IP & CCTV Surveillance Cameras!

Over the past several years video surveillance cameras & systems have become very popular with residential consumers everywhere. This is mainly due to more affordable prices along with some important technical advancements that provide much benefit to the end user.

The newly emerged technology that has captured the attention of most people, is having the ability to view what is happening in & around their homes from a remote location.

It allows them to see what their surveillance cameras are capturing in real time from any internet connected device around the world.

A great security feature with today’s surveillance systems is they can be easily setup to send you a text message or an email when any camera(s) of your choosing detects motion.

A text message can be sent to your smartphone letting you know that your child has just arrived home from school or it can also send you an email with snapshots of an intruder who has just broken-in.

Installing interior and/or exterior surveillance cameras can certainly increase the overall security of your home & family.

Video surveillance systems also provides many individuals & families with a better feeling of security. Although it is extremely important that receiving such peace of mind does not influence you in any way to see or use a surveillance system as a substitute for a home security alarm.

Feeling secure without the physical & electronic security measures that make up your first & second line of defense, would unfortunately be a false sense of security.

CCTV & IP (Network) Surveillance Cameras!

CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) cameras use an analogue signal & they are used for surveillance purposes in government buildings, large & small businesses & residential properties around the world.

The analogue signal is converted into a digital signal by a “Video Capture Card” that plugs into the motherboard of a PC (Personal Computer) or a “Stand Alone DVR” (Digital Video Recorder). 

A PC that has a video capture card is commonly referred to as a computer DVR. With the CCTV surveillance footage converted into a digital format the captured videos can be saved as digital recordings on a computer or a stand-alone DVR.

With the signal converted CCTV surveillance cameras basically become IP (Internet Protocol) cameras, as its surveillance video can now be viewed or accessed over the internet.

Computer & stand-alone DVR’s come with surveillance software that allows you to manage various features & functions in a CCTV camera system.

For a more complete understanding of computer & stand-alone DVR’s, please visit my computer DVR or stand alone DVR web pages.

While a CCTV camera system is a good choice that can effectively address your home surveillance needs, it is not the only option that is available.

IP surveillance cameras also referred to as network cameras is another option you many want to consider. While network camera systems are also a very good choose, they are not as popular or widely used for home video surveillance as CCTV cameras are.

IP cameras & the NVR’s (Network Video Recorders) that make up an IP surveillance system are growing in popularity with many governments & large companies.

Although due to the higher prices charged for these systems they are not as popular with many small businesses & residential consumers who are working with a limited budget.

The biggest benefit a network surveillance system has over a CCTV system is most IP cameras are able to capture video at a much higher resolution. Having surveillance cameras that are capable of providing forensic type images would certainly be better.

Although with many CCTV cameras providing good quality video, it is hard for many people to justify the extra expense for an IP surveillance system.

While the prices for IP cameras & NVR’s having been decreasing over the past few years, they are still not affordable for many residential consumers.

You can still expect to pay more than double the cost for a 4 or 8 camera IP system than what you would for the same number of cameras in a CCTV system.

Wireless IP & CCTV Surveillance Cameras!

Wireless cameras can certainly make things easier when setting up a home video surveillance system & there is certainly no shortage of wireless IP & CCTV cameras available to choose from.

Over the years I have a lot of experience with wireless CCTV cameras that transmitted video to wireless receivers using 2.4GHZ & 5.8GHZ signals.

While I found the interior cameras work extremely well, the exterior surveillance cameras only provided a good video signal on clear days.

Over a period of about 10 years I used several makes & models of these wireless exterior cameras & in bad weather the signal I received was either extremely poor or nonexistent.

The transmission frequency of wireless IP cameras is 802.11GHZ & the signal is sent to a computer router.

This works the same as a home network were multiple computers wirelessly connect to the one router for internet access. These types of wireless setups are widely referred to as a WiFi connection.

While I have no hands on experience working with IP surveillance cameras outside of my home, I do believe that they are also not capable of transmitting a clear video signal in bad weather.

Just like wireless CCTV cameras, the IP surveillance video is also transmitted using a radio signal & therefor it is also subject to the same interference & disruption from poor weather conditions.

There are both wireless CCTV & IP camera systems that are capable of providing an acceptable video signal in bad weather, but it is a very costly setup for a home surveillance system.

You could likely install a couple of surveillance systems for the cost of one wireless camera. Radio antennas are also setup outside in line of sight with the wireless surveillance cameras & in many cases a booster is required to increase the strength of the signal.

You will although find various retailers that will inform you that their wireless CCTV or IP cameras they retail will transmit good clear video in all weather conditions.

Although I suspect if you were ask the sales person to provide you with written guarantee that their cameras will perform well in all-weather, you would not receive it.

It is essential in my opinion to receive clear images in all weather, especially if you are installing exterior cameras for security purposes.

Many criminals take advantage of bad weather, as the hood on their jacket disguises who they are & this allows them to casually walk up to a home like they live there.

I have wasted too much money on trying to acquire acceptable video from wireless cameras in poor weather.

Several years ago I decided to run the video capable I needed for wired CCTV cameras outside my home. I have installed several dome cameras & every day over the past several years I have received good quality images from each of them no matter how nasty the weather had become outside.

If you own your home you may want to consider installing wired surveillance cameras, as it is an extremely worthwhile security project that provides a very satisfying result.

To understand what is involved in setting up wired surveillance cameras outside your home, please visit my home security camera setups web page.

I sincerely hope the above content on surveillance cameras was in some way helpful & beneficial for you. You may want to consider bookmarking this web site as new & updated information is uploaded weekly.

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