Security Monitoring Companies!

There are numerous local & national security monitoring companies that provide a 24/7 monitoring service. With so many companies to choose from you will find important information below that will help you discover which monitoring company is able to accommodate your specific needs.

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You will also find information that can help you discover how much electronic security will be needed to provide an appropriate level of protection for your home & family.

When it comes to the security monitoring companies that provide a 24/7 alarm monitoring service it is extremely important that you choose the right one.

Due to the way many of these security monitoring companies operate, there have been many different issues & complaints from numerous customers over the years.

Having a clear understanding of the various issues & problems people are having in their dealings with these monitoring companies will go a long way in making sure you & your family will be able to avoid them.

For a comprehensive understanding on how these security monitoring companies operate & an outline of the more popular problems & issues people have been enduring please visit my alarm monitoring companies web page.

The most appropriate monitoring company is one that can adequately accommodate the specific requirements that are important to you & your family.

To help you define what the monitoring company you choose needs to accommodate, I have outlined several specific requirements that you need to consider.

To review these specific requirements & the reasons why I feel they are important & beneficial for you & your family please visit my home security alarm monitoring web page.

It is only when you have a clear understanding of what is most important for you & your family will you be ready to discover which security monitoring companies are able to accommodate your various needs.

Knowing If The Security Monitoring Companies Are Providing An Adequate Level Of Alarm Coverage Is Extremely Important!

Most people with limited knowledge of home alarm systems will usually accept what the security monitoring companies install in their homes as an adequate level of alarm coverage for their home & families.

In my opinion the alarm packages & kits that are offered by the security monitoring companies are not capable of providing an adequate level of security for most homes.

Security monitoring companies want to keep the price of their alarm kits down as the more that is added to their alarm packages the higher they will have to make their monthly monitoring fees.

Alarm companies will increase their monthly monitoring rate in accordance with the value of their alarm kits so the cost of the system is covered by the end of the 3 year contract.

To keep the cost of the alarm kit down they only include 2 or 3 magnetic switch sensors (window & door sensors) & they use 1 or 2 PIR motion sensors to protect all ground level windows.

PIR motion sensors are interior backup sensors only & they never should be used as a perimeter detection device.

There are two security problems with using motion sensors to protect your homes perimeter.

The first problem is for an intruder to be able to trigger the motion sensor; he/she will actually have to first get inside your home.

The second problem is you would have almost no electronic security coverage when any family members are home as the motion sensors will have to be turned off so no family activity triggers any false alarms.

If you choose only to safeguard your home's contents when your home is vacant, you should at least have magnetic switch sensors on every window that cannot be seen from a neighbor's home or a public area.

In my opinion using motion sensors so intruders will have to get inside your home before they are able to trigger your alarm system is no way to secure a home no matter what you are trying to protect.

If you choose to obtain a security system for your home from an alarm retailer or from one of the security monitoring companies you will need to decide what it is you want to protect.

What you want your home alarm system to help protect will obviously determine the level of electronic security you will need.

What Physical & Electronic Security Measures Are Needed To Safeguard & Protect Your Home & Family!

For more than a decade now there has be an unprecedented number of individuals & families alike who have been violently victimized, raped, & even murdered in their own homes.

With so much media reporting on sexual predators breaking into people’s homes & the large increase of home invasions happening everywhere, many people are making the protection of those living in the home their biggest priority.

When it comes to home security there are many who do not seem to realize what the real function is for home alarm systems as many people seem to rely way too heavily & solely upon them. It is unbelievable how so many people have invested large sums of money on a home security system & have totally ignored the most basic physical security measures.

A home alarm systems security function is to provide your home & family with a second line of defense.

Your homes first & most important line of defense is the physical security measures that will secure your home's perimeter.

Even though the physical security of your home's perimeter is so extremely important, the most secure home is when you have physical & electronic security measures working together.

All exterior doors need to be physically secured so they cannot be easily kicked or pried open. All ground level windows & any windows on a higher level that can be easily reached need to be well secured.

Those same windows need to have perimeter detection sensors so if an intruder(s) tries to break-in the security alarm will be immediately triggered while the intruder(s) is still on the outside of your home. It is extremely important that your home alarm system has a loud & strident sounding device both inside & outside your home.

With a loud & strident alarm sounding from the interior & exterior of your home, this will persuade even the most determined intruder(s) to quickly move on.

For a more comprehensive understanding of protecting family members inside your home please visit my home invasion protection web page.

If your knowledge of home alarm systems is somewhat limited I hope the above information has helped you realize how inadequate the alarm kits & packages provided by the security monitoring companies really are.

The best & most practical approach to take for figuring out what level of electronic security you will need is to understand the type of security problems that currently exists in your area.

Most Law Enforcement Agencies create a monthly burglary report for their areas that will not only inform you about the amount of unlawful intrusions happening but how close to your home these crimes are taking place.

These reports are chock-full of details that can provide you with important insight into the type of security threat you & your neighbors are facing each day. The neighborhood watch group in the area where I live have been posting these burglary reports on their web site since 2002.

Gathering information on what the precise security problems that exist in your area is the best information to have for understanding what level of physical & electronic security is appropriate for your home & family.

Most people who volunteer their time working with neighborhood watch do so to help prevent themselves & their neighbors from being victimized by crime.

If you have any questions about crimes taking place in your community, you should find those who volunteer for neighborhood watch to be very helpful in answering any questions you may have.

I sincerely hope the information outlined above has been helpful & beneficial for you. You may want to consider bookmarking this site as updated information & new web pages will be uploaded weekly.

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