Wireless Security System!

The wireless security system has come a long way over the past decade due to several technical advancements been made in wireless technology.

There are many quality wireless systems that are now available, but unfortunately you will discover many low quality wireless alarms that are also being sold in today’s market.

The reason why certain wireless alarms are of a much lower quality is due to the way they have been poorly designed.

This particular type of wireless security system has the control panel, keypad, siren, backup power supply & telephone dialer system all housed in the one unit.

I feel these all in one unit’s were manufactured this way to benefit the largest purchaser of wireless alarms the monitoring companies.

With the systems interior sounding device built into the control panel these units are designed to be located in an open area so the interior alarm or siren can be heard.

Monitoring companies have their installers locate them just inside the most frequently used entrance in their customer’s home.

The problem with doing this means the control panel the brain of the alarm system is also located out in the open.

If an intruder was to break-in through the homes main entrance he/she would have the same entry delay time as the homes occupants would receive to disarm the system. A criminal will not have a problem locating the all in one unit as the system makes a loud intermittent sound as the entry delay time counts down.

They are specifically designed this way to help reduce false alarms as the loud sound emanating from the system reminds the homes occupants after arriving home that the system needs to be disarmed.

Intruders are disarming these all in one unit’s in the matter of a few seconds by ripping the system off the wall pulling out the phone line along with it.

This is one of the main reasons why any security professional will inform you how imperative it is for the systems control panel to be hidden away in an obscure out of the way area.

There are many people who are totally unaware how critically important it is for the alarm systems control panel to be located in an area where it cannot easily be discovered.

Many of these same individuals have & will purchase an all in one wireless security system as they are inexpensive to buy & are easy to setup.

In my opinion these inadequate wireless security systems are providing many people & their families with a false sense of security.

Letting one’s guard down at the wrong time due to a false feeling of security can actually be much worse than having no security at all.

Many High Quality Wireless Security Systems To Choose From!

If you looking for a home alarm there is certainly no shortage of high quality hybrid & wireless security systems available that are extremely reliable.

Home Alarm Keypad

If you are not familiar with hybrid alarms they are simply a security system that supports a combination of both hardwired & wireless security zones. A hybrid system will allow you to use all hardwired or all wireless components & detection devices or any combination of both.

If you looking for a wireless security system you may want to choose one that also supports a couple of hardwired zones or simply obtain a hybrid alarm system.

When it comes to setting up a wireless security system in one’s home many security professionals have strongly suggested that people should hard-wire both interior & exterior sounding devices (alarms or sirens).

For a couple of reasons I find this to be excellent advice, especially due to the vitally important role the sounding devices of an alarm system plays in the overall security of one’s home & family.

Police agencies everywhere are dealing with a large false alarm rate with some communities reporting 9 out of every 10 calls they receive turn out to be false.

Unless a monitoring station can guarantee the alarm they are calling about is not a false alarm, police do not list them as priority calls.

This is another reason why the sounding devices for a home alarm system needs to be loud & strident. It needs to be loud enough to instill fear or panic into an intruder(s) so he/she quickly & immediately moves on.

For an alarm or siren to always operate at their peak performance they will require a steady supply of power. Batteries used to power wireless sounding devices will weaken over time.

The reason why security professionals highly recommend hard-wiring your alarms or sirens is they feel the loud sound that emanates from a wireless sounding device may weaken at the worst possible time.

If you have experienced many power outages or failures in your area you can also purchase hardwired alarms or sirens that also come with their own battery backup.

When dealing with wireless sounding devices you also have to use the alarms or sirens that were specifically made to work with your alarm system.

Unfortunately many wireless sounding devices are not as loud as they need to be.

A good example of this is the interior alarm or sirens that are built into these all in one wireless security systems that was discussed above.

I have never seen one of these units that had a sounding device rated higher than 85db which is totally inadequate.

Due to how important the sounding device is, UL (Underwriters Laboratories) have performed a series of test on how loud an interior alarm or siren should be for it to be effective.

There results showed that the interior sounding device in a home should not be rated any lower than 105db.

Just about every community has a bylaw on how loud your exterior alarm or siren can be rated for.

Most of these bylaws also stipulate how long it can sound before your system will have to reset. You should always try to obtain the loudest one possible without violating your local bylaw.

I sincerely hope the above information was in some way helpful & beneficial for you. You may want to consider bookmarking this site as new & updated content is uploaded weekly.

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