Ensuring Your Aluminum & Vinyl Sliding Windows Are Well Secured!

This vinyl sliding windows web page provides beneficial information that can help you increase the physical & electronic security for both vinyl & aluminum sliding windows.

Each type & style of sliding window essentially functions the same way, as they all slide horizontally from side to side in an upper & lower track.

Residential Home

So regardless of what material your sliding windows are constructed with, there is basically no difference in the security issues that need to be addressed or the type of protection measures that are required to secure them.

The security issues addressed below for the newer & older style vinyl windows are the same for any aluminum sliding windows you may have in your home.

The vinyl sliding window is the most popular style of sliding window today by far. This is mainly due to their durability, good visual appearance, low maintenance, insulation properties & in comparison with other non-fixed windows they are also inexpensively priced.  

In addition to the sliding window there are four other types of non-fixed windows that are also commonly found in most homes today. The other four are the single/double hung, awning, casement & the traditional basement style windows.

You will find information on how best to secure these windows by clicking on the appropriate link below:

Single & Double Hung Windows

Awning & Casement Windows

Traditional Basement Windows

A Big Security Issue That Is Inherent To Vinyl Sliding Windows!

The biggest security issue with vinyl sliding windows is mainly with the older style windows that have not been produced in recent years.

Sliding windows operate by moving horizontally as they are guided from side to side in an upper & lower track.

The problem with the older style windows is there is a considerable amount of vertical play in lifting them up & down due to a gap or space that exits in the upper track.

They may have been purposely produced this way to allow the end user to lift the window out for cleaning or to use it as an emergency exit if needed.

Either way this design has unfortunately been allowing criminals for many years to easily remove these sliding window sashes from their frames.

The standard locks that are used with these older sliding windows also provide a poor level of security. With the amount of vertical movement in these windows & the poor quality of the standard lock, many of these windows can & have been removed from their frames from the locked position.

If you have any of these older vinyl sliding windows in your home the following information provides some practical easy to implement security measures that will prevent these window sashes from being removed.

Prior to increasing the physical security of your sliding windows, you may first want to designate which windows in your home may need to be used as emergency exits.

For any windows that will not be used as an emergency exit, you may want to insert a few pan-head screws into the upper track just above the window. With these screws running through the upper channel, this will limit the amount of vertical movement the window has & this will simply stop any would-be intruder from removing it.

For any sliding windows you may need to quickly remove in an emergency situation, you can insert a few eye bolts in the top window track instead of the pan head screws.

You will first want to drill a few ¼ inch holes through the upper track just above the window & insert a ¼ inch in diameter eye bolt in each hole.

The eye bolts will limit the vertical movement in the windows the same as the screws will & you can easily & quickly remove them when needed.

While this will secure your vinyl sliding windows from being removed from their frame, you will still need a higher level of security than what the standard locks for these windows provide.

There are many auxiliary window locks available that have been specifically designed to increase the level of security for sliding windows.

Most of these auxiliary window locks are inexpensively priced & they will go a long way in increasing the physical security of these windows.

You shouldn’t have any problem locating window locks that can help secure your sliding windows from a hardware retailer in your area.

The larger hardware stores like Lowe's Home Improvement, Ace Hardware & Home Depot will likely have the bigger selection of sliding window locks to choose from.

If you are an internet shopper or you’re unable to locate what you are looking for in your area, you will find a large selection of auxiliary sliding window locks on Amazon.com.

If you do choose to buy any of these locks from Amazon’s web site, I would appreciate if you would consider doing so through the link below.

Any sliding window locks purchased through the following link will help support the continuous growth of this website as we earn a small commission on any purchases that are made.

Auxiliary Sliding Window Locks Available On Amazon.com

For any non-fixed windows in your home that may be hidden from view, it is very important to implement a higher level of physical and/or electronic security for these windows.

Windows that cannot be seen from a neighbor’s home or a public area have a much greater potential of being targeted by intruders.

You can increase the physical security of these windows with auxiliary locks & placing a piece of wood in the window track to prevent it from opening.

A small piece of wood can be cut from a mop, broom or hockey stick handle or something else around your home that is comparable in size. In cutting the wood or stick, you will want to make it long enough where it fits snug between the sliding sash & the windows frame.

Other physical security measures you may want to consider are window bars or have a security film laminate applied to the window glass.

You will find electronic security measures below that can also be used to increase the overall security of any hidden windows in your home.    

Newer Vinyl Sliding Windows:

Over the past several years or so manufactures of sliding windows appear to have fixed the security design flaw that allows criminals to remove the sashes from their frames.

I have personally had a close look at 5 or 6 of these new sliding windows over the past several years & I found there to be almost no vertical movement in trying to lift them up inside their frames.

The standard lock’s that comes with these newer windows also seems to provide a more effective level of physical security for keeping these windows secured.

Although in one of the newer sliding windows I looked at, I was not impressed with the standard lock that came with them, as it required a key to unlock them.

I strongly believe that having keyed locks on any window’s that may need to be used as an emergency exit can seriously compromise the safety of those living in the home.

For a more complete understanding of why I believe keyed window locks should never be installed on emergency exits, please visit my window security web page.

Ensuring Your Vinyl Sliding Windows Are Electronically Secured!

In addition to physically securing all ground level windows & any on a higher level that can be easily reached, it is also essential to electronically secure each of these windows with an alarm sensor.

For an effective level of window security it is incredibly important to have both physical & electronic security measures working together in securing each accessible window in your home.

Many people & monitoring companies will use a couple of motion sensors as a cost saving measure to secure each accessible window in a home.

Motion sensors provide an extremely poor level of electronic security for a home’s windows.  

My window security web page fully explains why motion sensors should never be used as a perimeter detection device & why using them to secure your windows will significantly diminish the level of alarm coverage your home & family needs.

To provide an effective level of electronic security, each window needs to be secured with a perimeter detection sensor.

Magnetic switch’s (window & door sensors) are the most common & widely used alarm sensors for securing residential windows.

As outlined above you need to increase the level of physical and/or electronic security for any windows that are hidden from view. A higher level of physical security & a magnetic sensor can prevent an intruder from gaining entry by opening the window.

A magnetic sensor though can only be triggered if an intruder is able to open the hidden window.

If an intruder breaks & removes the glass shards from a window without opening it, the magnetic sensor will not be triggered.

A glass break detector is an interior backup sensor & can be used to protect multiply vinyl sliding windows within the sensors range.

If you have several hidden windows in the one area of your home possibly due to a high privacy fence, a glass break sensor would be the most economical choice to make.

If you have a few hidden windows in different areas of your home, you really should consider using glass break shock sensors.

While glass break detectors are activated by the acoustical sound of breaking glass, a shock sensor is triggered by vibration.

A shock sensor will normally have several settings that will allow you to adjust how sensitive you want the sensor to be & it is also applied directly to the window it is protecting by a special type tape or small suction device.

You would not need to secure a hidden window with a magnetic sensor when securing it with a glass break shock sensor. A shock sensor will not only trigger your alarm system if the window is tampered with in any way, an intruder will also see the sensor as he/she approaches the window.

This will quickly apprise any would-be intruder you have a security alarm system protecting your home & this should be all that is needed to have them move on in search for an easier target.

I sincerely hope the security measures outlined on this vinyl sliding windows web page was in some way helpful & beneficial for you. You may want to consider bookmarking this site as new & updated content is uploaded weekly.

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