention to car thieves following you.

There have been many expensive vehicles targeted & carjacked in this manner, but unfortunately there are also other reasons why someone may be followed that has nothing to do with the type of vehicle they are driving.

The following personal security tips can be helpful if you or another family member ever find yourself being followed by another vehicle.

The following personal security tips can be helpful if you or another family member ever find yourself being followed by another vehicle.

If there is ever a situation where you believe you are being followed, you can easily confirm this by taking four right turns & this should bring you right back where you started from. If the vehicle behind you also does the same thing, you will then know for certain that you are being followed.

I am sure many people would become frightened & fearful to discover there is a stranger in another vehicle following them. If you ever have the misfortune of having someone follow behind you in another vehicle, it is very important not to panic as it is essential that you keep a level head.

Once you know for sure you are being followed you should drive directly to the nearest police station if you know that there is one nearby. If not you should consider driving to the first building or businesses you see where there is lots of people around.

To ensure your safety, do not look for an available parking spot, as you want to park your vehicle in front of the building’s main entrance & go directly inside & call 911 for immediate police assistance.

Throughout the course of this type of ordeal & only if it is safe for you to do so, you should try to obtain the plate number of the vehicle following you.

If you live close by you may feel like driving straight home, but it is absolutely essential that you refrain from doing this. If the person following you does not know where you live, it is incredibly important for you to keep it that way.

There are a few more personal security tips below that can also help increase your personal safety & security when using your vehicle.

Many different automobiles today have keyfobs that can activate the vehicles horn & some vehicle alarm systems will also sound by pressing a keyfob button.

Whenever my wife has to use her car after dark, she has created a habit of always resting her thumb on the keyfob button that activates her vehicles horn.

Placing your thumb over the keyfob button as you walk to & from your vehicle, will allow you to immediately sound your vehicles horn or alarm if needed.

This can help ward off a security threat or attack against you, as a criminal knows a continuously sounding horn or alarm will quickly draw the attention of others nearby.

For this personal security tip to be beneficial & provide real security value, you want to create a habit of always resting your thumb on the keyfob button that activates your vehicles horn or alarm.

If a criminal approach’s quickly & overpowers you, you may never have the opportunity to use your keyfob if it is in your pocket, purse or your holding it the wrong way in your hand.

Where we choose to park our vehicles can either increase or decrease our odds of being targeted by criminals.

You always want to try & park your vehicle at night in an area where there is ample lighting, like under a street lamp or parking lot lights.

You should also do this during the day, if you know there is a strong or likely chance that you will be returning to your vehicle after dark.

When visiting your local shopping center or some other place where many people work & visit during the day, you should try & park as close as possible to the building’s entrance.

There will always be a lower chance of something happening the closer you are to the entrance where there are always people coming & going.

If leaving a building or shopping center you always want to be extra cautious returning to your vehicle if it cannot be seen, due to a large truck or van that has parked next to you.

A large truck or van next to your vehicle obscuring it from view, will have to be a parking space closer to the building where you are coming from.

To be in a less vulnerable situation if such an event was to occur, you should always park your vehicle with your driver’s door facing away from the building you are visiting. If something was to happen, having your passenger door next to the larger vehicle will give you more time to react.

Personal Security Tips For Children & Teens!

Many of the following security tips may be the same or similar to ones your own parents had relayed to you when you were growing up.

Not opening your door to people that you do not know or trust, is a personal security tip that is not only essential for children & teenagers to follow, but for adults in the home as well.

While many people realize that this is an important security protocol, they do not always follow it. Some find it awkward & inconvenient to try & communicate with someone they do not know through a closed door.

Unfortunately any security measure that is inconvenient or troublesome in some form or another has way of becoming relaxed or disused over time.  

If speaking with someone you do not know through a closed door is an issue for you or other family members, you may want to consider replacing your doorbell with an entrance door intercom.

Most of these two way communication systems are not very expensive & for a little more money you can acquire one with a built in camera.

Most of these entry door camera systems are wireless & this will allow you to see exactly who you are communicating with from anywhere inside your home.

In today’s society we should always do what is reasonably possible to ensure the safety, security & wellbeing of our families. Not opening your doors to strangers can certainly reduce the odds of family members ever becoming victimized by home invasion criminals, sexual predators or other deranged individuals that violently attack people in their homes.

Another personal security tip that should be relayed to children & teenagers is the importance of always keeping their home locked & secured. You will only know if they fully understand how important this is, when you find they are consistently doing it without been reminded to do so.

There are many things one person can do to increase the security of their home & family. However it will take a collective effort from all family members to ensure all physical & electronic security measures are always engaged & providing the level of protection that is needed.

If you have young children and/or teenagers, it is important to inform them that they should never divulge certain information to a caller when answering the phone.

They should never give a caller your home address & if there are no adults home at the time of the call, it is very important to keep this information from the caller as well.

In the event a caller asks to speak with a parent, it is much better for them to tell the caller you are “unable to come to the phone right now” then informing them you are not at home.

In today’s society it is very important to provide personal security tips & advice to children on how to use the internet in a safe & secure manner.

Children need to exercise caution & following some important rules like not providing any personal information when using the internet.

Children & teenagers that use the internet without adult supervision need to be aware of the security issues that exists online. There are many web sites that are deemed appropriate for children of various age groups.

Although if any of these web sites allow site visitors to interact with one another, they should never be viewed as being a safe place for children.

Unfortunately with the internet pedophiles & other deranged individuals can be anyone they choose to be. A 50 year old male pedophile can easily have an online profile that shows him to be a 10 year old female.

If you have a young daughter, the last thing that she or you would need is for this 10 year old female to become her new best friend.

The most important personal security tip & advice you can provide any child or teenager when it comes to the internet, is to never secretly meet with someone they met online. There are many children & teens who are violently victimized, raped & murdered every day by someone they have met online.

For a more indebt understanding of how dangerous the internet can be & a host of important tips for parents that can help keep their children safe from online pedophiles & other deranged individuals, please visit This web site is run by the San Diego County District Attorney.

Personal Security Tips To Help Women Protect Themselves!

There are organizations in many communities that have setup up self-defense classes strictly to empower women by teaching them self-defense moves & techniques.

The main goal of the actual training in many of these self-defense classes, is to show women how to break free of their attacker in a way that will enable them to quickly get away.

If you are interested in obtaining a more comprehensive understanding of the various effective self defense skills being taught mainly to women you may want to visit

This is an international non-profit organization that has been instrumental in helping numerous women protect themselves from rape & violence over the past 20 years.

The name of this organization is AWSDA (Association for Women’s Self Defense Advancement) & their head office is located in Lindenhurst, Long Island, New York. The organizations vision statement is “To create a safer society in which all women learn practical, effective self defense skills.”

There is no guarantee that any of the personal security tips contained in this web page will keep you or your family safe & secure. Although assuming a greater responsibility for your own personal safety & security, can go a long way in decreasing the probability that you will ever become victimized by crime.

I sincerely hope the information on this personal security tips web page was in some way helpful & beneficial for you. You may want to consider bookmarking this site, as new & updated content is uploaded weekly.

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