Wireless Security Cameras!

I personally believe wireless security cameras installed outside your home will not provide good performance. There are many different makes of wireless cameras marketed to be used outdoors.

I cannot speak specifically about all makes & models of wireless cameras, but I have tried several of them & they do not fare well in an outside environment.

I have tried several different models of outdoor wireless cameras.

I have used both the 2.4 GHz. & 5.8 GHz. models & I found the 5.8 GHz. wireless security camera more reliable, but it still did not provide clear images in bad weather.

Using wireless cameras outside your home are undoubtedly much easier to install. An easier installation process will not be beneficial to you, if the cameras cannot consistently provide clear images in all weather conditions.

In bad weather most people are inside & many burglars will take advantage of this.

It’s easier for a burglar to move through your neighborhood unnoticed in search for empty homes, when all outdoor activities have stopped due to bad weather.

In bad weather you will not have any neighbors outside observing any stranger approaching your property.

So in this type of weather it is very important that your cameras provide you with good clear images.

There are many video security dealers offline & on that will advertise selling reliable outdoor wireless security cameras.

If they are confident that the wireless security cameras they sell will perform well in all weather, you should see if they will provide you with the time you need to examine the performance of the cameras in bad weather.

If you are not fully satisfied with your cameras, most retailers will refund you the purchase price of the cameras if returned within 30 days of the purchase. The following are a few reasons why this 30 day guarantee may not be long enough:

• Thirty days may not be long enough, if you receive your cameras in the summer time when there is usually good stable weather.

• If purchased other times of the year, 30 day’s may not be enough time if you are unable to install your cameras right away.

• If your cameras are being delivered to you 30 days may also not be long enough if the guarantee starts from the date of purchase & not from the date the cameras were received.

I honestly believe you will not be satisfied with the performance of wireless security cameras in an outdoor environment.

If you feel that this is something you want to check out yourself please make sure you have enough time to view the performance of the cameras before the time to return them for a full refund expires.

If you are not satisfied with the performance of a wireless camera for whatever reason within the time period allotted for a full refund, you will find most retailers will not cover any costs you may endure in shipping the product back to them.

It is also best to view a retailer’s return policy before you buy.

For information on wired security cameras for outdoor use please go to my outdoor security cameras web page.

If you want to install a wireless security camera inside your home I have found both the 2.4 GHz. & 5.8 GHz. models work extremely well.

The 5.8 GHz. model wireless security camera may cost you a little more money but it is worth it, if you will be installing several cameras inside your home.

The receiver for wireless cameras needs to be pointing in the direction of the cameras you will be setting up & if they are setup in various directions the 5.8 GHz signal is better for this.

Most Nanny Cameras Are Wireless!

Small wireless security cameras maybe referred to as spy cameras or nanny cams. Nanny cams have become very popular in recent years & this is mainly due to parents being able to see what is happening at home from an internet connection outside of the home.

A mother could log on to the internet where she works and see that her kids are safe & that the caregiver for her children is looking after them in an appropriate manor.

To view a wireless security camera over the internet your wireless receiver will need to be connected to a (DVR) digital video recorder.

There are other types of nanny cams that record what is been viewed on an SD card that is used in digital cameras or a USB flash drive.

Normally with these types of nanny cams you will be unable to view them over the internet because you will have to insert the SD Card or USB flash drive into your computer & view any motion captured by the camera when you arrive home.

For more detailed information on nanny cams please go to my nanny cameras web page.

Viewing Your Wireless Cameras From Any Where In The World!

The only difference in viewing wired cameras & most wireless cameras over the internet, is how the video signal from the cameras gets connected to your systems DVR.

Wired cameras get plugged directly into the DVR while the receiver that receives the video signal from wireless cameras is plugged directly into the DVR.

There are a couple of different types of DVRs sold for video surveillance systems.

You can purchase a stand-alone DVR or with a DVR capture card inserted into a PC motherboard, you can have a computer based DVR.

For more information on these digital video recorders please visit my stand alone DVR or my computer DVR web pages.

I sincerely hope the information outlined above was helpful & beneficial for you. This home security website is currently in the early stages of being fully developed & you may want to consider bookmarking this site as additional information & web pages will be uploaded weekly.

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