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An effective level of window security is incredibly important for preventing would-be intruders from gaining access inside our homes. If you are looking to better secure the windows in your own home, the following information can help you achieve this security objective.

You need to be aware of two very common mistakes that many people make every day when securing the windows in their homes.

Knowing what these two common mistakes are & how they significantly diminish the level of window security that is needed, may help you avoid making the same errors when securing the windows in your own home.

It is only natural to acquire a better feeling of security from a home alarm system, but receiving such peace of mind causes many individuals & families to rely way to heavily & solely up on them.

It is due to this fact that many people fail to recognize the importance of increasing the physical security of their home’s windows & doors.

To help prevent criminals from entering your home, it is important to have their presence detected while they are still on the outside. The best way to accomplish this is to have both physical & electronic security measures working together securing each accessible entry point (window & door) in your home.

The biggest part of your first & most important line of defense against criminals breaking in, is the physical security of your homes perimeter. Most criminals will simply not risk the time needed to break in to a secure home, when there are so many other residences they can enter using little or no effort.

The second mistake many people make when it comes to window security, is they will electronically secure the ground level windows in their homes with a couple of motion sensors.

Window & door sensors for a quality wireless or hybrid alarm system have a supervised wireless transmitter in every sensor & they generally retail between $35 & $45 each. This can certainly drive up the price of an alarm system for anyone who needs to electronically secure a dozen or more windows in their home.

While using a couple of motion sensors to secure each accessible window will reduce one’s cost, it also provides them with a very poor & ineffective level of security.

Criminals can only trigger a motion sensor by entering its FOV (field of view), but this unfortunately cannot happen until after they are inside the home.

Window security is compromised much further when the home is occupied, as the motion sensors securing the homes perimeter will need to be bypassed (shut down) to prevent any family activity from triggering a false alarm.

The last thing you or a family member would ever need, is to wake up in the middle of the night & find some deranged person in your bedroom.

If limited funds are preventing you from securing each accessible window with an alarm sensor, you may want to consider building up the alarm coverage you require over time.

If the window security you require does need to be obtained over time, you should first secure any windows that would be a primary target for intruders. The windows that have the highest potential of being targeted, are ones that cannot be seen from a neighbor’s home or a public area.

With most basement windows being smaller in size & normally located close to the ground, they generally make up the majority of hidden windows that people have in their homes. Any windows that are hidden from view should also be secured with a higher level of physical and/or electronic security.

Window Security Measures!

The five different styles of non-fixed windows that you will find in most homes today are the single/double-hung, awning, casement, sliding & the traditional basement style window.

With the different design & configuration of each style of window, they each have their own unique security issues that need to be addressed.

It will depend on the style of windows you have in your home, as to the type of security measures would be required to physically secure them. Although for any style of window(s) that may be hidden from view, there are three very effective security measures you can choose from on my basement windows web page.

To acquire important & practical information on securing the specific style of windows you have in your own home, please click on the appropriate link or web page below.

Basement Windows

Casement & Awning Windows

Sliding Windows

Single/Double Hung Windows

Window Security Film:

You can obtain a higher level of security for glass in doors & windows by using a security film laminate.

Window security film provides an invisible barrier to criminals, as it is a clear high impact resistant laminate that bonds extremely well with your windows glass.

This clear protective film holds the windows glass firmly together inside its frame, even after the glass has been cracked or shattered from multiply strikes being leveled against it.

Many people acquire significant savings implementing this security measure, as they eliminate the installation cost by installing their own film. If you require a more complete understanding of the security laminates used to protect window glass, please visit my window film web page.

For installing your own security film, you will find clear easy to follow step by step instructions on my installing window film web page.

Keyed Window Locks Can Seriously Compromise The Safety & Wellbeing Of You & Your Family!

Window security in my opinion should never be obtained by installing keyed locks on windows that may need to be used as emergency exits.

I honestly believe that taking the time to find a window key to unlock an emergency exit, could quite possibly mean the difference between life & death.

The amount of time one has to safely escape a house fire decreases significantly if they only become aware of the fire after the heat & smoke has spread throughout the home.

The large majority of individuals & families who lose their lives in a house fire, die from smoke inhalation (carbon monoxide & or hydrogen cyanide poisoning).

Fire science has also proven that many smoke inhalation victims are prevented from escaping their homes before they are exposed to or consume a lethal amount of poisonous smoke.

With a combination of heat & smoke they are quickly incapacitated or rendered unconscious before they find an opportunity to exit their homes.

This why I strongly feel that if a fire was to occur, there should be nothing that restricts, hinders or delays you & your family from exiting your residence as quickly & safely as possible.

An effective level of security for your homes windows can be easily & inexpensively obtained without compromising the safety of you & your family with keyed window locks.

I sincerely hope this web page on window security has provided you with some helpful & beneficial information. You may want to consider bookmarking this site as new & updated content is uploaded weekly.

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