Window Security Film!

Window security film is a very clear, high impact resistant laminate & when applied to your windows glass, it creates an invisible barrier that prevents criminals from entering your home.

The film has a strong flexible elasticity to it that bonds extremely well to the windows glass. This allows it to hold the glass firmly together inside its frame, even after it has been cracked or shattered from multiply strikes or blows being impacted against it.

Although with continuous forceful strikes made against the glass, the window security film will start to breakdown & the glass will separate from its frame. Even though the film will eventually fail, criminals have no interest in trying to defeat it.

They are not only deterred by the amount of time it will take, they know the level of noise that would need to be made to break through it, will undoubtedly reveal their presence to the homes neighbors.

Once most intruders become aware of what they are dealing with, they will quickly move on in search for an easier & more vulnerable home to target.

They simply will not risk the time & effort that’s needed to break-in to a secure home when there are so many easier places they can enter using little or no effort.

Window Security Film Is Not Needed For Smash & Grab Break-ins!

There is no shortage of online & offline companies that retail window security film to the DIY (Do It Yourself) consumer & many of these businesses also provide a service to supply & install the film for you.

Many of them also advertise on their web sites how this security film can protect your home from a smash & grab burglary.

While this is undoubtedly true, there is a more practical & less costly way to address this type of security issue than installing security film on each accessible window in your home.

If you are like most people these days that only have a limit amount of money to work with for securing their homes, then it is very important to use what security dollars you have as wisely & effectively as possible.

Installing security film on each accessible window in your home would be nice, but it should never be considered until other physical & electronic security measures of a much higher priority are first implemented.

If you were to check with your local police agency or those who run a neighbor watch program in your area, you would likely find there is a low occurrence rate for smash & grab robberies on residential properties.

A smash & grab burglary is mainly a spur of the moment type break-in. This type of crime is usually committed when the intruder looks in a window & sees high priced items that they know can be quickly sold for cash or drugs.

A criminal only smashes a window & quickly grabs these valuable items when he/she believes the reward outweighs the risk. You can easily prevent this type of break-in from happening to you by ensuring such valuable rewards cannot be seen from outside your home.

Where Window Security Film Can Be Highly Effective!

The large majority of criminals will not break a medium or large size window in a home, as they know the level of noise it would create will likely capture the attention of the homes neighbors.

Small basement windows though are a more vulnerable target, especially if they are hidden from view, as intruders have been breaking the glass in these windows for many years.

Since most basement windows are small in size & are usually installed close to the ground, they generally make up the majority of hidden windows that people have in their homes.

Windows that cannot be seen from a neighbor’s home or a public area are the most highly targeted windows we have in our homes, as they simply allow an intruder to conceal their presence while breaking in.

Glass break detectors have always being the most popular security measure used for securing basement windows.

In recent years though more & more criminals have being finding ways to defeat glass break sensors, but they are only able to accomplish this when breaking the glass in small windows that are hidden from view.

My basement window security web page explains one of the methods some criminals are using to defeat these sensors.

It also outlines three different security measures that you can choose from to effectively secure any hidden windows you may have.

Out of these three different ways of securing your homes most vulnerable windows, the least expensive security measure to implement is to protect the glass with window security film.

Any glass in or around an exterior door that an intruder could break & then reach inside & unlock the door is also a security weakness that needs to be addressed.

Some people will fix this security issue by installing a double cylinder deadbolt lock on their exterior door. This type of deadbolt lock requires a key to unlock the door from inside the home.

While this will prevent an intruder from reaching in & unlocking the door, it is much too dangerous in my opinion to require a key to exit one’s home in an emergency situation.

Protecting the glass in or around the door with window security film is a very effective way to address this security problem without compromising the safety of those living in the home.

Significant Savings For Those Who Install There Own Window Security Film!

When it comes to protecting some of your homes most vulnerable windows with security film, you basically have two options. You can purchase the film you need & install it yourself or you can have a company supply & install it for you.

If you do not feel over comfortable with your DIY skills or have someone who can install the film for you, you should be able to obtain free quotes from companies that supply & install window security film in your general area.

If you are a DIY type individual, you will likely find installing this protective film on your own windows to be a much easier project than you may think.

For a complete understanding of the installation process, you will find step by step instructions on how to install security film by visiting my installing window film web page.

Physically securing window glass with a protective laminate can be a very inexpensive security measure to implement for anyone who chooses to install their own film.

Due to the low price of the film & the time that is required to install it, the labor cost is what makes up the biggest part of what companies charge to supply & install the film for you.

It may depend a little on the security film used, but in most homes about 80% of what companies charge to supply & install window film is their installation fee, while the remaining 20% covers the cost of the film they use.

What You Need To Know About Window Security Film!

Film Thickness:

Window safety & security films range in thickness from 2mm to 21mm. The lighter films are used for safety as they protect vulnerable glass that may be accidentally broken or shattered.

While these lighter gaged films can work very well in keeping people safe from flying glass, they are not strong enough to secure a pane of glass from forceful strikes that are intentionally made against it.

The thicker gaged films are used to secure glass in buildings where the threat level is very high like banks, embassies & various other government facilities & financial institutions.

Film between 7mm to 14mm are commonly used on residential properties, retail stores & many other buildings & institutions that do not face a high level of threat.

Depending on the manufacture you will find some 7mm & 8mm thick films to be borderline between a safety film & ones that are strong enough to be used for security purposes.

To ensure the film securing your glass will hold up to multiply strikes against it, you may want to choose a security film that is between 9mm & 12mm thick.

Measuring the Glass:

When installing window security film, you will want to have it overlap the edge of the glass up to 1 inch (2.54 cm) on all four sides. Trimming off the extra film during the installation process is the best & easiest way to ensure each piece of security film is custom fitted to the windows glass.

You will want to carefully measure the width & length of each pane of glass you want to protect & then simply add up to 2 inches to both measurements, as this will provide you with the overlap you need on all four sides.

Once you know the exact measurements of each piece of security film you plan to install, you will want to determine what size roll of film will work best for you.

To keep your costs down you will want to acquire a roll of film that will provide the exact number of pieces you need with the least amount of scrap left over.

Rolls of window security film are available in a variety of different widths & the length of the film is generally sold by the linear foot (12 inches).

The width & length of each piece of security film you want to install can be taken from the roll of film in any direction. Just simply turn the film to fit the window when the length of the piece you need is taken from the width of the roll.

You always want to acquire what pieces you need from the roll in a direction that limits the amount of leftover film, as this will help you economize on how much film you will need to use & purchase.

Acquiring What Window Security Film You Need!

In addition to many companies who install window film, you can also purchase rolls of security film from various online & offline retailers. To obtain window security film in your own area, the bigger hardware stores & building suppliers will likely have the largest selection of film widths & thicknesses to choose from.

You can click on the link below to see all the different sizes of security film that has to offer. If you do choose to purchase the window film you need from, I would appreciate if you would consider doing so through the link below.

Anything you buy through the following link will help support the continuous growth of this website as we earn a small commission on any purchases made.

DIY Window Security Film Available On Amazon.Com

If you are not an online shopper or are not interested in making any purchases at this time, you may still find the above link to be helpful, as it can give you some insight on what security film is available & what it is being retailed for.

Installing window security film is similar in ways to hanging wall paper as it requires the same type of patients & both are squeegeed in place in much the same way.

You can obtain step by step instructions on applying this security laminate to your windows glass by visiting my installing window film web page.

This page also provides a complete list of the basic tools & items that you will need for cleaning the glass & installing the film.

You may already have some or all of these things in your home, but if not you can obtain most of what’s needed by purchasing a window film installation kit.

These kits vary in price along with the quality of the tools & items contained in them.

If you purchase a basic DIY kit that retails in the $10 to $15 range, you will likely find lower quality products in these kits. If you want a kit that contains better quality products you will need to spend a little more money for it.

I sincerely hope the above information on window security film has been helpful & beneficial for you. You may want to consider bookmarking this web site as new & updated information is uploaded weekly.

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