Solar Security Lights!

In today’s retail market there are numerous makes & models of solar security lights available to choose from. While many of these solar lights can provide an ample amount of security lighting for different size areas, there are also many that do not produce the level of illumination needed for security purposes.

Most solar lights today that are capable of illuminating small & large areas have only been added to the retail market over the past several years.

The increased brightness for many solar security lights can mainly be contributed to:

Technically improved solar panels, due to advancements made over the past decade in solar technology, better designed LED lamps & the lead acid batteries for many solar lights being updated with lithium-ion battery packs.

The amount of solar light one requires will obviously depend on the size of the area they need to illuminate.

Some of the brightest solar motion lights being sold today can provide security lighting for large spaces like patios, walkways, carports & driveway areas.

While there is a growing selection of these very bright solar light models to choose from, most solar lights available today are more suitable for illuminating less spacious areas outside a home.

Some of the areas that can be illuminated with less light, is outside of a home’s exterior doors, entrance lights outside of garden/tool sheds & other type structures, as well as exterior motion lighting for ground level windows. 

All solar security lighting is motion activated & this is an essential function for two very important reasons:

(1) Since security lights only need to turn on for 30 or 60 seconds each time they are activated, this can help ensure there is solar power available each night for these lights to operate both reliably & effectively.

A greater level of security is obtained by only having a motion light remain on for a short period of time. Most intruders will immediately move away from a residence when they activate a motion light, but some may try to conceal their presence outside the home.

If so, then having the light illuminated for only 30 or 60 seconds at a time increases the probability of an intruder(s) triggering the light again. This can be very important if anyone is inside the residence, as this can quickly inform them of a potential security threat outside their home.

(2) Motion lights also happen to be by far the best type of security lighting you can use to deter criminals from targeting your home at night.

Criminals absolutely despise any type of motion activated lighting, as they feel fully exposed every time they trigger them.

They feel that someone inside the home or a close neighbor has just become aware of their presence.

Once a criminal triggers a motion light(s) their first instinct is to escape detection & most intruders will move away from the area as quickly as possible.

They know once a security light suddenly turns on, it is only natural for people to look outside their homes to see if anyone is there. They also know if a stranger’s presence is detected outside a home, especially at night that most people will immediately contact the police.

Is Solar Security Lighting Your Best Option?

Many people for years have experienced a problem trying to install additional security lights outside their homes. This is mainly due to not having electrical power running to an area(s) where security lighting is needed.

Over the past few years many people have chosen to setup solar motion lights outside their homes to address this problem.

These lights can certainly be a practical & effective solution for obtaining the security lighting one needs, but only if the lights solar power is not regularly & consistently being depleted by family events outside the home.

If security lighting is required to secure your home, but will oftentimes be triggered by family activities, you really should have security lights that are powered by electricity & not solar energy.

Solar security lights can be extremely effective at deterring criminals from targeting your home at night & with a solar light(s) suddenly turning on, it can also inform you of someone’s presence outside your home.

Although for a solar light(s) to provide this type of security, it needs to be able to maintain enough solar power to operate reliably & effectively throughout the course of each night.

The last thing you would need is to have a security light(s) fail to function at a time when it could deter an intruder(s) from breaking in, or when it could forewarn you of a stranger’s presence outside your home.

The product description for most solar light models today outline how often the light can be triggered when fully charged & the length of time it will stay on for each time it is activated.

For example, Maxsa Innovations state their 100-LED solar security floodlight can be triggered up to 120 times, for 60 seconds at a time. In the product description for the MicroSolar 180 LED solar motion light, it states that when fully charged the light can deliver 150 activation's with 60 seconds of illumination each time.

You may not want to take the stated number of activation's for different solar light models literally, but it can give you a general idea of how long a solar security light may operate for when its batteries have been fully charged.

Knowing the exact area where you need to locate a security light outside your home, should also give you a general idea of how often family activity may trigger the lights motion sensor each night.

This information can be helpful if trying to establish if a solar motion light can provide the security lighting you need throughout the course of each night.

If this is something you do need to ascertain, you may also want to consider how much direct sunlight on average you expect the lights solar panel to receive each day. Any depleted power in the lights batteries will obviously be replenished at a much faster rate, the more direct sunlight the panel can receive throughout the day.

Two Different Types of Solar Security Lights!

There are one & two piece solar powered security lights being sold today & the large majority of them are the two piece models where the solar lamp & the panel are separate units.

Many models of this type provide 15 & 16 feet (4.5 to 5 meters) of cable to connect the panel with the solar light.

The all-in-one solar light can work very well if it is located in an area where it will receive an ample amount of direct sunlight during the day.

Although at the same time it also needs to be located where it will provide the best level of security & unfortunately this is not always possible with a one piece solar light.

Having to locate a solar light where it will receive plenty of sunlight during the day & also in an area that will best address one’s security needs, will oftentimes turn out to be two different areas.

This is what makes the two piece solar security lights a popular seller, as they provide a great amount of flexibility when it comes to locating both the light & the panel in the areas where they are needed most.

There are also certain models of this type that sell extension cables separately & this will allow you to increase the distance the solar panel is located from the security light.

Having the ability to locate the solar panel in a different area not only allows you to mount the solar light in a shaded area, as you can easily locate it in total darkness as well.

I purchased a couple of Maxsa 80 LED solar lights several years ago & I located one of them inside my garden shed in complete darkness & mounted the panel on the roof where it receives direct sunlight during the day.

If you have something similar to this outside your own home with no electrical power running to it, you may want to consider locating a solar light inside of it as well.

My wife & I find it very convenient having the solar motion light automatically turn on & illuminate the inside of our garden shed every time we begin to enter it.

A Solar Security Light(s) That Will Work Best For You!

The more we know & understand about a product we may consider purchasing the better, as it can help us evaluate if it is suitable for our specific needs. You can obtain helpful & beneficial knowledge about any solar motion light you may be interested in by reviewing the solar lights product description.

Although the one important thing these product descriptions cannot provide, is unbiased information about type of quality & reliability a solar light may or may not have.

If you are faced with indecision in trying to choose a solar motion light that is suitable for your budget & security needs, you may find some benefit in the following information. 

With solar motion lights becoming increasingly popular over the past several years with residential consumers, you may have a friend, relative, neighbor or co-worker who has some experience with solar security lighting. If so they could possibly recommend a quality solar light that meets your specific needs.

Online customer reviews of solar motion lights can also be a good source of information, as they can reveal different positive and/or negative qualities about specific solar light models.

Many people regularly use online customer reviews to gain some important insight & knowledge about a specific product that are interested in buying. After all most evaluations of solar motion lights & other products are written by people who have firsthand experience in using them.                       

Understanding the different pros & cons of various solar motion lights can enable you to make an informed decision in choosing a solar light(s) that will work best for you.

You cannot perform a reliable assessment on solar security lights that have only received a small number of customer reviews, as many reviews are needed to obtain a more credible evaluation.

The most popular selling solar motion lights will obviously have the highest number of customer reviews. The website that has the most customer reviews on the widest selection of solar motion lights is

If you’re an online shopper you will also find the Amazon website has one of the largest variety of solar light models. If you prefer to shop offline, you should find the larger retailers in your area like Walmart & Home Depot having a greater variety of solar lights to choose from.

I have placed a link below where you can view all the solar motion lights that has to offer, as well as the customer reviews that different solar light models have received. If you decide to buy a solar motion light from the Amazon website, I would appreciate if you would consider doing so through the link below.

Any sales made through the following link will help support the continuous growth of this website, as we earn a small commission on any purchases that are made.

Solar Security Lights

Having A Trouble Free Solar Security Light(s)!

If you purchase a new solar motion light(s) you should not delay inspecting it to ensure you did not receive a defective unit. To avoid any hassle’s you will want to return a faulty security light to have it replaced or obtain a full refund within the 30 day window that most retailers provide.

All exterior solar motion lights are meant to function in an outdoor environment & should be waterproof. Although before the 30 day return period has passed, you may also want to test this by spraying it with water to see if it effects how it operates.

A solar security light will start to function poorly and/or suddenly stop working if water or moisture gets inside its LED lamp, motion sensor and/or its battery compartment.

Even with a tightly sealed battery compartment, corrosion can start to build up around the battery terminals & prevent the light from receiving the level of power it needs. Corrosion on the terminals can also impede the charging process by making it considerably longer and/or prevent the batteries from becoming fully charged.

You can easily prevent this from happening by coating the batteries connection, posts & terminals with a Silicone Dielectric Grease or Vaseline. Corrosion is caused by oxygen coming in contact with wires & connections.

Many claim the dielectric grease is the better product, but if it is not readily available Vaseline will work fine. Vaseline has been widely used for years, as it is a good insulator where a thin layer of it can prevent corrosion by keeping oxygen away from the batteries wires, posts & terminals.

Where Motion Security Lighting is Needed Most!

I have outlined below the different areas where motion security lighting can be very beneficial outside a home & listed each of these areas in an order of importance.   

The most important objective when it comes to home security should be the safety, security & wellbeing of our families. With this being our number one priority, we want to ensure there is ample security lighting outside the entrance doors in our homes.

All entrance doors should have wide-angle peep holes in them & if installing a solar security light outside an exterior door, it needs to be bright enough to clearly see who may be out there at night.

To further increase the safety & security of family members, a walkway from one’s main entrance to the area surrounding their parked vehicle also requires an adequate level of security lighting.

I have seen many people using small solar garden lights for walkways in front of their homes.

While these lights can illuminate a narrow footpath to help people navigate where they are walking, a much greater & wider field of light is needed for security purposes.

The security lighting needs to be bright enough to eliminate any dark shadows around us & allow us to clearly identify anyone who may try to conceal their presence outside our homes. It is also essential to trim down any over grown trees, bushes & shrubbery along a walkway if needed.

Some of the brightest solar floodlights that are available today can be very effective in illuminating walkway, driveway & patio areas. 

Using electric or solar security lights to increase the safety & security of family members leaving & returning home at night is extremely important.

Once this is achieved you may want to illuminate any ground level windows you may have with motion security lights. This can be a very effective security measure to further deter criminals from breaking in to your home at night.

If motion lighting for all ground level windows is something that will need to be implemented over time, it is very important to first provide security lighting for any windows that may be hidden from view.

Either in the day time or at night, the windows in a home that have the highest potential for being targeted by criminals are those that cannot be seen from a neighbor’s home or a public area.

There are some solar security lights available today that are equipped with dual lamps & provide a high level of illumination. You may want to acquire one of these solar lights if you need to provide security lighting for a few ground level windows that are close to each other.

Installing motion security lights outside entrance doors to garden/tool sheds & similar type structures can also be very effective in deterring intruders from breaking in to them at night. This is especially important for any structure that has various tools and/or ladders inside that could assist a criminal(s) in gaining access inside your home.

I sincerely hope the information outlined on this solar security lights web page was in some way helpful & beneficial for you. You may want to consider bookmarking this site as new & updated content is uploaded weekly.

Solar Security Lights

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