Wireless Home Security Kit!
For Those With A Limited Budget

A wireless home security kit or a hybrid or hardwired alarm system have become much more affordable today than at any time before.

This is mostly due to a number of advancements in wireless, electronic & computer technology that has been benefiting the security industry over the past decade or so.

These technological advancements have spurred an increase in the production of wireless, hybrid & hardwired alarm systems.

With more & more systems been added to the retail market over the past several years the prices for home alarm systems have continuously dropped.

I would have tried to talk someone out of buying a wireless home security kit ten plus years ago but due to advancements in wireless technology the wireless alarm system has become much more reliable.

In fact the wireless home security kit is the alarm system of choice today for numerous people where no wire needs to be run through their finished home & many with moderate do it yourself skills are able to install the own system.

Unfortunately there are many individuals & families alike who are still negatively affected by the economic downturn in the world economy & are presently unable to afford these lower alarm system prices.

There are although a few personal wireless home security kits that are priced much lower than the standard wireless system & for the level of security they provide they are certainly worth considering.

I would think that most people who find themselves with a very limited amount of security dollars to spend should be able to afford what these personal wireless home security kits are been retailed for.

Using one of these personal wireless home security kits in one’s home is in no way a substitute for the electronic security coverage you would receive from a standard system, but for a temporary solution they can be most effective.

The GE51107 Personal Wireless Home Security Kit Provides An Ample Amount Of Security At An Extremely Low Price!

The GE51107 Personal Wireless Home Security Kit manufactured by (GE) General Electric is an excellent cost effective solution for increasing the security of your home at a price just about anyone can afford.

This wireless kit includes a 120db wireless door alarm plus 3 independent 120db wireless window alarms.

Not only is each one of these wireless devices loud enough to quickly ward off most intruders, they are louder than the majority of sounding devices used in most standard home security systems.

Unfortunately many sounding devices that are part of a standard home security system along with certain other ones you can purchase separately are not loud enough for the important function they need to perform.

In my opinion depending on where a sounding device is located in the home it needs to be rated between 105db & 120db.

An interior sounding device needs to be loud & strident enough to instill fear or panic into an intruder so he/she will quickly move on. Due to the critical role the sounding device has in the electronic security coverage of one’s home, (UL) Underwriters Laboratories decided it was very important to establish how loud an interior alarm needs to be.

UL have thoroughly tested various interior sounding devices in order to determine how loud the alarm needs to be for it to be effective enough to ward of most criminals.

There test results showed that interior sounding devices for home alarm systems should not be lower than 105db.

These four alarm components are triggered in basically the same manner as any magnetic switch sensor. Magnetic switch sensors are often referred to as window & door sensors & they are the most popular, reliable & widely used perimeter detection devices that are used in the security industry.

The door alarm in this wireless home security kit consists of a magnetic sensor plus a 4 digit alarm keypad for arming & disarming the sensor.

You will want to locate the door sensor on the exterior door in your home that is most frequently used with the keypad just inside the door.

When you press the away switch when arming the sensor it provides you with a 45 second delay before it fully arms itself to provide you with the time you may need to vacate your home.

When arriving home it will also provide you with a 30 second delay before the alarm will sound to give you enough time to enter your 4 digit personal code to disarm the sensor.

To arm the door sensor when you & other family members are at home you will want to press the stay switch.

With the stay switch engaged there is no delay time as the 120db alarm will sound immediately the second the door is opened.

You will want to install the three window alarms on whatever windows have the highest chance of been targeted by intruders.

The windows in your home that are prime targets for intruders are any ground level windows that cannot be seen from a neighbor’s home or by anyone in a public area.

Strategically locating these window alarms is the best way for you to obtain the highest level of security possible from this wireless home security kit.

Window & Door Alarm

One of the best things about this wireless home security kit is how easy it is to install these four components. They can be held in place will a couple of small screws or with double sided tape.

I had an opportunity to look over two of these kits & I did not see any screws that are supposed to be with each kit but they both had the double sided tape.

You will also find a set of batteries for each of these 4 units included with the kit & the units themselves have a battery-test indicator that will inform you how much life is presently left in the units batteries.

Travel door locks & travel door alarms are a popular seller these days & the door alarm in this wireless home security kit would make an excellent travel door alarm used with double sided tape.

Double sided carpet tape would work extremely well in holding these alarm units firmly in place.

If you ever find single or double sided tape a little difficult to remove you may want to blow hot air over the tape with a hair dryer as it will quickly soften up the glue on the tape allowing it to be removed quite easily.

Wireless Alarm Ki

This personal wireless home security kit retails for less than $25 from both Amazon.com for $23.29 & Buy.com $23.37. You would have to go half way through the checkout process to determine shipping cost.

I have purchased many items from both of these online retailers & they have always been more than reasonable with their shipping rates.

If you were to have this wireless home security kit shipped within the US, amazon will ship most orders for free over $25.

You may want to check out their website for complete details. You would have to get your order over $25 though for the free shipping to apply. Both Amazon & Buy.com have an excellent return policy if you are not completely satisfied.

I must say, I am extremely impressed in what this 4 unit personal alarm kit offers, especially for the low price it is been retailed for. It certainly pay’s to seek out the lowest price as I discovered a couple of web sites retailing this exact same wireless security kit for just over $50.

I sincerely hope the information on this wireless home security kit web page has been helpful & beneficial for you. You may want to consider bookmarking this site as updated information & new web pages are uploaded weekly.


GE 51107 Wireless Alarm System Kit


GE 51107 Wireless Alarm System Kit

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