Wireless Home Security Kits!

This wireless home security kits webpage takes a look at some of the different wireless systems that are available in today’s market. I will also be outlining some of the pros & cons on these various systems as this will allow you to obtain some insight on what many security retailers have on offer.

People everywhere have been installing wireless alarms in their homes as the popularity of these systems has been steadily growing over the past several years. There are also a few different reasons why numerous people have been obtaining these wireless home security kits for their homes & families.

  • The first reason is due to not having to completely upset the natural order of things in one’s home with running alarm wires throughout & trying to conceal them each step of the way.
  • The second reason is how easily & quickly a wireless system can be installed even by those with limited do it yourself skills.
  • The third reason why so many people have been purchasing wireless home security kits is due to the technological advancements that has made them much more reliable than they have been only a decade ago.

It has taken some people awhile to finally realize how much technology has improved for wireless alarm systems over the past decade. Unfortunately there are still people today that view the wireless system as an inferior product as many seem to remember the problems these systems once had.

Ten years or so ago common frequencies were used that made the wireless signal highly susceptible to interference from other devices. Other issues the wireless system once had was the transmission of the wireless signal was very limited & powering the various components & detection devices were also a problem due to poor battery life.

The problem of common frequencies, limited transmission distances & poor battery life have long been corrected. This is due to the various technical advances like rolling code technology & with some lithium batteries used today they can keep an alarm component operating for the next several years or more.

Wireless Home Security Kits - Reliable Technology Is Not The Only Thing An Alarm System Needs!

The alarm systems in the wireless home security kits that are been sold today do not seem to be designed with the end user in mind.

In my opinion these systems were designed to accommodate the largest purchaser of wireless alarms the alarm monitoring companies.

Almost every wireless alarm system available today has a keypad housed in the same unit as the systems control panel. There are also a large number of more economically priced wireless systems that has the systems interior sounding device built in to the panel as well.

Having these wireless systems designed this way appears to work well for many monitoring alarm companies.

Their installers locate these different style units right inside their customers most frequently used entrance.

Having these two in one & three in one units located inside their customers main entrance allows the homes occupants to use the built in keypad to arm & disarm the alarm system.

Since the keypad & the systems control panel are housed together in the one unit this obviously locates the panel just inside their customer’s front door as well.

Any security professional will vehemently inform you that any alarm system control panel must be located in an obscure out of the way area to keep an intruder from gaining quick & easy access to it.

There are numerous people who are fully aware of this security protocol & have purchased wireless home security kits that came with an additional keypad or purchased the extra keypad separately.

Many of the keypads in these two in one units will make a loud intermittent sound while the entry delay time counts down. The purpose for this is to remind the homes occupants after arriving home that the system needs to be disarmed.

This intermittent sound can be turned off & it is very important that it is off prior to locating one of these two in one units in an obscure area. It will not help you to obtain an additional keypad in order to hide one of these dual units in a hidden area if the intermittent sound can lead an intruder to its location.

Wireless Home Security Kits - A Couple Of Reasons Why Security Professionals Say It is Imperative To Locate The Control Panel In An Obscure Area!

Many criminals are fully aware that alarm monitoring companies are locating these two in one & three in one units right inside their customer’s entrance & are ready to act quickly whenever they encounter them.

Wireless Alarm With Cellular Back U

If a criminal was to break-in through the homes main entrance he/she would be given the exact same entry delay time as the home occupants would receive.

It would only take the intruder a few seconds to rip the control panel of the wall pulling out the phone line along with it.

If there is a little rubber antenna extended out of the top of the control panel because it is equipped with cellular backup, it would likely take the intruder even less time if possible to either snap it or snip it clean off.

Several months ago friends of my wife & I had their home broken into. The intruder not only ripped one of these all in one units of the wall but to make sure it could not be used again he dropped it face down in her toilet & urinated all over the back of it.

Been able to take out the electronic security coverage for one’s entire home in the matter of several seconds is precisely why any security professional will inform you to hide the control panel in some obscure location.

Wireless Home Security Kits - There Are Two Better Options Than Obtaining One Of These All In One Wireless Alarm Systems!

Wireless alarms that have the systems three main components the keypad, sounding device & control panel all housed together in the one unit should not be used in my opinion to protect anyone’s home & family.

To locate one of these all in one unit’s in an obscure area you not only just need an additional keypad you will need to obtain an additional interior alarm/siren as well. There are also certain all in one unit’s that do not provide this option.

Locating the built in sounding device with the control panel in the back of a clothes closet or in some out of the way cupboard will actually make these interior alarms/sirens much worse than they already are.

These built in alarms/sirens are already totally inadequate to begin with as I reviewed the information on several of them & not one of them has a sounding device rated higher than 85db.

Unless a monitoring company can guarantee the police the activated alarm they are calling about is not a false alarm it will be a low priority for them. This just makes it even more important for an interior alarm/siren to be loud & strident enough to instill fear or panic into an intruder so they will quickly & immediately move on.

UL (Underwriters Laboratories) have run a series of test to determine how loud an interior home alarm should be for it to be effective. Their results showed that an interior alarm/siren should not be rated any lower than 105db.

In my opinion the only reason these wireless home security kits with these all in one system’s are a popular seller is that so many people are totally unaware of the important security protocol of concealing the systems panel.

There are a few monitoring companies that use nothing else but these all in one systems & others just use them in their basic alarm package as these systems are among the most inexpensive units to purchase.

Having alarm systems three main components all housed together would likely allow their installers to also setup one of these systems in a customer’s home in record time.

The wireless home security kits that contain these all in one units are the same type of systems or alarm kits that you will see some monitoring companies offer for free. This free offer makes many consumers believe that they are obtaining a free system in exchange for signing a three year monitoring agreement.

Alarm System Keypa

The truth of the matter is no company provides free alarm systems as the consumer will pay for the system in full over the course of their three year monitoring agreement.

If you were to have one of these alarm companies monitor an alarm system you already have setup in your own home they normally charge $20 per month for their monitoring service only. Although it will cost you about $40 to $45 per month for the exact same service for a free alarm system.

The extra $15 to $20 each month over the 36 months in the three year monitoring agreement will certainly cover the cost of one of these free systems.

It would be better or at least more honest if they offered these systems for no money down but then I guess that would not attract so many consumers who believe they are receiving an alarm system for free.

Obtaining one of these wireless home security kits that only has the keypad housed in the same unit as the control panel will be much more appropriate & suitable for your security needs then these all in one units. Another good option is to obtain one of the many hybrid security systems retailers have on offer.

If you are not familiar with hybrid alarm systems they are simply a security system that supports both hardwired & wireless components.

The large majority of hybrid alarm systems do not have a keypad housed in the same unit as the control panel & you do not have to use any of the hardwired zones if you want to have a complete wireless setup

Alarm System Sire

Although if you do obtain a hybrid alarm system many security professionals strongly suggest that you hard-wire both interior & exterior sounding devices.

There are some wireless home security kits with two in one systems that support one or two hardwired zones that can be used for hard-wiring your interior & exterior alarm/sirens.

I sincerely hope this wireless home security kits webpage has provided you with some helpful information.

If there is information on home security that you would like to see on this website or a specific question I can help you with please send me an email through this sites contact us webpage.

You may also want to consider bookmarking this website as updated content & additional web pages are uploaded weekly.

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