Securing Your Home & Family In Today’s Society!

When it comes to securing your home in today’s society, your number one priority should be the safety, security & wellbeing of all family members. To accomplish this security objective it is incredibly important to implement two complete & separate lines of defense.

Cream Color Home With Red Shutters

Physical security measures make up your homes first & most important line of defense, while your second line of defense comes from the electronic alarm coverage you receive from a home security system.

To make your home as impenetrable as reasonably possible, you will need both physical & electronic security measures working together.

This can only be achieved by securing your home with two complete lines of defense.

A partial line of defense would preclude some important security measures from being put in place & would diminish the level of security that is needed.

Your level of security could also be significantly weakened if certain security measures are not being adequately or effectively implemented.

Many criminals today are well versed when it comes to identifying & exploiting security weak spots & much of this is due to so many individuals & families having the same or very similar security weaknesses.

Most of the information below addresses what security measures make up these two important lines of defense. It also outlines some of the most common mistakes many people make when securing their homes.

This information can provide you with a clearer understanding of why certain security measures need to be taken. Although more importantly, it should help you avoid the same or similar mistakes that so many people have & continue to make each day.

Securing Your Home With Two Complete & Effective Lines Of Defense!

You can effectively secure your home & family by ensuring your level of security is not being compromised by partial lines of defense & improperly installed security measures.

There are many individuals & families that have a very ineffective level of security in their homes. The two biggest reasons for this, is physical security measures that are not been implemented & alarm systems that have been improperly setup.

There are many individuals & families that have a very ineffective level of security in their homes.

The two biggest reasons for this, is physical security measures that are not been implemented & alarm systems that have been improperly setup.

The inadequate level of alarm coverage that so many people have in their homes today is mainly due to certain security protocols that are not being followed in setting up their alarm systems.

When securing your home with a security system, it is incredibly important for you to know what these basic alarm setup procedures are & why your alarm coverage would be so ineffective without them.

Even if you are not setting up your own system, you will still want to know what security protocols need to be followed.

This is the only way for you to know if your system is being adequately setup & to ensure your installer is providing the alarm coverage you & your family need.

While these security protocols are not being abided by some who install their own alarm systems, they are also not being followed by many monitoring companies as well.

If you are not sure what electronic security measures & procedures need to be followed in setting up an effective level of alarm coverage for your home & family, please visit my home security systems web page.

You will discover the physical security measures that will provide your home & family with a solid first line of defense outlined below:

I feel this information is very important, as there are so many people in today’s society who have apparently lost sight of how essential physical security measures are for keeping their homes & families safe & secure.

It is truly unfortunate how so many people rely so heavily & solely upon their alarm systems for the security protection their homes & families need.  

It is only natural for people to receive a strong feeling of security with an alarm system installed in their homes.

This better feeling of security unfortunately causes many individuals & families to neglect or overlook even the most basic physical security measures.

Keypad For Home Alarm System

Having a better feeling of security & wellbeing is certainly a great benefit that you & your family will likely receive after securing your home.

Although it is very important to ensure such peace of mind comes from a home that has been fully & effectively secured.

Most people tend to be more relaxed & at ease in their homes with a stronger feeling of security. With such contentment it is also human nature for people to drop their guard & become less vigilant of their surroundings.

Although if feeling more secure is based upon a false sense of security, then dropping one’s guard at the wrong time could actually be much worse than having no security in place at all.

While an adequately & effectively secured home is what provides you & your family with the level of security that's needed, it also ensures any better feeling of protection you may receive, is not based upon a false sense of security.

Securing Your Home & Family With A Solid First Line Of Defense!

A solid first line of defense comes from the physical security measures that will adequately secure your homes perimeter. Although to effectively secure the perimeter of your home, the following three security issues will need to be addressed:

  1. Security measures are needed to ensure each accessible entry point (windows & doors) in to your home are physically secure.

  2. You will need to take whatever measures are necessary to ensure there is nothing about your home that will capture the attention of any would-be intruders.

  3. You will also need to implement security measures that will deter criminals from targeting your home.

Physically Securing Your Homes Windows & Doors!

To effectively secure your home & family, it is absolutely imperative for you to increase the physical security of each entry door in your home. FBI statistics show that in more than 2/3 of all residential break-ins, criminals gain entry through one of the home’s exterior doors.

Exterior Door With Deadbolt Lock

Criminals are fully aware that it takes very little force to break-in to the exterior doors in most homes.

This inadequate level of security is undoubtedly due to so many people relying so exclusively on their alarm systems for their home security.

It is also one of the main reasons why crash & smash attacks have become so widespread & the entry method of choice for so many criminals in recent years.

If you’re not familiar with what is commonly referred to as a crash & smash attack, it is where criminal’s break-in through the main door in people’s homes & quickly disable their alarm system before the entry delay time has elapsed.

For a more comprehensive understanding of this security threat, please visit my crash and smash attack web page.

Many home invasion criminals gain entry into one’s home by quickly forcing their way in once someone open’s their door. They are also well-known for getting people to open their door by using some type of ruse or scam.

Not opening your door to people you do not know or trust is a very important security protocol for all family members to follow.

You may want to install wide-angle peepholes in each entry door in your home, as this is a very inexpensive & practical way to see who is calling before opening your door.

Elderly Lady Opening Door With Security Chain On

A door security chain should not be used to protect you & your family against criminals who may want to force their way inside your home.

If a sexual predator, home invasion criminal or some other deranged individual wanted to force their way inside your home, a door chain is not even strong enough to slow them down.

Many people feel safer & more secure by using a door chain, but unfortunately the only thing this protection measures provides is a false sense of security.

It is also essential to ensure each ground level window & any that can be easily accessed on a higher level are physically secure.  

Depending on the particular style of non-fixed windows in your home, some may only need a good quality lock while others due to their location may require a higher level of physical and/or electronic security. 

It is very important to provide a higher level of security for any windows that cannot be seen from a neighbor’s home or a public area, as there is a much greater potential of criminals targeting these windows.

Securing Your Home & Family: There are two different types of security measures below. The first ones can help you ensure criminals do not see your home as a place of interest, while the second set of security measures can help deter intruders from targeting it.

Both of these different types of security measures need to work together to prevent criminals from targeting your home in the first place.

The more effective they are at meeting this important security objective, the safer & more secure your home & family will be.

Securing Your Home By Not Capturing An Intruders Interest!

When you are securing your home, you will need to evaluate it to see if there is anything about it that could possibly capture an intruder’s attention & if so, it is very important for you to rectify the security problem(s) sooner rather than later.

A Home Being Singled Out

Out of all the homes on your street, the last thing you would ever want or need is for a criminal to signal out your residence as a place of interest.

There are various things that may currently exist about your home or certain things you & other family members may do that can capture an intruder’s interest.

The following content outlines some of the things you may need to do or evaluate when securing your home:

Trim down overgrown trees, bushes & shrubbery close to the perimeter of your home, especially if they can be seen from a public area.

Nothing will capture the attention of an intruder more quickly than eying an area that will conceal their presence while breaking in.

Overgrown foliage along a walkway from your door to your vehicle can also hide a criminal’s presence. This can threaten the personal safety & wellbeing of you & other family members.

A missing window screen will be viewed by some intruders as one less obstacle to overcome.

Most intruders look for the easiest way possible to enter a home & will often choose an entry point that provides the least amount of resistance.

A cracked window pane will usually tell an intruder two things, the glass can be removed quietly as it has already been broken & a closer look may reveal the physical upkeep of the home has been neglected.

Most intruders know that homes in disrepair are the easiest type of residence to break-in to.

Securing your home may not help if a determined intruder can easily see items of value through one of your windows.

Using a laptop, digital cameras, camcorders & other expensive easy to sell items outside your home in public view can also capture an intruder’s interest.

Criminals are always on the lookout for valuable items that they know they can quickly sell for money or drugs. Some intruders will walk along a street on garbage day to see if they can identify valuable easy to sell items that people may have recently purchased.

You never want to place empty boxes on the curb that clearly shows expensive items that was once contained in them.

It does not matter if it is something you purchased years earlier, because unless the boxes look old & soiled, an intruder will view it as something you recently purchased.

While leaving garage doors opened is a great way to air them out, but it will also attract a criminals attention as they will try to view items of value that may be worth steeling.

If you want to air out your garage, you shouldn’t keep your overhead door opened no longer then you need too & try to do it at a time of day when there is little foot or slow moving traffic in front of your home.

Whatever time of day you choose to leave you garage door open, you should always try to keep items of value hidden from view.

The above information discusses some of the things you will want to watch out for & do to prevent your home & your actions from capturing an intruder’s interest.

It should also provide you with the insight you need for identifying other things & activities that could attract the attention of an intruder as well.

Secure Your Home By Deterring Criminals From Ever Wanting To Target It!

Security measures that deter intruders from targeting your residence are also an extremely important aspect of keeping your home & family safe & secure.

Below you will find several of the various types of security measures that can effectively deter criminals from targeting your home. You really should consider implementing a few different ones, as the more effective these deterrence measures are, the better.

Each layer of protection you put in place increases your homes level of security & decreases the odds of you or your family ever being victimized by some type of unlawful intrusion.

One of the most essential & fundamental security measures from deterring criminals from approaching your home & property at night is motion activated security lighting.

Motion Activated Security Lights

Intruders despise motion lights as they feel fully exposed when triggering them & will normally bolt from the area as quickly as possible to escape detection.

Securing your home at night with outdoor security lighting is a very important security measure to implement.

If you have an area that needs to be illuminated, but you have no electricity running to it, you may want to consider using a solar powered motion light(s).

If you are not familiar with solar motion lights & require additional information, please visit my solar security lights web page. This page also provides beneficial information that can help you get the most out of any electric or solar powered security lighting you may choose to install.

In addition to an adequate level of security lighting, you really should consider implementing at least two or more security measures that can effectively deter criminals from targeting your home.

Some of the more common methods for deterring criminals are outlined below:

Using a lawn sign along with window & door stickers that will inform any would-be intruder your home is being protected by an electronic alarm system, is a very effective deterrence measure to implement.

A few years ago I read an article about a survey that was carried out with a large number of prison inmates.

One of the questions the inmates were asked to answer was: “what is the number one thing that would deter you from breaking into a home”?

The most common response was “homes with an alarm system” & the second most popular answer was “homes that have a dog”.

There is a couple of low cost & effective security measures you can take that will inform intruders you have a dog.

Locate a “Beware of Dog” sign on a fence or a garden gate that can easily be seen by someone passing your home.

I have suggested this next security measure to several people over the years when leaving their homes unoccupied for personal or business travel & taking their vacation.

Place a dog’s chain & water bowel close to your main entrance where it can be clearly seen by anyone approaching your home.

Having a dog that will bark when someone comes around will likely be the best option for securing your home & family.

Although if you do not own a dog & are not interested in acquiring one, you may want to consider obtaining a “Barking Dog Alarm”.

For information on these electronic dog alarms & links to more than 175 reviews written by individuals who have purchased them, please visit my barking dog alarm web page.

Another security measure that can help secure your home at night is to install automatic timers that can turn lights on & off. Whenever your residence is unoccupied, you should find this to be a very inexpensive & effective way to convince intruders that someone is home.

Although you will want to ensure you obtain the right type of timer(s) for your needs, as there are some automatic timers being sold that could actually work against you.

There are still some of the older style timers being sold that have very limited programming options. If you do not reprogram the timer each day, your lights will go on & off at the exact same time each night.

This could easily inform an intruder that is checking out your home or regularly travels past it that your lights are being controlled by an automatic timer.

Seeing your lights go on & off at the exact same time each night, will also inform an intruder when your home is likely vacant.

There are many automatic timers available with more advanced programming options, as you can easily set them up where your lights will turn on & off at different times each night.

You should also acquire one of the many automatic timers that come with a battery backup inside. If the power fails this will protect the programming you setup.

This is very important; especially if you will be away from your home for a period of time, as you will be unable to reprogram it if the power fails.

An automatic timer can also help you better secure your home during the day. Plugging a radio into a timer that is tuned to an all-news station or one that generally airs talk shows during the day, can convince any intruder who may approach your home that it is occupied.

To determine the best location for the radio & how loud the volume should be, you will want to go outside your main entry door to see how clear you can hear it.

You will want the voices on the radio to sound a bit muffled, as this is an effective way to convince an intruder that he/she is hearing the voices of people inside the home.

Securing your home & family against the type of security problems that is a potential threat to us all in today’s society is incredibly important.

Effectively implementing the two different lines of defense that were discussed above should go a long way in safeguarding & protecting your home & family.

There are many things you can personally do to secure your home from unlawful intrusions.

However it will take a collective effort from all household members to ensure all physical & electronic security measures are always engaged & providing the level of protection that is needed.

It is very important that no household members have a complacent attitude when it comes to home security. The most secure window & door locks & the best home alarm system that money can buy would be absolutely worthless if they are not used.

I sincerely hope this web page on “securing your home” has given you some useful & beneficial information that can help you provide the level of security that you & your family need. You may also want to consider bookmarking this web site as new & updated information is uploaded weekly.

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